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  1. We just posted some photos over on our Facebook of the latest park happenings. https://www.facebook.com/cagreatamerica Check out photos of Demon & Flight Deck's new paint job, as well as a few other surprises.
  2. One more day... Haunt is looking scarier and better than ever! Lots of awesome new details being added to existing mazes and new. Hope to see some of you at the park on Friady night!
  3. We just released our next Haunt video. Iggy Mack & The Underlord have put together a new Haunt favorite, "Rollin' in Our Hearse." http://youtu.be/dsIakUyuzGM Check it out!
  4. We just released our next Haunt video. Iggy Mack & The Underlord have put together a new Haunt favorite, "Rollin' in Our Hearse." Check it out!
  5. Iggy Mack and The Underlord worked hard in the kitchen this week to bring you "Epic Munch Time." Check it out! http://youtu.be/wTobqW1c0t0
  6. Details for Haunt 2011 are below. We hope you can all make it out to Haunt 2011. Tickets are now on sale at http://haunt.cagreatamerica.com See you there!
  7. Here is an official schedule for Theme Park Review's event on Sunday. 9:00am Tolls Opens 9:25am Gates Open 9:30am ERT Begins on Flight Deck 10:00am Park Opens 11:30am Picnic begins in County Fair Picnic Grove 12:45pm Presentation begins in County Fair Picnic Grove 2:00pm Backstage Tour leaves from Picnic Pavilion Entrance 8:00pm Park Close 8:15pm ERT Begins on Grizzly Thanks, Ryan
  8. Our 2011 season will begin on Sunday, March 27, 2011. The full operating calendar will be posted in the next few weeks on our website. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful season. We are looking forward to our 35th Anniversary in 2011.
  9. We have good news for Haunt fans! We are releasing four orgional Haunt tracks to our devoted fans. Tracks include, Toy Factory, CarnEvil, Cornstalkers and Black Widows Cavern. All songs are 100% orgional and unique to Haunt at California's Great America. Grab you copy today! http://www.cagreatamerica.com/special/haunt/haunt_music.cfm
  10. Haunt is still on for tonight from 7PM-Midnight. If anything changes i'll do my best to update on here, but at this time it is going to happen as scheduled.
  11. Thanks for sharing those with everyone Flagg.. Our monsters are ready? Are you? Haunt is just over 24 hours away. The gates will be unlocked tomorrow night!
  12. New for Haunt in 2010, Black Widows Cavern - Dare to enter the old, abandoned loggers run, now overrun by deadly spiders. Get caught in the web of the horrific arachnids as you travel the trough of terror on the old logger’s path of doom. Also don't miss our brand new show, Fangs. Comedy meets Vampires in this edgy unveiling of the Undead. This visually seductive production features howling music, hot dancers and special effects. All the gory details are now online at http://haunt.cagreatamerica.com See you at the park!
  13. Are you ready for some Haunt fun? The campers have left Loggers because something has infested the run. Stay tuned to our Facbook for all the gory details... Haunt 2010 will be scarier than ever!
  14. I can confirm Invertigo is now open. The opened on Saturday and has been thrilling riders all weekend! For all park updates direct from the park, add us on Twitter (CAgreatamerica) or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/cagreatamerica
  15. Gforce, weekends in September actually can be busy depending on which day you visit. Be sure to check the parks event calendar to see if anything is going on during your scheduled visit. At this time there is nothing really large scale on September 11th. Haunt details are coming soon. We are all already working hard on Haunt 2010!
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