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  1. Just had to share this great GP comment from a girl that just came into my store to buy a KI ticket.


    She didn't want to spend the $34 on a KI ticket and I was like well we have a great deal on KK season passes and you pay for it in two visits. Her response was how do they expect me to go there when they have no coasters that go upside down. So I tried to tell her that well the new coaster they have is amazing and then there is the waterpark. She told me if she wanted to ride a coaster that went up and down she would just ride in a car.



  2. Yeah it is a great deal.


    I did go to the park for an hour today after hitting up the flea market for a bit. It was busy once again so I decided to just wait in line to get my first front seat ride on Lightning Run. The front is great with a slightly bit different type of airtime than the back. I like the back the best especially over the first half of the ride and the front for the s curves and the bunny hops. It is a great ride that packs a punch.


    With some schools being in session for the next two weeks I plan on hitting up the park to try every seat when it is not that busy and I can marathon it.


    One thing they need to do is take down the 1 hour wait from this point sign from Greezed Lightnin'. From that point it is about 15 mins and even with the line stretching out past the entrance to the left it is still only a 45 minute wait.

  3. Had a great time at the park today for my first visit. Longest wait of the day was 30 mins for Fahrenheit and practically everything was 15mins or a walk on. Skyrush is amazing in so many different ways. The EJECTOR air on the back wing seats is almost scary and the restraints make it a little less enjoyable. Finished the night on a middle seat in the front which was spectacular and two straight rides in the back row middle which was less insane than the wing seats but still incredible. Rode every coaster at least once with 6 rides on Skyrush.


    Abrupt Airtime_____________________________,y,y,1

    Floating Airtime___________________________,y,y,2

    Lateral Forces_____________________________,y,y,3

    Sensation of Speed_________________________,y,y,4

    Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes_,y,y,5

    Positive G's/Loops_________________________,y,y,6

    COASTER NAME PARK LOC <--Please leave this

    My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere **,y,n,1

    Thunderhead Dollywood TN,y,n,2

    The Voyage Holiday World IN,y,y,3

    Kentucky Rumbler Beech Bend KY,y,n,4

    The Legend Holiday World IN,y,n,5

    American Thunder Six Flags St Louis MO,y,n,6

    The Beast Kings Island OH,y,n,7

    Cornball Express Indiana Beach IN,y,n,8

    Apocalypse S. F. Magic Mountain CA,y,n,9

    Raven Holiday World IN,y,y,10

    Ravine Flyer II Waldameer PA,y,n,11

    Screamin' Eagle Six Flags St Louis MO,y,n,12

    Thunderbolt Kennywood PA,y,n,13

    The Boss Six Flags St Louis MO,y,n,14

    Grt Am Scrm Mach SFoG GA,y,n,15

    The Grizzly Kings Dominion VA,y,y,16

    Blue Streak Cedar Point OH,y,n,17

    Jack Rabbit Kennywood PA,y,n,18

    Gwazi-Tiger Busch Gardens-Tampa FL,y,y,19

    Cannonball Lake Winnepesaukah GA,y,n,20

    Hoosier Hurricane Indiana Beach IN,y,n,21

    Racer Kings Island OH,y,n,22

    Thunder Run (SBNO) Kentucky Kingdom KY,y,n,23

    Racer Kennywood PA,y,n,24

    Rebel Yell Kings Dominion VA,y,y,25

    Twisted Twins-L (S) Kentucky Kingdom KY,y,n,26

    Twisted Twins-S (S) Kentucky Kingdom KY,y,n,27

    GhostRider Knott's Berry Farm CA,y,n,28

    Gwazi-Lion Busch Gardens-Tampa FL,y,n,29

    Big Dipper Camden Park WV,y,n,30

    Georgia Cyclone SFoG GA,y,n,31

    Giant Dipper Belmont Park CA,y,n,32

    Woodstock Express Kings Island OH,y,n,33

    Ghoster Coaster Kings Dominion VA,y,y,34

    Comet Waldameer PA,y,n,35

    Mean Streak Cedar Point OH,y,n,36

    Hurler Kings Dominion VA,y,y,37

    Son of Beast (SBNO) Kings Island OH,y,n,38

    Lil' Dipper Camden Park WV,y,n,39

  5. Saw the markers this past weekend but didn't think it would be a waterpark expansion going there, great looking slides! Plus a new entrance for Splashin Safari, I wonder where that will be?


    Halloween weekends was great so I'm glad they are adding more weekends, lighter crowds and it was a much better experience for my daughter compared to last year at Kings Island since she still is not tall enough to ride all the coasters there and is a little scared of the monsters that walk around.


    I'm interested to see what this means for future theme park expansion and going in that direction of the park, considering the attractions that were hinted at for '14,'15, and '16.

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