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  1. Hi everybody ! I thank both of you for your nice comments. I put many efforts in my coasters, in the park, and in the movies to have pleasant things to look (and to hear) at. @ALT2870 : I used a the 'Revolutionary Rapids' CTR for the river rapids with invisible tracks. As usual, I prepared some commented screenshots, and at the end there is the movie with 3 POVs of Uranos. I hope you will enjoy them. I wish everybody a nice summer and look forward to see you again in one month ! Kind Regards, TheRack TriWorld season 6 screenshots : A view of the new coaster from the far forest A nice overbank loop watched behind the Thor track Uranos is one of the heighest looping sitting B&M coaster in the world The huge Uranos loop is bypassed by the train on the lift The cobra-roll looks impressive from below The track has nice ups and downs The track of Uranos is looping above its station. People queuing can see and hear the trains running above them Twisty turns and loops Uranos has seven inversions. The sixth one is a right corkscrew New shops and restaurants are providing nice buying and resting possibilities around Uranos The Uranos lift Another view of Uranos from the surrounding forest TriWorld's new mini-golf course The park was missing a calm river ride. It can now be ridden on the lake Some areas of the park have small nature surprises to relax at. The shadows of Uranos can be seen over other structures An aerial view of the new mini-gold course An aerial view of the new boat ride Neptune didn't see the titan which is now behind him Uranos can be seen from nearly every point of view in the park TriWorld has grown from a small family park to a coaster megapark Little Draken riders can watch at the other coasters from below The monorail track has been modified to fit in the new area which hosts Uranos A picture of the bobsleigh. In the back, the biggest coasters Finally, an aerial view of the whole park, taken from its north-east corner TriWorld season 6 POVs : - Uranos front POV : 0:10 - Uranos Back POV : 2:50 - Uranos Rear POV : 5:28
  2. Hi everybody It has been a while since my last visit. I had a lot to do and only a few time. Now to the action : here comes season 6. It took me a lot of (non-available) time to assemble everything, but now it's done. I hope you will enjoy that video, I think one of my best RCT3 one Screenshots will follow as usual, as well as a movie of the POVs. Enjoy ! TheRack Season 6 video : Season 6 map :
  3. Hello everybody, Today I decided to share with you this huge collection of screenshots taken from season 5, showing of course the new rides but also the whole park, with some hidden or nevershown places. Each of them will be commented : The interior entrance of the park. The railroad crossing the water canal, and one of the park restaurants in the background. Many people pressing to the rapids. The new ride "Star Racer" viewed from a boat, with Poseidon watching. The transport monorail passing by the new "Mountain Mine" ride and its waterfalls. The new ride "Mountain Mine" just before the first lift. A view of Draken from a bridge at the other end of the lake. That guy just can't wait riding "Star Racer". "Hook's revenge", near the rivers rapids. The back of the "Star Racer" building. This time a view of "Thor" from the other end of the lake. Near the entrance, the old ride "Octopus" still has great success. The transport monorail brings the visitors everywhere in the park. The new ride "Cars" which replaced the former "TriDinos" karousell. A view of the footbridge near the "Wild Adventure" station and its cabin drop in the background. Another view of "Wild Adventure". The rollercoaster "Thor". A view of the central restaurant and its semi-island. The "Mountain Mine" station, with the great waterfalls in the background. The transport monorail passing by the "Star Racer" entrance. An helicopter view of the raft area. "Mountain Mine" in a fast turn. This time passing by a waterfall and entering in the mountain again. "Mountain Mine" again on a top... ...and in a helix near the new garden restaurant. Another turn. "Mountain Mine" near the station. An indoor picture of "Star Racer". At some points of the tracks, the cars come to the light, before falling again in the star darkness. An aerial view of "Mountain Mine". The "Thor" car arriving at the intermediate brakes. A helicopter view of "Little draken" and "Thor" tracks. A little passage from one allee to another, with toilets in the middle. "Swiss Bob" leaving its station. The monorail passing by in front of the "Swiss Bob" track. The transport monorail and a footbridge. The "Star Racer" car leaving the building for a few seconds... ...just to make a little loop and then back inside. The new monorail cars going smooth above the lake. A far view of "Star Racer" and "Mountain Mine". A back view of "Mountain Mine" and "Star Racer" behind. The "Thor" track still impressive from the near forest. TriWorld's first rollercoaster "TriMine" still has many visitors. "Hook's revenge" viewed from the transport monorail station. The new "Horror of the mirror" ride's entrance. Two poor riders of "Horror of the mirror" going back inside the dark building to the... horror. Public access denied : the transport monorail main garage. "Swiss Bob" on its lift. The "Star Racer" building viewed from the monorail. "Little Draken" on its lift. Another helicopter view of both "Thor" and "Little Draken" tracks. "Thor" top hill and the drop ride "TriDrop". The monorail on its journey on the lake. In the background, "Revolutions" and the panorama tower. Visitors leaving the "TriWorld Express" station. A happy visitor near the fountain located near the monorail station. Finally, a bonus picture : it shows a part of the new megacoaster which will open for season 6. I like that picture because it shows 3 coasters at once : "Little draken" (blue one), "Thor" (red one) and the new megacoaster (purple and yellow one) : "Little Draken", "Thor" and the new season 6 megacoaster. See you soon Kind Regards, TheRack
  4. Hi everybody, It has been a while since the last season. The reason is that the park needed new computer softwares to handle all the rides and people (upgrade to Windows 64bits). Tests were then useful to make everything work fine. Now the park is ready to open its fifth season, with all new indoor rides. Check them out in this video : TriWorld has also began to work on season 6, with its main new ride which will be HUGE ! Look at the landscape under construction : See you in a while for more infos about the upcoming giant. Kind Regards, TheRack
  5. Hi everybody, I'm about to upgrade my computer to 64 bits so it will take a bit longer for the season 5 presentation. I was however able to catch a photo from one of the new rides. Here it is : More coming as soon as possible... Cheers, TheRack
  6. Hi people, Here comes the first shoot of the map of the fifth season. There are 7 new rides, including 2 new coasters, and 1 replaced ride : New rides : - Aquarium - Celestial - Flying Chairs - Horror of the mirror - Mountain Mine - Star Racer - Swing Replaced ride : - Cars (instead of TriDinos) Movie and screenshots coming later, as usual Kind Regards, TheRack
  7. Hello everybody, Here are the season 4 screenshots. Enjoy : I've started to work on season 5 but I'm experimenting more and more frequent crashes of the game because of the size of the park growing. I hope I'll be able to continue because I still have a lot of ideas for future seasons, including one "never-seen-before" idea Cheers, TheRack
  8. Hello everybody, Here comes the video of season 4. I had a lot of work designing the new rides and especially their scenery. I also put a special attention for this video. More screenshots will come soon, too. TheRack
  9. Hi everybody, Season 4 is progressing good and we're able to present the temporary map with the new rides. There will be 10 new rides, including 3 zoo pens : A movie will present the new coaster and the whole season. See you soon... Kind Regards, TheRack.
  10. Hi everybody, I just wanted to thank you all for your nice comments. It's a real pleasure to have real fans of RCT3 still active and enthusiastic. Season 4 gives me a lot of work, cause of new themed areas, but I hope I can present a screenshot soon of the upcoming surprises. Kind Regards, TheRack. EDIT : Here the first shot of season 4 (under progress...) :
  11. Hello everybody, Here comes now season 3, with two new coasters, new rides, a huge lake and other surprises. As usual, a small movie and quite a lot of screenshots. Enjoy ! TheRack PS : Can you find Elissa White on the screenshots ?
  12. Hi everybody, Here come the POVs of season 2. Enjoy : TheRack
  13. Hello everybody, @Koasterking48 : they are from the "Old-Spice's Trees" pack. Here comes season 2, with its first coaster : "Draken". Enjoy ! Pictures and POVs coming soon... TheRack.
  14. Hello everybody, Thanks again for your comments. Here is the movie of the POVs : And the first picture of season 2 : See you for season 2... TheRack.
  15. Hello everybody, Thank you JonnyRCT3 for your comments. I will take them into consideration. Now here come the pictures of the first opening day. Although the park is still small, people seemed to appreciate the rides : And here is the official movie of the opening : A second movie with the POVs is coming soon... Enjoy ! TheRack.
  16. Hi everybody, After StarWorld and EuroWorld Amusement Park, here comes the third park that I'll try to make as realistic as possible. Now just the first screenshots and a small movie of the new park before its opening. Enjoy ! TheRack
  17. Hello TPR ! Since I am a big fan of Theme Park Review and of rollercoasters and amusement parks, I am also building a park with RCT3 which I want to be the most realistic and beautiful possible without using too much CSOs (Custom Scenario Objects). Here it is : "EuroWorld Amusement Park", virtually situated near the city of Geneva, Switzerland, quite near of most of the coasters constructors, like B&M, Intamin or Giovanola. Here are a bunch of screenshots of the park at different states (without comment because they are a lot) : Here the map of the park at its actual state : And here are some videos with self-made music about EuroWorld : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubxzLoiqFxU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6eu5a7nYl4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhb0qC_7FE0 An indoor coaster is under construction. Soon some shots… If you want to see more of the park, you can go on its website (type "EuroWorld Amusement Park" in Google - I post no link here on TPR as it is wished by Robb). Of course I may post the coming updates about the park if it interests people. I also would like to know what fans of real parks and coasters think about EuroWorld. Enjoy it all ! Hope you like it ! Best regards, and my thanks to Robb and Elissa for all their wonderful stuff here. TheRack.
  18. Hi all, My name is Marc, I live in Geneva, Switzerland. I am a music teacher and film music composer. I love theme parks, rollercoasters, and Theme Park Review, which gives me nice evenings watching the DVDs "expeditions" or "in the raw". As a general railroad lover I find rollercoaster especially fascinating and awsome, technically and from the point of fun view. I've been in most parks in Europe and in SFMM in California. I still need to go to Cedar Point and spend a week there ... I am also building a park with RCT3 which is deeply inspired by Heide-Park, Europa-Park and other good parks in the whole world. I also made movies and music for my RCT3 parks. I will start a new thread in the appropriate section to show more. Long live TPR. And thanks Robb and Elissa TheRack.
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