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  1. Chalk this up under the headline "Reporter needs to check his facts first": From the Daily News "Great Escapes" section yesterday Daily News: The author also states that Coney Island has just opened it's first new roller coaster since the Cyclone went in in the 1920's.
  2. Just before 6 PM local time, the red and yellow trains were on the back of flatbed trucks on The Old Road headed for the freeway. Definitely caused a double-take as I was driving down the 5.
  3. R & E, it's not a matter of trust and yes, I should have left off my last sentence, and I apologize for that, but the rest is factual. I'm also not planning to attend that event either.
  4. For what it's worth, looks like the 19th will be very crowded at the Mountain with the opening of Superman (namrepuS?), the Bash, physics day, AND a coaster enthusiast event (yep, it's on their events page). The only difference (I think) seems to be that TPR will get a separate Q&A than the enthusiasts. Guess ERT's gonna be little less E
  5. Especially considering that if I went online right now it would cost me $39.99 for a one-day click n print admission ticket. Anyone that is trying to argue that all the ERT, two meals, parking, and the other extras that the park puts on for us isn't worth $13 is an idiot. Sorry, but it's totally true. --Robb "I don't want people at the event that think it's not a good value for money...those people can stay home!" Alvey I agree, Robb, this is a good value.........for someone who's never been to the Mountain, or someone who only plans to come out once a year. For someone with a season pass, it's not such a good deal. Since I already have my admission covered, I'd gladly pay $13 for all those extras. But, I've got a season pass and parking pass, so eliminate the first 2 items. I can go across town to Hometown Buffet and get all-you-can-eat for maybe $10-12 (with a wider selection of food). Throw in a few donuts and juice for breakfast for another $4. ERT is harder to price since it's subjective for everyone. For me, I'd price it at $25. A picture? Got plenty so don't really care. So, my personal break-point would be around $40. Now, I realize that Six Flags is still suffering financially and with the extra employee wages, food costs, etc. that this event incurs, it's possible (probable?) that they are still losing money, so there isn't much incentive there to give a break to season pass-holders. How is it that other parks can host this type of event at a minimal (or free) cost? Ok, apples & oranges. I know you have no control over this, Robb, and each park has the right to consider and approve/reject any requests for lowered prices, and it seems that my opinion is in the minority of those posting here, so my disappointment lies with the park and it looks like this will be the first Bash weekend that I missed.
  6. Interesting that they put a date of January - March 2011 on the map -- can't remember them doing that before (except for the Halloween-themed maps). They kind of have to have Supe in his new colors because, well, it's there and pretty obvious, but I think they'd want to go for the extra marketing tactic by including the so-far unbuilt coasters with a big "Coming Soon" or "Opening Spring 2011" starburst over them. Maybe they're just overly-cautious after the non-appearance of the Dance Coaster after putting it on the map. Guess we'll have to check out the next version of the map in April. As for cartoony, at least it'll never be in the same "class" as Thorpe Park, whose 2010 map has characters puking, farting, peeing, drinking, spurting blood from severed arms, and making out (naked) behind some bushes, among other things. Definitely good for a few (sick?) laughs.
  7. I've lived within 5 miles of the park since it opened and I think it's only snowed out here 3 or 4 times, so who knows if they even have an official snow policy?
  8. Sierra Falls has been completely removed........all that's left is some torn-up cement. Interesting to see that the old petting zoo barn has part of it's roof missing. Plywood is visible on one side and only the supporting cross bars on the other. Wonder if they're slowly taking it apart to rebuild elsewhere or are in the process of giving it a new roof (I don't think our recent "storms" would have inflicted that much damage to it).
  9. If you're talking about sitting in Pistachio Park, you'll have to jump the locked gate to get in........kind of defeats the purpose of a "park". And the benches are there, most of them in the smoking areas.
  10. And you have to redeem it online, if I recall the email I was sent, so they also get to tack on a $5 processing fee, so it's only a $7 savings off the regular price, unless you purchase multiple passes. But, if you pay with a Discover card, you'll get another 5% savings immediately.
  11. Further odds & ends from yesterday: Log Jammer has a sign out front saying it's closed until Spring. Roaring Rapids is drained, probably for it's annual rehab. Suzette's Bakery is selling pumpkin spice funnel cakes as the special of the month. Now if only their prices were more consumer-friendly........but with the long lines every day towards closing that probably won't happen soon. Terminator was experimenting with having the line go straight through the pre-show areas while having the videos playing continuously ("What do you mean you didn't watch the pre-show? Everyone has to watch the pre-show!"). Time-wise it was probably about the same as the old system, just with more of the waiting being indoors. They would, according to one of the ops there, be evaluating this system shortly to determine whether to keep it or not. The up side is that if there's no line, you presumably wouldn't have to watch the pre-show. The down side is if the line is moving slowly or the ride is temporarily down, you'll end up seeing the same video segment repeatedly (I saw the 3rd video 2.5-3 times on one go-through).
  12. Looking at the pictures of the "new" Superman, I don't see Superman at the top of the tower any more. Sure, he could have been left off in favor of the bigger picture, but, if the trains are only running backwards, nobody would see him anyway. What I would like to see is for them to create a below-track platform for Supe so that when the car begins it's descent, Supe would rise up to greet the returning riders. Either put it just in front of the last "magnet hut" between the tracks, if there's enough clearance to avoid people reaching out to slap it, or off to the side of the tracks (dis-advantageous to the other side). Yes, it's one more element to break down, so maybe the alternative would be to stand him on top of the Ice Fortress above the tunnel exit. If they decide to turn one of the trains around to run forwards, then mount a duplicate at the top of the tower so everyone can see him no matter which direction they're facing. Probably dreaming, but who knows?
  13. Hmm, is that going to be the fastest recorded speed entering a tunnel? First, it won't be even close to that speed since they start braking well before the tunnel. Second, hitting the tunnel at 100 mph and braking in that short a distance would be similar to a car crash -- not good for repeat rides or the park's finances.
  14. Thanks bgwfreak and pufferfish for your replies. Maybe it was only available that year to test the market, like Knott's did with it's bacon & chocolate variety. I'll still keep hoping to come across them again sometime, somewhere.
  15. Discovered it on the TPR Europe trip, but at least Europa Park and the Kiliani Volksfest Fair serve a drink called Mezzo Mix which is a combination of Coke and Orange soda, and yes, it's very good. From WIkipedia: "Mezzo Mix is a product of the Coca-Cola Company sold only in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Its slogan, translated into English, is "Cola Kisses Orange". It is basically standard Coca-Cola with a light orange flavor, much like a Spezi, which is usually Coke mixed with orange Fanta. There were two kinds of Mezzo Mix in the 1990s: orange and lemon. The latter was unpopular and was discontinued, but a lemon flavored Coke entered the market again in 2003."
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