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  1. Not really. I rate it quiet highly - better than many of the rides we have in the UK - not as good as many of the rides you have over there though... It's absolutely a "must ride many times" ride though to find the right seating position for you - one thing that these posts have shown is that everyone feels the same way - the ride is totally different dependent upon where you are sat!
  2. "Yet another Thorpe Park cock up" - Really?! That's a bit harsh. Suggest how they could have done things any differently to avoid this "cock up"?
  3. That's not quiet true. The ride went through a bad patch around 2pm onwards, when it broke down numerous times. The staff told me that both cars were acting up differently. One car was breaking down on the lift hill with regularity (the lift hill would lose power) - and this "nearly" happened on one of our rides as the lift hill shuddered, slowed, but resumed again. And the other car was breaking down in the station, trapping the riders on it refusing to release the harnesses. We witnessed the lift hill breakdown 3 times and the station breakdown once, watching the ride attendants have to pair up to release each harness - one releasing the mechanism from behind, the other from underneath. The ride was closed / evacuated on this occasion. This did NOT detract from the ride experience or the day at Thorpe - specifically because the staff were so good! Jenny & Hannah particularly so. In fact, I left feedback for them with customer services as I was so impressed with their friendliness and positive attitude. Thorpe seem to have a very good bunch of workers this year. I am hopeful of a good season for them.
  4. Hi Stealthfan. Went on the ride 10 times today - I agree about the speed & the lack of forces generally, but did find that if you sat on the left hand side, outside edge on the back row the ride experience was entirely different. Would be interesting to know if you tried different seating positions too?
  5. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing Went to Sea World San Diego a few years back. Awesome place
  6. Unfortunately I am getting the impression that a majority of the population of the UK feel the same way It's going to be HEAVING at the parks on Wedding day - I'll be there too LOL.
  7. Maybe Luke & I should move into photography for the British Tourist Board?
  8. We didn't We were worn out by the time we'd done all the rides half a dozen times each It's a shame Oakwood isn't all it used to be. Guess they're just not getting the business through the door.
  9. Oh & Luke, you should post your "drenched POV" - you know the one, it near finished off your iPhone
  10. Thank you Luke. Great report - and very reflective of the excellent day we had! So I'm guessing now is a good time to post my Megaphobia POV? How the camera survived intact I do not know! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EgitYYpLRQ
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