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  1. As the supervisor at Grizzly I can tell you the new seat belts are a royal pain. We have the control operation adding the belt to announcements, but as usual nobody listens. On top of that my bosses want us cycling faster but as flagg pointed out earlier, the new belts hamper our attempts to go fast at all.
  2. ^^ At least your park is getting rides. There hasn't been an announcement about whats replacing Invertigo yet. If it's even going to be replaced.
  3. I saw the pics, the paint job is good. But it's weird seeing it with teal track instead of yellow.
  4. I was Supervisor at that ride for 3 years when it was at CGA(as Invertigo), and test rode it countless time along with Sunfire. It's an awesome ride, I will miss it, and I hope everyone out on the east coast enjoys it as much as I have.
  5. I don't know why skyride closes early but it's not for maintanence. Skyride is a morning inspection, I know because I was on the inspection group until August when I returned to rides.
  6. ^^Logger's and White Water Falls will both be open during the day. For the haunt White water's is closed and logger's opens as Black Widow Cavern.
  7. ^^ or, (and I know this is very, VERY unlikely)they could build a B&M hyper using the invertigarden as the station and have the track loop around demon.
  8. ^ I don't know what was going through that guy's head but that was completely uncalled for. That guy wasn't even one of the regular Grizzly operators, but he has been dealt with.
  9. ^^ The park was pretty dead last night. Invertigo didn't have any riders until about a half hour in, and this was after Sunfire and myself took turns riding and screaming to attract people to the ride. As for Saturday, we were going as fast as possible trying to keep the line moving. The last time I saw the line that long was before the 09 breakdown (I was at Cedar Point the weekend Invertigo reopened).
  10. If someone works for another park within cedar fair, does their park id act as a season pass to Cedar Point?
  11. We were running more tests on the ride today, the squeaking wasn't present. So whatever the problem was it was fixed.
  12. We finished commissioning Invertigo but the mechanics are still working out some bugs, and there is still no set date to open it. So it's pretty much wait and see at this point.
  13. Invertigo update! All the plastic covers have been put back on and we are running test cycles again, so we are very very close to reopening, I don't have a specific day though so we'll see.
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