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  1. No the price has always been advertised as $15 for our 15th anniversary and 15 acres of Fun.
  2. Wristbands are $39.95 for the day, but they have deals all the time apparently. I do know that on their big "opening day" event on June 8, wristbands will be $10 if you purchase one between 10-12 a.m. I just went ahead and bought a season pass, figured I would be visiting enough in the next year to get my money's worth. The price on June 8th is $15 if you purchase from 8:30am - Noon. You can purchase up to 6 vouchers for future use. Doors open at 8:30am. Ceremony begins at 9:30am and rides open at 10:00am. Thanks for being an annual pass holder! Don't forget we have an annual pass party on June 6th from 4 - 8pm.
  3. Freedom Flyer is now open to the public and with all fingers crossed White Lightning will be ready by next week!! A HUGE thanks to Robb and all those that came out last week to film on Freedom Flyer! We look forward to seeing you guys again Monday morning for White Lightning!!
  4. Yes the land at the top of this photo, across the road from the current construction is what was purchased.
  5. Here is a photo taken on Tuesday last week (11/20). It is of the framework for the footers for White Lightning. Concrete should be poured either this afternoon or tomorrow.
  6. You are correct we do have a brand new Tilt-a-Whirl coming to Fun Spot America. Here is a short video of our newly completed Tilt A Whirl The other ride that has been purchased is a Himalaya ride.
  7. Rob you have always been so kind to keep everyone informed of Fun Spot's progress, so I thought I would share some exclusive photos with your readers prior to us posting them to our social media outlets Portion of the steel coaster More of the steel coaster and even more of the steel coaster White Lightning seat Front view of White Lightning seat Check out the paint
  8. Fun Spot just received this new video animation of White Lightning...
  9. To clear up a lot of speculation of Fun Spot's expansion plans. The SkyCoaster is an arch style that was delivered 2 weeks ago from Las Vegas. All the rain from Debby delayed us a bit in our preparation to have the SkyCoaster painted. Once it has been painted it will be set up. White Lightning is already in the process of being built at GCI. John Jr and his son TJ were there a few weeks ago to check on the progress. There is a lot that has to be pre-built before you will see lumber going up. The water park will not be completed until phase 2 of the expansion. It is still very much a part of the overall growth of Fun Spot, but not an immediate addition. The wind seeker is on hold as of now. It has not been scrapped completely, but will not be an addition in phase 1. The parks name will officially change from Fun Spot Action Park to Fun Spot America in early 2013. Fun Spot received a 20 million dollar loan from the bank on Friday to fund the expansion. The goal is for either a February or March 2013 opening of the new expanded property. There has not been a lot of progress on the land its self, but there has been a ton of behind the scenes preparation and you will see it begin to come together very quickly once the busy summer season has ended. Judy Davis Fun Spot Marketing Administrator
  10. The park has 2 options. $34.95 armband to play all day for anyone 52" or taller or you can pay per ride. $3 per ride, $6 for the Flat Thrasher Track or $9 for the multilevel go karts.
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