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  1. Well, its getting there, what more can I say. Decided to do a photo session yesterday. Aside from short runs of bents yet to be built, and the track, which from here on are just easy long-board construction, the next big challenge I face is making all the various sections fit into place. The west side. The south tip The Cyclone Racer was a triple stacked racer, there was no other like it. Even Colossus is barely a double deck. Exactly at the ride's halfway point, the trains split a level so they can switch sides The way the cars exit down from this curve must have truley been like spiraling down into the funnel of a Cyclone. Looking forward to when I can take this somewhere where I can get shots with no buildings in the background. Inspired by the film Strike Me Pink One train is completed This is the original train for side A (if you're looking at the station, the left). Side B will be what the trains looked like after they were modified with higher sides and a different looking grill in the front. If I have it in me, I'll make a matching pair.
  2. Hooray, I now have enough track material to finish this end completely! If I work diligently, it'll be done by end of Holiday this Monday. Playing with the idea to sell seats to raise money for the table and case. Donors get a paper doll likeness of themselves seated in a car, for permanent display, photos, et al. Hooray, I now have enough track material to finish this end completely! If I work diligently, it'll be done by end of Holiday this Monday. Playing with the idea to sell seats to raise money for the table and case. Donors get a paper doll likeness of themselves seated in a car, for permanent display, photos, et al.
  3. Chain of wagons is how one Long Beach paper described the Cyclone Racer trains. I like it, kind of like chest of drawers. One set of four "chains" lol near completion with only the side roll bars to install. Having to bend all those exactly the same will be hard. Also put down, finally, another layer of subtrack around the innermost run around the top turn.
  4. Cyclone Racer plodding along. I was SO tired of hearing people say, "Oh look, it's Belmont" when they walk past my home, coffee shop, or where ever I set up shop for a few hours. Understandable, since that's the one right here in town, "Expand the boundaries of your imaginations!!" I wanted to scream out. "Belmont isn't duel tracked you fool." But I smile. Now, I'm hearing, "Oh look, it's Colossus!" At least that's much closer to an accurate description All I have left to do, structure frame wise, are the EASIEST (saved the easiest for last) straight sections that run North and South on the East and West side of the Racer, and then fill in some gaps here and there. Oh, and a base too. What I call the "WoW" hump Made this whole thing in under 12 hours I learned that those diagonals in this high-stress yet scantily build section were really made of steel so I replaced. Sticks cut for the WoW hump Where the WoW hump goes in relation to the South turn Fred Church was a great engineer and an artist too. "Oooh look, Colossus" is what I'm hearing from out my window as people walk by. I should show this photo to people who ask, "Where do you keep it?" I should put Christmas lights on this since I don't have room for a tree.
  5. Meanwhile, I just now realized my skeleton for the southern tip, the three tiered turn over the water, is this close to done. All I gots to do is fill on some minor detail and track. Lots of track.
  6. Maker Faire in Balboa Park was a hit. Thousands of people checking out all the attractions throughout the park, everything from giant fire breathing robots to little cup cake cars that putted around. Artists, engineers, scientists, this annual event attracts all kinds. Had, for the first time, all made pieces of the Model Cyclone Racer were put together and displayed in its whole 10' tip to tip span. Also, I have a really creepy story. Someone posted last Wednesday on a Prior and Church & Traver page on Facebook, that it would have been Fred Church's 140th birthday on October 3rd and that he died just short of his 58th birthday. Since 2012 I've been telling people that I somehow seem to be channeling Fred Church through my work, starting with the Belmont Dipper restoration and since then I seem to build models of coasters that are his and that he must be my guardian angel. Not picking them because they're Fred Church designs, I pick them because they're beautiful coasters, and I was already telling people about other strange coincidences (those are mentioned in a video I made last month). Well, MY birthday is October 4th, and I turned 58 last Thursday!! OMG our birthdays are only a day apart AND I find out he died just before the age I was turning!! I must say my anxiety was WAY up there, I even called my dad to call me the next day to make sure I woke up!! I hope you're satisfied with the progress. Events like Maker Faire are very validating to me as there was lots of interest, questions, answers, stories, contacts. All good!! Great weekend. Once I am done with this model, I'm moving on to writing and photography. I was set up on the outdoor stage of the Old Globe theater, where I just happen to be employed! Already started writing a book. Just playing around with the cover and titles. An example of my photography: Maiden of the Blue Forest Mello Kitty Tempest Hipster Daddy-o En Vious
  7. It would be fun to try, but I doubt it will. Actually, I expect to be asked that a lot this weekend. I used to just say "No" but I think it's more interesting to say, "We'll see when it's done!, but I doubt it will work." I really make the models to satisfy my own curiosity about the ride's engineering.
  8. Hi fans, Maker Faire in Balboa Park in San Diego is coming up this weekend. This time, I'm stationed on the outdoor stage of the Old Globe theater...which by total coincidence is WHERE I WORK!! SOOO convenient I can't stand it. Also, I just learned that today (10/03) would have been coaster designer Fred Church's 140 birthday and that he died just short of his 58th. It's funny I would find this out today, the DAY BEFORE MY 58th BIRTHDAY. Things have been SO weird like that this last week, twice having dreams of random things that actually happened the next day...and this one really spooks me. Anyways, I was able to complete the basic structure for the Cyclone Racer's south turn in time for this weekend and I'll take photos of it in it's entirety! The basic shape from tip to tip will have taken form!
  9. You're the one who posted asking people who are largely not residents of the jurisdiction in question to contact some city council and support this project, and then now you ask for those who have no stake to keep out of it. Which is it? You post something on the internet, you open it up to all kinds of commentary - positive, negative, off-topic, in-between. Sorry you didn't get what you were looking for. People who inherently think negative should stay out of it. I need to remember the miracle I had a part in 30+ years ago, and all these SAME things I kept hearing about and reading in the papers and just ignore it.
  10. Insults are certainly going to get you support around here. Great job. [attachment=0]gold.gif[/attachment] Yup, we'll you have to admit, I was not made to feel welcome here myself right from the git go.
  11. So, I’m starting fresh and clarify the purpose of this original post: I’m not soliciting ill-informed OPINIONS. This post was simply reporting the latest stage of where the possibility (POSSIBILITY = may or may not happen and even I have my doubts I’ll admit). I have NOTHING to lose by at least trying. Nobody’s trying to sell anything here. Not trying to scam anyone. But please explain to me, what harm it is to YOU, (financially, emotionally, physically) to at least give a wave to someone who’s spent two decades on every facet of this project when you have not lifted a finger? Not one single bit of kudos to Larry for his brilliant recreations and efforts. I do not understand nor can comprehend this type of attitude, but I can tell with some it's impulsive. Perhaps some of you are more comfortable being on the “popular side” that has the odds, afraid to be wrong, afraid of your name being dragged in the mud. Afraid of being laughed at on social media if you take a chance and support something fun and crazy. If you don’t want have anything to do with it, than shut up. What ever happened to the spirit of the coaster enthusiast? “My support will come when there are investors.” SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND. That’s like saying, “I’m not going to spend $10 on a movie ticket unless I know if I like the ending first.” Potential investors, and they do exist, are waiting for the City of Long Beach’s decision but would love to see support! Nobody cares if you’re of the OPINION that this won’t happen. I’m very aware of the odds, but let the people INVOLVED in this process (the city of Long Beach and Larry) battle this out. It’s not your work, it’s not your dream. Someone told me, “Look out, you put anything about bringing back history on that site (TPR) and they’ll attack you like wolves on a bleeding sheep”. It's so bad, even people that would like to say something positive are afraid to say anything for fear to be reprimanded or banned from this site for God’s sake. So the questions I need answers to: 1) What harm it is to YOU, (financially, emotionally, physically) to at least give a wave to someone who’s spent two decades on every facet of this project when you have not lifted a finger? 2) How does bashing the whole concept help (‘because that’s all I know how to do” is not an answer).
  12. I understand, perhaps I'm being too pushy too early but the city, right now, is soliciting for 'ideas' for the future. I don't think ANY ideas they'll hear are going to be as far along as this one already is. Perhaps a note encouraging them to consider more family friendly options in their redevelopment plan without being specific?
  13. Another Maker Faire fast approaching. Working hard to get the south turn frame built by the end of this week, and work on the middle and north section a little the next week. Maker Faire is 10/6 and 7 in Balboa Park. I'll be on the property of the Old Globe theater which by TOTAL COINCIDENCE I happen to work! Trains would be racing from right to left in this shot. The final curve before heading back towards the station. Built the track outwards first, before sliding in a 9-bent section I don't know what's up with the clips, turned out they were quite useless for clamping but they sure add pretty! When it's trimmed and handrailed, I'll take again. Can't wait to take this one on the beach.
  14. Wow. What I've heard about this site is true. Full of cynical haters. I don't get how you can be on here and be so eager to disapprove of everything that doesn't have to do with you.
  15. Plenty of word is being spread through the coaster community but I decided to post it on here anyways. The City is annoyed by simply having to deal with their jobs anyway, let alone one singled out project. I see no skin off anyone's nose to at least back someone up and respect that he's devoted himself to get the project this far all by his self. And if it doesn't pass through any future approvals, a head can hang in shame while you celebrate at theTeam "I told you so" Happy Dance. T
  16. With you there. The size of the pier over the water appears daunting, and probably more difficult to push through than the roller coaster! However, the building of such piers haven't been outlawed and still new ones pop up from time to time.
  17. You know, when I set out to build a model of Belmont's adandoned coaster in 1981, I had no idea what I was really getting into. Now it's been open for nearly 30 years! I've been building this recreation of the Racer since 2016 just for my own satisfaction, but now it looks like this could be history repeating itself.
  18. That reminds me of an article on historic landmarks a San Diego Architectural magazine did in 1980 when mentioning the the Giant Dipper: "Now there is talk of restoring the roller coaster. There always is.". Not to mention a whole bunch of other Doubting Thomas opinions and look what happened. Unnecessary comments are so easily dismissed. Sorry.
  19. The Return of the Cyclone Racer to Long Beach? It’s closer than you think. If you’ve ever wanted to participate in the bringing back of an old classic roller coaster, now is your chance. Yes. It is possible thanks to a life time of work by Downy resident Larry Osterhoudt. I can say that, having done the impossible by bringing back to life a roller coaster that was doomed to the ash heap. The success of the San Diego Giant Dipper project proved to me that anything is possible. Please write to the following city officials to voice your support for Larry’s dream. Jeannine Pierce city council District 2: (district2@longbeach.gov Phone 562-570-2222) and Tom Modica Asst city manager: (Tom.Modica@longbeach.gov 562-570-5091) Larry Osterhoudt, of Downy in the Los Angeles area has been hooked on the concept of bringing back the Cyclone Racer, exactly as it was, even before Disney announced its plans to build California Adventure. All this time he has been painstakingly agonizing over every inch of the plans that he’s recreated strictly from rare photographs using AUTO CAD. It’s all there. The layout, profile, his pier design. Even plans showing the smallest bolts used in the trains have been drafted. He’s even built a large scale portion of the coaster and the trains. The city Long Beach permitted Larry to start reviewing Larry’s plans at a meeting in October 2013 and since then, he’s been providing them with all kinds of statistics and studies as they demand. Larry has been doing this all on his own so it has been taking a while and every time he submits what they request, they want something else. They haven’t shot him down yet, so one would say this project is still progressing, just at a snail’s pace. In late August of 2018, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia solicited ideas for the redevelopment of the Long Beach Harbor, hopefully something to replace the failed Pike shopping Mall Please write to the following city officials to voice your support for Larry’s dream. Jeannine Pierce city council District 2: (district2@longbeach.gov Phone 562-570-2222) and Tom Modica Asst city manager: (Tom.Modica@longbeach.gov 562-570-5091) Mention of increased dollars for their coffers by having this there is encouraged. A general representation of the pier on which to build the Cyclone Racer and other attractions. The Cyclone Racer opened at part of the Silver Spray pier, later The Pike amusement park in 1930. It stood 85’ tall, same as New York’s famous Cyclone at Coney Island. It is 550’ long, 120’ wide from tip to tip but the bulk of it being a racer makes it appear far more monstrous in its size. The two tracks each make three complete laps rolling over 3500 of track all the while twisting and torqueing over and under itself. At the halfway point the trains switch sides adding to the disorientation. Despite its menacing appearance, Cyclone Racer would fall under the category family coaster. The ride was not so intense as to take away the thrill of the race. Shallow radius valleys provided strong G forces while wide long hilltops were designed to give the rider just a hint of weightlessness. Up until the 40’s there were no lap bars present in the trains. The Cyclone Racer closed 9/15/68 – just over 50 years ago. It was removed to make way for a bridge leading to new developments as a result of the recent addition of the Queen Mary the year before. It was later discovered new Long Beach master plan placed a bridge close enough to the roller coaster to necessitate its removal and that the bypass could have easily been placed elsewhere. The racer was designed by engineer and artist Fred Church. His roller coasters were always thrilling and always beautiful to just look at. Both Santa Cruz and San Diego Giant Dippers also come from Church’s drafting board. Rebuilding the Cyclone Racer would be like putting the best of both into one. This particular coaster had a very shallow rate of decline, from 85’ feet sloped 3500 feet. Larry is proposing recreating Church’s patented wood track design. He claims that altering this design in any way, the wheel to track relationship, or changing the structure would result in the train failing to make it back to the station. The Cyclone Racer appeared in many films, often substituting for Coney’s Cyclone. That contact information again: Please write to the following city officials to voice your support for Larry’s dream. Any doubt or discouragement should be shelved as it all boils down to what the authorities have to say after the final study. Jeannine Pierce city council District 2: (district2@longbeach.gov Phone 562-570-2222) and Tom Modica Asst city manager: (Tom.Modica@longbeach.gov 562-570-5091)
  20. Happy labor day! Appropriately laboring on the Cyclone today. The South ocean turn is half done, and half the bents for the other half of the turn are almost ready to go up.
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