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  1. Hi guys,


    Willow Flats is a theme park which will have (at the moment) 4 distinct areas: A main street/entrance area, a medieval fairy tale land, an alpine American themed land, and a pirate cove. So here goes. Sorry about the quality of the first few... a bit of a troglodyte, but I eventually find where the screenshots are kept!


    This was my first coaster build in PC... an Intamin Megalite called Megascream.


    I like to think of it as a megalite meets Expedition Geforce and Millennium Force.


    The alpine/old west region of the park.


    The centrepiece log flume is called Geyser Creek.


    It weaves in and out of Yosemite Summit.


    Falcon is the first ever B&M Dive Coaster with a twisting drop.



    The medieval section. (Still thinking of names for the areas!)


    One of the main attractions is the rapids ride Dragon Cascades.


    One their trip down the river, guests will encounter an intimidating (but friendly) dragon in his lair.


    The ride features three drops.


    Stay tuned for more!

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