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  1. According to rumors from Mirabilandia 2019 season there will be a new big coaster! In what area of ​​the park will you find? Will there be enough space? We tried to take the measures. http://www.mirabilandiaforever.it/2017/08/28/novita-2019-mirabilandia-location-dimensione/
  2. New Photos! www.miraforever.com/2011/10/30/nuove-foto-del-cantiere-di-the-edge-novita-2012/
  3. The head of communications said that there will be much airtime. And that will be very high. In addition, the head of communications said the park will not be a poseidon 2.0 (a month ago.) I hope you have understood your message, do not speak English well
  4. The investment for the coaster will be 20,000,000€ (maybe more) Was only one option. Then denied
  5. In 2012 Mirabilandia have a new coaster. Managers said they will be the highest in its category, also that he coaster will have many airtime and even "It will be very high, but less than Kingda Ka ...". But not say (in this moment) the category. Mirabilandia - New Coaster for 2012 sorry for my english
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