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  1. Maker Faire was great! Lots of Airplane exposure. Started the prototype of a Cyclone Racer section. From this I will make templates that will make bent building a breeze.
  2. THIS WEEKEND IS MAKER FAIRE!! I can't wait. I'm trying to make a 1' long sample section of a coaster resembling the CRacer to make in time but...the hobby store was all out of the plastic I needed. First time they didn't restock between my visits and it's too late to order them through Evergreen. Gonna try to hit up another art store after work...Hopefully they'll have what I need there. Below see a photo of the quick design I did for the profile as well as a photo of a bent. Along with glue, I'm sticking pins in all the joints so they'll look like bolts! I need to find out how to make those RUST so they look more authentic.
  3. This weekend is Maker Faire in Balboa Park. I will have the Airplane model there as well as a 1' section of the Cyclone Racer Sampler model. I participated last year (see The Rye Airplane - The Model - The Diary pg 41). Here are some new business cards I am having made to hand out at the event to promote my work and roller coaster appreciation. My Hatchfund account is now taking tax-deductible donations to help fund my next project of the Cyclone Racer. Who out there wants that 1' section described above. Just donate $1500! Check it out!! http://www.hatchfund.org/project/the_cyclone_racer_a_long_lost_long_beach_icon Since I donate the models to the national roller coaster museum, in essence you'll be donating to the museum
  4. Hi everyone! This week I will be launching my Hatchfund campaign to raise funds for my next project, the model Cyclone Racer! The finished model will be 1:48 (or 1/4" = 1') and will be glamorous! When the campaign is launched, basically, you make a tax deductible donation and get a perk (to be listed when campaign is launched). The non-profit Hatchfund is REALLY awesome and they give one-on-one help to maximize my reach potential over the course of the six-week campaign. They have a 75% success rate! In the unlikely event I am able to reach my minimum goal of 3600, and I am out of time and options, your money gets dispersed to other art projects. I set my minimum really low so that I will get at least enough to make really good headway on the project. Here is my pitch video!
  5. LATEST NEWS: The model Cyclone Racer has just been bumped to quarter inch scale. The Airplane was 5' =1 inch, the model Cyclone Racer will be 4' = 1 inch. This after careful consideration of the many pro's and cons, (cost was the only con). The length of the model from tip to tip, not including the base, will increase to 11.45 feet.
  6. Dig those crazy pants tho. Please check out and like the new Model Cyclone Racer page on facebook! C'MON Peggy Sue let's go LIKE the Model Cyclone Racer Page on Facebook! Too many wonderful RCT artists on here, we don't have a chance!
  7. How I'm improving moving forward on to my next project. The Cyclone Racer scale will be custom. The Airplane was 1 inch equals 5 feet; The Cyclone Racer will be 10% larger so that the plastic strips will scale more accurately to actual lumber sizes. I can avoid issues with pieces not fitting and proportions not looking right and the track won't appear so thick. If you compare the areas within the two red circles, the preferred outcome is on the right. Who believes the best grade I ever got in math was a D in pre-algebra?
  8. If you're talking about the view count, hover over the picture. I know that works on Windows (Not sure about other operating systems). Thanks!
  9. Your comments throughout the process have been very helpful and encouraging. Joey was ecstatic when I said, "I think its ready"
  10. What happened to the little tote next to each photo? I used that to know when to release the next batch of photos.
  11. Historic moment on national roller coaster day, two of Fred Church's daughters are meeting each other for the first time. Awww, they're hugging. Dipper was running really good I love confusing people.
  12. Thanks! transferring information back and forth between blueprint and photographs is my favorite part If anyone hasn't seen my last project...
  13. I just couldn't wait to continue this project. Many lessons were learned in the building of the Airplane Model. I want to experiment with some construction methods I thought of later that are more efficient and on point so that not so much time is spent going back and correcting or fine tuning. With some of the money that I raised on Go Fund Me, I bought a drawing board and some architectural supplies to help in the design process for Cyclone. Today I worked on designing a template to recreate Fred Church’s sub-track patent. This template will enable me to make long stretches of straight sub track and tie assembly in a short amount of time. The other layers of track will be added once the hills are formed.
  14. It was on this day, August 11 1990, that Mission Beach Giant Dipper reopened after exactly 5000 days of dormancy. So I thought today would be a good day to start posting photos of my model in its most current state. I hope it meets the expectations of those that have followed this thread from the beginning. A friend I just so happened to reconnect with was working on an idea to bring local artists together for a new event he called "Upstairs on 35th Street” and asked if I would help him with the event. It was comprised of about 6 artists showing and selling their hand made pieces. The first one was May 7th. It was small but successful in that everyone who came, stayed for a long time and new connections were made. But the dollars weren’t being spent as Carlos had hoped so he was discouraged about doing another one. I mentioned in previous post that I’ve always wanted to have a little gathering for when my Airplane model was finally finished, so I suggested he hold another one anyway. So both Carlos and I meshed our goals together in what turned out to be an acceptably better event than the last. Higher ups in the local artistic scene came to check out the event and the model. Aside from some minor touch-ups, I could let this model go and be satisfied with it. It will be on display again at the 2nd Annual Maker Faire here at San Diego’s Balboa Park. It is at this event where I will begin putting together pieces for my NEXT project, the Cyclone Racer!! The model is stored in my dining room. I am taking a break for the rest of the month and will continue adding all the little fine detail fun stuff in time for the Maker Faire. Before or after the faire I will get in to some heavy photo sessions. In November, I hope that it can be arranged so that my model can be displayed in the National Roller Coaster Museum booth at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions in order to draw attention to the importance of saving our – once again – dying breed of true wood coasters. Everything has a price. If anyone wants to buy this model….figure 4.5 years of work, a lot of sweat, tears $25,000. Opening premier at the art event. Those little ‘details’ would involve putting the fence in permanently First photo after taking a sigh of relief. I don’t know why I thought putting the trim inside the edge would be so hard. It wasn’t. Will clean this up too. Looking down the abandoned midway. Future detail will be maybe trash and cups blown up against the fence. Coming Soon? That billboard looks pretty old to me? What’s going on here? Many POVs to follow at a later time. A nice conversation piece for any room. Me and probably what was a big waste of my time. Carlos and I! After I put in the railings, you won't be able to get a photo like this.
  15. Thanks for asking! Yes. For the most part it is done. I haven't gotten around to an official photo session yet but I can throw something together tomorrow if anyone wants to see more previews.
  16. I hope you all had a great fourth of July, yes, even those of you outside the USA. LOL. Fairly productive weekend on the Airplane. I had the whole three-day weekend to work on it. One thing I learned is that I need to take at least a couple hours break every few hours. Otherwise I start to get careless. Now that August 6th is my deadline the ogre of “OKAY, NOW THIS IS SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE TO DO” raises its ugly head. This weekend I spent the morning just staring at it and loathing it for keeping me home all weekend. In spite of that, I think the end result is acceptable. I had put stakes where I planned to mount the guywires but it was a complete waste of time. Throw on some burned (actually painted) woodery. This is my burnt tree that was cut down. There was a palm tree in front of the dentist office next door to me that was recently cut down. The fine sawdust that was left behind ended up being the winner of what I consider realistic ground cover. I put it on like glitter, glue the surface, coat with sawdust, press and brush off excess. As for what I’m going to make for the walkways…don’t know yet. I’ve decided how I’m going to set the stage for where it looks as if there might have been some effort at one time to restore this coaster. I guess it was decided they were going to repaint it white. I just couldn’t resist placing on the coaster to take a few shots…
  17. Just a few more shots that I like. I'm hoping I can get an article in RollerCoaster magazine later this year. If I do I will be limited to only a few photographs of this whole process.
  18. I’m keeping things on track as it were…and it still appears as though I will be finished with this project by the end of July. What can I say about that. Would I have done this had I known it was going to take so long? I don’t know…. I hope that the people following this are anticipating seeing the finished product. I’m worried too many spoiler shots will take away from the final “IMPACT” of the model when it’s done. Other than my job, this is really all I have to do this summer as I cannot afford to go the beach let alone travel to any parks. Last week it was tough watching friends post coaster con photos. It’s been so long since I’ve joined them, I feel forgotten and that has me really down right now and it’s starting to show in the model. That being said, now that I’ve rounded the final corner and am heading into the home stretch, I’m hoping a little cheering might pick me up. The lift in spirits will show in my work. Still trying new methods of making trees. Recently uncovered photo of the land where the 2nd spiral of the coaster used to be. True or False? Making more light standards I had to remove all the cartouches and carve a slot in the back of each so they will fit better over the light standard. Initial attempt at making it look like weeds are growing up through tracks. Making 2nd base The last part to be landscaped. Like “Skinny and Sweet” vs. “Rid-O-Rat” you do NOT want to get these two mixed up lol. The picture I will show when people ask, “Where do you store it?” Boner shot. This is the final look. I’m quite a sports dunce, so it didn’t occur to me that the finished base is shaped like home plate on a baseball field.
  19. Playing with an idea for the invitations for the debut. I hope to have two of the three sections totally complete by the end of this weekend. The landscaping is coming along nicely. Still trying to come up with good trees.
  20. This is a good exercise for multitasking. Made signs for posting on the fence which is time to build. Cut some aluminum rods and tied to screen. Pre punched base with fence post locations before landscaping. Put down this paper grass sheet I bought at the train store. In short of my thinking it's fake looking, it's a start and I hope I can work on that lawn. My first spattering of weed More spattering. This internal fan curve was the very first part I built. Making my name out of seeds so I can grow a bush. I though I'd try using a brillo pad as filler. I'm going to blend the foliages on the right. As I tear apart the Brillo pad, the pink soap that flakes off will make pretty flowers. The idea of using a Brillo pad is that the pad will oxidize and will turn brown. Oh, my seeds took root! The Tim bush. Buy yours for $25! Add the fence. Next up...trees. Oh I also added 5 guy cables. Hard to see.
  21. Working overtime, cruising speed. I just LOVE my new tool box! Didn't quite finish the midway, but it's coming along. Parts of the station facade. Using the cardboard backing from a paper pad, I made what will be there cracked foundation of the Derby Racer carousel. Still new at trying some things like creating wear and tear on old fashioned concrete. Painted the inside of the chain trough. Used the same concept for the foundation for a public restroom that was torn down. Trying to make it look like the bulbs are illuminating. And the underside Break them apart. Chain return pulley. Needs a bit more work. Squirting glue. Fine sand.
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