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  1. In July a made a trip to the Tilburg Funfair 2012, Netherlands. Its the biggest funfair in benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). The highlights rides for me were: Teststrecke (formerly known as LASER, Dorney Park) Rollercoaster (formerly known as Grizzly Bear, Lightwater Valley) Euro Coaster (Gliding Coaster, Reverchon) Spinning Coaster (Reverchon Spinning Mouse) Mission Space (biggest Ride in the World by KMG, its still unique) Jumper Jumper (Satori Roto Techno, the Prototype) *NEW RIDE* Surf Party (BN Performance Smashing Jump) *NEW RIDE* XLR8 (newest ride of KMG Europe) *NEW RIDE* AIR (the second travelling ZIerer Star Shape, travelling in the UK) Speed Buzz (a KMG Waltzer, traveling in the UK) Shake 'n' Roll (Mondiai Shake, after Tilburg it was sold to a swiss carny) The funfair in Tilburg is always great because carny from all over europe are coming to Tilburg, to show off their rides. This year rides and carnies came from Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium and Netherlands. This year I made a personal new record by staying 12 hours at the fair, making photos and videos and enjoying new rides. So here is my Video Mix of the Tilburger Kermis (Tilburg funfair) 2012. Its in HD, so you can watch it on a big screen. Have fun! Enjoy.
  2. Don't wanna open a new Thread so I will post it in here. This is my video mix of the Cranger Kirmes 2012 (third biggest funfair in Germany). I went to fair two times and made over 270 little Videos before editing it in 3 days to a 12 minute Video Mix. The video is in HD, so feel free to watch it on a big screen I hope you like it.
  3. Yes, this is the real home of the EURO STAR, til it was sold to Russia. Here this is the last time I rode it.
  4. Yes i rode it in Crange. The ridetime was about 4 minutes 30 seconds and it was a pretty good ride.
  5. Klasse Bilder / Great Pictures Cranger Kirmes is a special funfair, its the third biggest funfair in germany. Wanna see Cranger Kirmes in a video? Here it is. incl. Onrides: Circus Circus, Take Off, Olympia Looping, Spinning Racer, Star Flyer, Flipper, Flash, Salto Mortale, Booster Maxxx, ... I hope you like it.
  6. Information about the cow-themed gondola at the Break Dancer No. 2 of Showman Dreher. The gondola was replaced two years ago just for fun. It has been well received by the fair visitors, so that the gondola remained there. The kids love this gondola very much and it is almost always occupied.
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