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  1. So this is the little fantasy world of enthusiasts with too much time on their hand? Dreaming of fake Prince's saving bad rides with littered "air time" bumps? A little...much eh guys? Inside jokes can't go that far without becoming unfunny. DISCLAIMER- I READ UR DISCLAIMER LOL
  2. Just for people's reference... http://www.crimes-of-persuasion.com/Crimes/Business/nigerian.htm
  3. ^Actually that's exactly what I meant. If they do that every night, they can really advertise the rides giving the "Movie Magic" they say on the website and on the park maps. It would also be a great ride for Batman Fanboys who never have ridden it before.
  4. Are they going to be using all of the crazy light and fog effects on Batman throughout the season? It would make sense to if you really want an effective re-theme of that area of the park. Also will Riddler's be in DC Universe t's a little far and tidal wave is in between.
  5. ^Yep. Don't worry, Im going to look for a large, aged man with a receding hair line.
  6. If you want to see me in 12 hours, look for a 16 year old wearing a thermal and shorts walking with a black kid. Also if it helps, I just got a blemish on my cheek from my stressful school weeks. Hope to see TPRtians there!
  7. 13 hours to go. It sucks I could be asleep right now and wake up like no time passed by, but I need to stay up a little late... grrrr
  8. What kind of radiation is this? (I know I sound dumb) but aren't most types able to just fly threw most substances except lead?
  9. As interesting as that name sounds.... you know.... edit** \/\/ Read the entire quote box again. sorry I just ahd to let you know.
  10. ^Haha. Well, other than the quick launch "Woot wow!" Top Hat "Oh dam! Haha Wooo!" the rest is "Wee...." It's a great ride, just not very intense to me.
  11. ^yeah that's true. Height does not matter, but Xcelerator always felt like a kiddie ride to me. Kinda like everything else at Knotts.
  12. I love looking at Excelerator...then realizing I get to ride something twice its height 2 hours away....
  13. ^^^ oh no I wasn't saying that at all. heck, I wish I was doing the ERT! 38 hours till' I start running to Superman! Unless it's not worth running to. Is it?
  14. Just for fun, I think the total amount of attendees will be somewhere around 110-.....170. Warmer? Colder?
  15. 41 hours until I start running to Superman!! Oh yes, I will run all the way up the mountain starting at the entrance gates. I don't care if there will already be 80 TPRtians waiting in line, I'm not going to let another 800 GP's get in front of me damnit! (actually, it would take 3 dual launches to get through 80 people in the line. )
  16. ^Oh okay! Thanks a lot Sharktums. I don't really care for the crowds, me and my friends just want to ride Superman!!
  17. ^oh so when you guys are doing ERT (morning and evening) I can't go on those rides?
  18. Is it a good idea for me to go to the park on Saturday? (im not going to be in WCB, I'm just taking some friends). I won't take the chance of going on sunday, it might rain. How intense will the crowds be and will the WCB schedule affect my trip in any way? Also, can I even go because of the WCB event!?
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