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  1. i really dont see the park opening this year. i know there is alot of work to be done before it could even open up. talking to some friends from tech service they said there is still tons of rides needing to get parts and they are still apart in the tech shops. plus there is so much cleaning that needs to be done. i look to see it opening for the 2011 season which i hope to be part of full time. ed hart was a good choice he has saved the park once and he will do it again. i know he has big plans for the water park.
  2. hopefully the new operator will start hiring people in because i know there is alot of work that is needing to be done before it reopens. plus i just lost my job today and i would love to get hire on in the amusement park industry full time. i really do miss working at kentucky kingdom. well the meeting is at 1pm so we will have to wait till then to find out who the new operator will be.
  3. woohoo we are having a good time on the party bus. currently watching road trip. see everyone else tihs weekend
  4. its 816 am california time and im all pack ready to check out of the hotel room a couple of more hours till im on the party bus see everyone in a few
  5. Here is a link from the news saying kentucky kingdom will not open this year. There is still a rally on saturday at 11 at the front gate. http://www.fox41.com/Global/story.asp?S=12443263 ADMIN EDIT: I have updated the link so it takes readers directly to the story and I have gone ahead and quoted the story so that people don't have to leave the site to see what you are referring to.
  6. today is a sad day for today was suppose to have been opening day for sfkk but instead it sits empty
  7. ^ thats hope chang goes back to kentucky kingdom. i do know there is going to be another demonstration saturday may 8th there at the front gate at 11. as i find out more i will let everyone know
  8. party bus paid for...check airfair paid for...check i am arriving at lax on friday at 1115 is there anyone that would like to meet up at the airport and share the cost of the ride to where we are meeting at?
  9. there was about 30 people there saturday including a mayoral canidate and dr.king there is going to be another event saturday may 8th from 11 to 2 and i know there will be a permit i believe there might even be a local band that comes out. if you go to wave3.com there is a video from it. as i find more out i will make sure i let everyone know.
  10. Im EXTREMELY shy and I always have the best time! this so awesome the videos are amazing to watch and see all these people that are having the time of their life and yet you would never guess they where shy. i so cant wait to get on the bus and enjoy my first tpr trip. i now know that i will fit in well cause i am so shy and nervous when it comes to meeting new people. six more weeks and counting to go.
  11. so you know my flight is schedule to land at 11am and im flying with southwest if you would like to share a taxi. but i do think we should get as many people in a taxi as we can. when is everyone else flight suppose to land?
  12. oh wow havent done that dance since i worked there im i gonna have to join in with you on that though i hope i remember how the dance goes
  13. hey so you know i was just reminded that the 11th is a sunday and the 10th is a saturday but its saturday we also figured out that if a thousand people paid to park at six dollars the fair board would make six thousand dollars and then this would show them and the government how much money they could be loosing
  14. tonights meeting was kinda sad no onw from the government or state fair board was there tonight. there was only about about 20 in attendence tonight. there was mention of the rumor that they want to make it a casino/ amusement park. which we where all against. tim childress led the event dont really know who he is just that he wants to get all of the former employees job back. though i am still concerned about his knowledge of everything because when i mention mark shapiros name he ask me who was he. one thing is that we are all gathering at the front gate on saturday the 11th at 11 and the 24th at 11 the reason we are doing it on the 24 is that is when the park was suppose to open. the whole idea of doing this is to show the state fair board and potental buyers that we want the park to open we are hoping to have at least a couple of thousand people to show up and that we havent lost confidence in the rides like childress said. if you guys got any questions just ask and i will share what i know.
  15. just wanted to let everyone know that later tonight there will be a big meeting at the government building on dixie hwy in louisville converning kentucky kingdom starting at 6. alot of us that work there will be in attendence. as of the last i heard there was 4 companys interested in the park. i do know there is alot of work to be down to get the park open sf took alot of the games and equipment from the stands. we do have some recommendations that will be presented tonight. so everyone knows that later tonight i will post the highlights as to what was said.
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