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  1. I have a question. This might be in the wrong forum, so please forgive me. I am planning to go down to Sandusky (and Cedar Point) for three days and three nights. Seeing as I'm going to visit a friend, or two, and visit the park I need to find a place to stay that won't break my wallet. And I was wondering if anyone had any advice.
  2. I used to live on the East side of Michigan myself. Over in the Ann Arbor area, among other areas. I moved over here just last summer. It's nice living close to MA seeing as there doesn't appear to be a ton of water parks nearby (although we do have the lake). Before, I used to live near Cedar Point, as you do now. But that's a longer trip and more like a weekend than a little day trip. It's nice in Grand Rapids, but I can't imagine what it's like to live in that house just across the street from the park itself. Haha!
  3. First Park of 2010: Michigan Adventures First Coaster of 2010: Shivering Timbers First Park Meal of 2010: At the Coasters Diner in MA First Water Ride of 2010: Loggers Run
  4. Great photos! I went in...I think late May, not sure about the exact date anymore. My mother and I went on a Sunday, left early in the morning and arrived about ten minutes before it opened. And, due to it being a weekend-Oh, it was Memorial Weekend's Sunday-and a hot day, there were cars pulling up. Not that the parking lot ever got full. If ever you can, take one of the first rides on ST, it is as smooth as butter the first go. I got the first ride for the blue train and it was amazing. Rode that coaster at least six times that day if not more. I have to say, even at it's busiest (and we also spent two hours in the Water Park), none of the actual coasters had bad waits. I rarely had to wait more than five minutes, except for Corkscrew. I love MA, most likely because I live just under an hour from it, making it an easy getaway. Got friends coming to see me for a week in July, maybe we'll hit MA and I'll see if I can do a proper TR.
  5. Sorry if this was already mentioned. But my mom and I were considering going to Cedar Point later this summer. Unfortunately, we are both bigger girls and we read that the seatbelts were shortened on several big rides we would have wanted to go on. So, I'm asking two things here. One, have the seatbelts truly been shortened? And two, have any other big TPR people had issues with Cedar Point this summer?
  6. I'm definitely a yes. Ironically, if this happens, it would be occurring on my 20th birthday. No joke. My mom and I were thinking about taking a trip up to the U.P. of Michigan around that time, but I'll squeeze this in as a "It's my birthday, Moooom!" Maybe she'll come with me, too. Haha!
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