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  1. The tower is already looking hideous. And the placement is dumb, right infront of the skyscraper ferris wheel. It was looking so good at night with the new lights.. now they're blocking it with the tower of Babel. Edit: link to the Local News Story
  2. That's what mwoods244 is talking about when he said "The transit system is also making progress towards adding an airport route". Edit: It looks like there is a second large crane on site now.
  3. When I said I doubted the frisbee rumor being true because it was too big, I was thinking more along the lines of physical space required. I just can't picture where it would physically fit. There is the north parking lot\field, but where would the cars park? Maybe a parking structure... That would be nice, lagoon could really gain some space there.
  4. I meant to add that the 'team lead' mentioned 2014. Makes no difference to me, I'm satisfied with knowing that something is on its way! After reading around a bit (should have done that before I posted here) it looks like the Intamin rumor may not be true. I asked the kid who was making the coaster and he said the same company that did Excelerator at Knott's. I replied "Intamin"? and he said yeah. I can only hope.. I hadn't heard the giant discovery rumor, I also doubt that's true. Seems too big for Lagoon.
  5. Rumored coaster is already under construction at Lagoon! I had heard rumors that Lagoon was going to hit the 200 ft mark in 2013, some type of steel coaster with inversions. This past week a crane has been on site pounding pylons into the ground. Last night I took a few pictures and talked to some of the ride ops nearby. There are far more pylons than I expected to see (not that I would know how many to expect anyway) so I knew the coaster rumors were at least partially true. The ride ops didn't know much, but they both had heard rumors of a coaster, and the "team lead" working the ride had heard it was going to be a launched Intamin. Anybody else heard anything? Am I late to the party??
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