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  1. This is getting ridiculous now! Although I did laugh very loud as soon as I saw the photo!
  2. I went to USO yesterday and a crane was working at the top of the lift hill (again) for most of the morning and into the afternoon. They then did a bit of testing until the thunderstorms closed in.
  3. There is a news article on the internet saying that the California Disney World Monorail was inspected this morning and is operating as per usual: www.ocregister.com/articles/monorail-resort-disney-2484342-disneyland-florida
  4. Employees were riding it today as the day wore on. No members of general public just yet, probably later this week.
  5. Just got back from USO now. Ride looks great, signage all up by the looks of things. Car was pretty low on the lift hill at around midday, then near the top about 2 hours later, and finally was testing up until about 9. Will post some pictures tomorrow when I have a little more time. One concern I did have is the car only just made it round the non-inverted loop ad it looked like it was going to valley again.
  6. Someone on IOACentral reckons an "undisclosed source" says officially open late July and soft openings early-mid July. That looks believeable.
  7. www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/orl-story-universal-coaster-rip-ride-rockit,0,1224962.story Another article, basically confirming the rings will still be there and there could be 5 trains on the track at once. Even though most aesthetics look done, the rings still have to be done and 3 trains at least tested. Think end of July/beginning of August looks more likely, with soft opening beginning July at earliest.
  8. Soft openings starting this weekend, 21st June, is a strong rumour at the moment.
  9. It seems like, from pictures, that most of the work to be done is aesthetics now and just getting testing hours racked up on each of the cars. Hopefully it will be open soon.
  10. www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2009/06/13/orlandoooooooooo-115875-21437077/ Very interesting article there from The Mirror, a newspaper here in England. Suggests that some journo's have already been on the ride, and also confirms one song as Cypress Hill - Insane In The Membrane. Have some people definatley already rode the rip ride rockit? It's got to be opening any day now.
  11. Hopefully, it's just a case of getting the other cars on site and testing them before we get some soft openings.
  12. www.hollywoodripriderockit.com/#/home New updated official website. Are they building up to announcing an opening date?
  13. I'm going to Florida 28 June - 13 July, and I've been looking forward to this ride so much. I hope at the veryl east they have some soft openings whilst I'm there.
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