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  1. according to rcdb medusa kong boomerang and v2 are all over 100 ft What i ment was that we havent gotten a new big roller coaster since V2, excluding zonga. Ever since V2 its been thomas town, tavas jungleland, tony hawk, sky screamer... were finaly getting a another Roller Coaster higher than 100 feet thats a better way to put it!
  2. Cant Wait!!!!! Were finaly getting another roller coaster over 100 feet! Its about time! 2012 is gonna be an amazing year
  3. AMAZING! I cant wait Magic Mountain 2012 gonna get to ride the best drop tower ever! And not only is Magic Mountain getting a new ride SFDK is finnaly getting a new Big Roller Coaster!!!!!!!!!! 2012 is going to be an amazing year graduating high school, going to college, and the new rides at SFMM and SFDK cant wait!!!!! Just found this link! http://parkthoughts.com/2011/08/31/six-flags-reveals-2012-additions/
  4. I cant wait! Im going to be going online every 30 minutes just to check for the announcments!
  5. What about the land where RRE was suppose to go back near Deja Vu and Apocalypse, that land seems ready for something to be put in it, they didnt clear it out for nothing?
  6. Hopefully it's that week. Im planning to go for the April 23rd weekend. Hopefully its not to crowded!
  7. I'm guessing you guys are going to go to Gröna Lund in Sweden to ride the Zac Spin coaster. Im choosing this since most of the flights seem to be going to Europe, the first set of clues showed one of Magic Mountain's new attractions for next year, hinting already Green Lantern, one picture showed a maze and zig zags, also pointing at a zac spin, and the Starbucks pictures hint out the colors green and black, as well as another picture on a plane were a man standing behing Elisa is wearing a green shirt and black pants. So my guess is that you guys are going to go ride Insane at Gröna Lund.
  8. Crushes Coaster looks super cool they need one of those at Disneyland!
  9. looks pretty freaky but a lot of fun intense ride right there
  10. Californias great america really needs a new ride the park is getting pretty boring at least the swing ride is fun it just stinks that you have to pay to get on but its worth it i guess. Halloween haut was really fun cant wait until next year, and the Hypnosis did work me my brother and cousin all got hypnotized and it wasn't a act totally real it was insane!
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