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  1. You're... you're kidding, right? Right?? Doing this is, like they've said above, completely illogical and a waste of time and money. It's not going to happen. KD is getting the Intamin that is being delivered to the park. They won't be moving the track to another park. End of story. Who said anything about moving coasters or tracks. I just said don't be banking on a Giga until it is announced.
  2. The label on page 26 does not match the footer numbers at Carowinds. I'm telling you that the leaving of the label in the open was on purpose. KD does not have a large enough area cleared for a GIGA. I'm not saying they are moving track, however, what if KD did not get a Giga and Carowinds does? No moving of track. Could be interesting.
  3. Has anyone begun to think that maybe CF is to install two Intamin Rides? This Carowinds project is looking more and more Intamin from the footer markings. I'm being told that we could be looking at an Intamin Mega/Giga Launch Coaster. I actually can confirm that our site map is larger in scale than KD. What if those parts that were onsite at KD to show Intamin Giga were left there as a decoy and there true home is carowinds. Yes KD is getting a coaster but just maybe because of the proximity of the two parks CF is going to pull a switch a rue on us all. The looks of the track at KD is more of a dive machine and can a Giga really fit in the clearing? Before you think I'm crazy please look at the clearings. Carowinds has cleared a much larger area than KD. Now markings can now be found today way past the south gate. I just have this feeling on this......
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