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  1. Kings Dominion dose an awesome job in scaring people. You don't have to a Haunt attraction if you don't want to. They do a great job in scaring you when you walk by. And they do make you jump.They have fog machine on. So that you can't see who's coming.I think that Kings Dominion a much better job in scaring you than Six Flags America.
  2. Twisted Timbers is a Hybrid Steel Coaster on a Wooden Frame. Oh boy this sure is one fast coaster. You go upside down 3 times. But you don’t feel like you are upside down. Because you go so fast 54 MPH. I just love the layout of the Coaster. The Train car is an old type of Car. I rode it in the front seat. And I liked following the track. They do take your picture on Twisted Timbers. You can’t have any loose items while on the coaster. But there’s Lockers next to Twisted Timbers. And it’s only $2.00 for 2 hours. And you create your own Combination. You have to put your stuff in a locker or with a none rider. I really love the air time and there’s lots of air time on Twisted Timbers coaster. In fact you feel like you are coming out of your seat. Oh there’s lots & lots of twists and turns. And lots of humps. At the entrance of Twister Timbers there’s an old car. And you also see old tracker, truck, car & as you go up the stairs to the train you see a tracker up high. Twisted Timbers Coaster is a must ride. I rate Twisted Timbers 10 out of 10.
  3. Manta sure is an amazing roller coaster. I think that Manta is way better than Batwing at SFA Maryland. I just love the way Manta is gliding and Swooping, Diving through 4 inversion on the 3,350 feet of track because you're face down from start to finish. I also like the entrance of Manta where you can see Rays as you move through the entrance. And I love the speed of nearly 60mph. This roller coaster is a must to ride I rate Manta 10+
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