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  1. Over the past few days I have discovered a podcast series called "Welcome to Night Vale". It's a fictional radio station that gives the news in the small, strange town of Night Vale, which is somewhat like Area 51.


    I was wondering if anyone else here has listened to it or has heard of it.


    [i'm not sure if there is a better thread to post this in, but I did a search and found no previous mention of it]

  2. It definitely has a Beast vibe. I don't think the Beast brake run looking portion looks bad, it just looks to me like it's on the second hill. I personally would do one or two hills between the two like the real Beast, but it really does look Dinn-esque. Very Nice.


    You see, If I had more room and money, I would have done that, but I had neither. Also, the brake is more for show, at the height it only slows down a little. It's more of a trim than a mcbr.

  3. I don't know if anyone else has, but I recently finished a game called OFF. It's an indie game somewhere in-between rpg and horror. I personally was a big fan; it had some very good music and a very nice plot. It's not too long of a game and I recommend it to pretty much any PC gamer.

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