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  1. A campground at Lake Compounce would be amazing! As previously stated, the only campground in the area I've found is this creepy place on this back road with no signs around it. All over the place are bible verses on sign poles, and they have a giant wooden cross. Which functions as a swing, except, all of the swing seats? They drag on the ground. The whole place just makes no sense. I haven't been since 2009, so I don't know if the place is still like that.




  2. Flashback (rust in pieces) was one of a kind, thankfully that coaster didn't propogate. One of Inatmin's lesser efforts.


    Superman Escape, and Scooby Doo at movie world are unique in that they have lengthy dark ride sections of track. Scooby also is a mouse with a lift, reverse drop, and a turntable before the more standard wild mouse layout.


    I don't think there's anything like Volcano at KD anywhere.


    Wasn't the issue with Flashback that SFMM maintained it poorly, and the track got misshapen? I wonder if it was any good in its first few years.

  3. Runaway Mine Train at M&D's was an obscure spinning coaster with a spiral lift hill made by Barbisan, called Jamming, which was later converted into a unique, but more conventional, mine train coaster with a straight lift hill.


    Also, Cyber Space at Grove Land and Galaxia at Wiener Prater are pretty odd, also made by Barbisan. Fish shaped, roofed cars, sort of like a Chance Toboggan, and a semi-enclosed track layout, kind of like Pirate's Cove or whatever that thing is in New Jersey by Wisdom Rides.


    Speaking of that, that Wisdom roller coaster Pirates Cove or whatever it was is a one of a kind, I think. Kind of pointless from TPR's POV, as well.

  4. The stupid part is in bold



    My vote goes to anything and everything Arrow. They just seem to be too much of maintenance nightmares as time goes on, and aren't necessarily as popular as they used to be. Now, coasters like Magnum, Gemini, and X2 will probably stay for a while, but with coasters like BBW, GASM, and Eagle's Fortress being removed, and Kennywood re-doing phantom's first drop, nothing Arrow is safe, in my opinion.


  5. Looks great from the POVs. One of the very few remarkable coasters in Eastern Europe.


    But i wonder why the support structure is so massive. It reminds me of Jetline at Gröna Lund a bit, but in that case the supports were originally built for adding an enormous Alpine theming as far as I remember. However, for some reason the coaster stayed unthemed. And so, the supports are so strong that they can support Jetline and Vilda Musen at the same time


    Does anybody know if any kind of theming was planned for this ride? (I'm sure He would know the answer )


    This was originally built for a Japanese park, and it had a Swiss Alps theme. Yes, you are correct. That is why the supports are so large.

  6. I really don't understand the point of the extra seatbelts on coasters with no airtime (Loopers, Mine Trains). Even if the lap bar(on mine trains) wasn't there, you wouldn't fall out, and if for some bizzare 1 in several trillion accident, the OTSRs popped up, I doubt you would exactly fall out of the seat.


    As for the very high height restrictions, I really hope that they are lowered a few inches at least. Families can really get cheated out of a fun visit if their kids can barely ride anything.(Although, it was their fault for not looking into what rides their kids could ride on the park's website)

  7. Around 925 USD

    Skyward Sword (Wii)

    Space Invaders Extreme 2 (DS)

    Some assorted candy and food items


    I feel spoiled! I asked for Twilight Princess, but my Dad must have picked out the first Zelda game he saw... Lucky me!


    And, I'm building a computer with the money. So excited to get started!


    I also got Europa Univeralis III from my friend Daniel on Steam

  8. As for the "wood" school, while it does make sense, some GCI rides are made from pine as well.


    For example, I remember seeing a special on Dollywood and the opening of Thunderhead. I remember Dolly Parton saying something about it being made of Southern Yellow Pine. Although I do not know of how well Thunderhead has stood up, if this fits in the "Good GCI" category, it might throw the whole wood hypothesis for a loop. Although, it may also have to do with Dollywood's great maintenance.


    I'm more of the "PTC needs to stick to 6 bench cars, damnit." school.

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