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  1. Love the report from media day! I got there pretty late today (around 3:30pm) and managed to squeeze in 4 rides before a huge thunderstorm rolled in and closed everything down. Operations were very good the whole time I was there. They were filling all empty seats and dispatching trains pretty quickly. Only holdups I saw were from people that had to take the walk of shame. Unfortunately this ride isn't friendly to people with big thighs. It was awesome to see Mako with all the theming and show elements finished. SeaWorld did a great job here. I especially love the new realm music, and the ceiling screen effects in the station. My opinion of the ride remains about the same: It's an improved version of Nitro. And I love Nitro! Great first drop, lots of airtime, and nice pacing & speed throughout the whole ride. I'd rank it as one of the best coasters in Orlando and I think it'll be a big hit for SeaWorld.
  2. Nice impressions Rob! I really enjoyed Mako and I'm glad Florida finally has a solid hypercoaster. If Mako is your first hyper I'd say you're in for a treat, I much prefer it to HRRR. But I've never gotten that much air on HRRR. Just a few pops before each block brake.
  3. Good positive Gs at the bottom of the first drop and other large hills. But the emphasis was definitely on negative Gs. I'd say it's a front seat ride for the best airtime and sense of speed, the back provided the best drops and a more intense ride overall. I didn't get to try any of the middle rows besides row 2. Mako felt more aggressive and forceful than other B&M hypers I've ridden. I don't mean to oversell it - it's certainly no El Toro. Keep your expectations in check. But it's better than I was anticipating.
  4. Great footage! It looks fantastic. But those test dummies look straight out of Halloween Horror Nights. Creepy!
  5. I was lucky enough to ride Mako 7 times during the preview day yesterday. 3x in front, 2x in 2nd row, and 2x in back. Overall it is a fantastic ride! Easily the best B&M hyper I've experienced and I'd even say it's a strong contender for best coaster in Orlando. For reference, other B&M hypers I've ridden are Apollo's Chariot, Diamondback, Nitro, and Raging Bull. Mako reminded me of an improved and refined version of Nitro, with better forces and pacing. I'll attempt to review it element by element: First off, the lift hill felt pretty fast for a chain lift and provided a nice view of Orlando. First drop is great and decently steep for 200'. The back row is excellent here, I was catapulted out of my seat for the entire duration of the drop. Large overbanked turn is quick and fun with a bit of hangtime. The first large parabola hill provides fantastic airtime, strongest I've experienced on a B&M. The hammerhead turnaround felt similar to those on Diamondback & Nitro, but a little tighter. The next parabola hill provides great floater air. The trim was on every time I rode, unfortunately. It's a light tap, but it was noticeable. Next hill continues the floater airtime ending with a banked dive towards the water. Nitro has a similar shaped hill, but I've never gotten airtime on it like I did on Mako's. Next up is the speed hill - definitely one of my favorite elements on the ride. It provided long sustained airtime in every seat I rode in, just pure bliss. Then a small pop of airtime brings us into the MCBR. The MCBR was little hit and miss for me. I had 5 rides where the MCBR was barely on, and 2 rides where it slowed us down quite a bit. They're obviously still testing it, so we'll have to wait and see where it ends up. But it really is a terrific finale if the train has that extra speed. The airtime hill after the MCBR is the weakest of the entire ride and is similar to the final hills on Nitro or Diamondback. The 90 degree banked turn into the park is awesome and provides a pop of sideways airtime if the MCBR didn't slow you down too much. Then you break through some beautiful shipwreck theming into another banked turn that gracefully dives towards the water and up into the final break run. Overall, it's a magnificent ride with great airtime, nice pacing, and a wonderful location over the water. My favorite B&M hyper yet and I can't wait to see it with all the construction and theming elements finished.
  6. I'm so glad they made it! I actually didn't think they were going to make it just a week ago, but things really picked up. If they continue at the rate they're going they'll end up with about $92,000. Not bad at all.
  7. I visited Holiday World for the first time last August and had a wonderful time. I've only recently become an 'enthusiast' and never thought I'd find such a great park in my home state. I personally didn't think Voyage was too rough. I can't compare it to its opening season, but for a wooden coaster of its size I thought it wasn't too bad. It certainly could be smoother though, and I hope they get the timberliners eventually. But in a way I almost liked the roughness. Some seats are better than others, but as long as it doesn't cause me physical pain, I feel it adds character to the ride. I couldn't even keep my hands up on Voyage once we reached the twisted turnaround, it feels so out of control.
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