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  1. nice pics


    the reality of psyclone being removed just hit me.i still kinda dont belive it actually happining



    :In the beginning of the day the Tatsu was stacking trains for about 10sec each, but when I went back a couple of hours later they stacking trains for more than 5mins. I waited during the first X brake down, for some reason they had to replace a wheel.


    X always has had trouble with the wheels.The main reason wheels blow at X is because the weight of the trains.



  2. All i can say is WOW

    They have also have changed the charchters sighs in the parking lot.Fixed all the show lights at batman and music. And are in the process of replacing the fog machines.and from what i hear they are reopening the on ride photos at Riddlers,Batman, and Goliath jr.Sfmm is geting its act together. Ive seen more things fixed,painted and changed in the last 3 months then i have in the last few years.I also saw mark shapiro walking in the park on saturday he looked happy from what i saw.



  3. But seriously

    i think that there not going to be able to get rid of it.In the ten years its has been open SFMM has spent tons of cash on matinence.Its just an eye sore now and i think the park will knock down eventually and there trying to pick up some cash for it.


    the rides the should get rid of









  4. my top 10


    2)resident evil 4(GC)

    3)super mario world(nes)

    4)Grand theft auto vice city(xbox)

    5)Halo 2(xbox)

    6)gears of war(xbox360)


    8)roller coaster tycoon 3(pc)

    9)resident evil zero(GC)

    10)tony hawk underground 2(xbox)


    The reason Fable is number 1 is because of its awesome story line and the fact you can choose to be good or evil.


    Cant wait for number Fable 2 its gonna be sweet.



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