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  1. Wow. I just found it and knew what forum it was in. I did know those things linked. Oh well, I linked the first three clues for everyone. That should win a prize.
  2. Spaceship Cheese is a dark ride that tells the history of how Cheese was invented in Wisconsin. Here you can see and example of the early process. Everything on the Epcot REport is about cheese.
  3. TPR Review heading to Rome for a trip to see Nicki and eat pizza
  4. Still want to know how you came up with this? Rome is in Italy. Pizza is Italian. Nicki's new album is something Roman Pink
  5. Going to go way out there. NYNY Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NY Style Pizza, Nicki Performed across the street last year.
  6. The Red Velvet funnel cakes look great. Just had an idea. Coaster powered by water in a hallow tube somehow moves the car. Is this already been done?
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