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  1. I like the idea of the finished Wizarding World at Universal Studios Hollywood. But during the time where they are demolishing/ constructing this area, there won't be very much to do in the park. And this construction will be going on for multiple years, right? I have a bad feeling Universal will be in for a bad couple of years before Potter opens...but it'll easily pay off in the future.

  2. My first looping coaster (Shockwave @ SFOT), giga (MF) and strata (TTD) that I rode were Intamins with box track.


    Shockwave at SFOT is a Schwarzkopf just an FYI


    Kyle, I don't think I would have been able to live to see tomorrow if I hadn't read that absolutely riveting comment of yours. I had NO IDEA that Shockwave at SFOT was a Schwarzkopf, WOW! Now I can finally die a happy man with that top secret information.

  3. ^Well I don't really like Griffon better than SheiKra because it's higher. I like it better because it has weird and random airtime hills, whereas SheiKra kind of just turns back into the station.


    But on a Canada's Wonderland related note, this first drop on Leviathan looks like it's gonna be insane. I'd even dare to say that it's probably going to have the best airtime of any hill on a B&M coaster.

  4. I wonder how well a Big Fun would into the footprint of, say, a Vekoma Boomerang.


    My guess is that the footprint for a Boomerang is larger than two Wild Mouse coasters, so it should fit. At least I think Chris Gray said Big Fun takes up the space of two Wild "Mice".



    I did a little research, and it PERFECTLY fits in the footprint of a Boomerang! A Boomerang is 289 ft by 99 ft, vs 275 ft by 90 ft for the Big Fun.


    My interest is piqued, I wonder who is this rumored buyer.


    Six Flags New England? Two boomerangs next to each other is just silly.

  5. So this is my first time ever going to the IAAPA Expo, and after seeing it all, I have two words: mind blowing. It's really overwhelming to see literally EVERYTHING the amusement industry has to offer. I have gotten the opportunity to meet so many new people and see so many things that I had never thought I would get to. If anyone is on the fringe about going, do it. It is really an amazing experience that can't be truly understood until you go. See you next year IAAPA!

  6. Let me break down Magnum a bit.....

    Let me verify a couple of the statements that you've made in this novel. The train is stopped so early in the final set of brakes for a reason. The train needs enough momentum to carry it from those brakes back into the station in a short amount of time. You remember when you talked about how the train sometimes stopped really hard in the brakes out of the last tunnel? A lot of the time that's because the train actually HAS been bumped up in the final brake run. The train is moving too slow going back into the station, and it sets up (hard stops, whatever you want to call it). Essentially, the train being that couple feet back in the final brake run helps the interval time out A LOT. Also...the operator has no control over how the train is braking in the station. Don't know where you found that bit of information from, but the only coaster at Cedar Point that has manual station brakes is Gemini.


    And by the way, your review of the third hill made me pretty ticked. The third hill on Magnum XL-200 is by far the greatest experience of all time on any roller coaster ever. It is 5 seconds of pure floater/ejector airtime (depending on where you are sitting) and it's unlike any other hill on any other ride. As for the hills at the end, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Those hills are AWESOME.

    Triangular bunny hills FTW!

  7. Sad news-- apparently the staggering is a little worse than I previously posted. I just got off both fire and ice, and coincidentally both times I rode the trains were sent at about the same time. So the way it works is: whichever train is dispatched first goes up the lift normally, and the second train jogs up a good portion of the lift. When I rode each time my train was the first dispatched, and on both occasions my train was going around the loop by the time the other train was dropping off the lift. Sad day



    And yes, Rip Ride Rockit still uses the moving belt, but they have to frequently station stop due to slow guests and other things of that nature.

  8. I believe you're referring to Powder Keg. If Verbolten is as good as that one, I'm sure many will be quite happy, indeed.


    Powder Keg launches from 0-53 mph in 2.8 seconds, and Hypersonic XLC launches from 0-80 mph in 1.8 seconds. Not sure that those two can really compare other than the simple fact that they both are launched coasters.


    How fast are Verbolten's launches going to be again?

  9. Could someone explain to me what a drop track is?


    A drop track is when the coaster train stops into a MCBR/ block type segment, comes to a complete stop, and the whole track piece drops along with the train. At the bottom of the drop, the track piece reconnects with another track piece and completes the ride.


    There is only one other coaster in the world that has a drop track, and that is Th13teen at Alton Towers. There are a couple videos on YouTube that have clear shots (with nightvision, of course) of what goes on in the drop track section.



    Skip to around 1:40 and you'll see it.

  10. 2011 Parks:


    Kings Dominion (2x)

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg (2x)

    Six Flags Great Adventure (2x)

    Cedar Point (3289147293847x)

    Kings Island (2x)


    Family Kingdom


    Holiday World (2x)

    Mount Olympus

    Timber Falls

    Bay Beach



    Six Flags over Georgia

    Seaworld Orlando (4x)

    Universal Studios Orlando (5x)

    Busch Gardens Tampa (3x)

    Islands of Adventure (8x)

    Fun Spot USA (Kissimmee)

    Old Town

    Magic Kingdom (3x)

    Disney's Hollywood Studios (123687x)

    Epcot (2x)

    Disney's Animal Kingdom

  11. Coasters:



    Expedition Geforce

    Boulder Dash

    Dragon Khan


    New Texas Giant


    Black Mamba

    Goliath (Walibi World)

    bluefire Megacoaster

    Mountain Flyer (Now "Wooden Coaster")


    Twister (Gronalund)




    Kentucky Rumbler





    Alton Towers

    Thorpe Park

    Parc Asterix



    Europa Park

    Heide Park




    Lake Compounce

    Six Flags New England

    Six Flags over Texas

    Knott's Berry Farm


    There might be more...

  12. If they stagger the trains the minimum amount, hopefully we'll still have the brief effect of seeing the other train complete the elements - i.e. if you let Ice run first, Fire will see it complete the 0G just as it hits the airtime hill, and then will round the corner to see it shooting up into the loop just before Fire makes it there too. Hopefully "stagger" doesn't mean "completely separate."


    it's a little more staggered than you are hoping. if they happen to dispatch the trains at the same time, fire usually jogs up the lift while ice goes way ahead. to give you an idea, ice probably makes it through the zero g roll before fire gets to the top of the lift

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