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  1. The whole project from start to finish is meant to be just a concept, so can be a little OTT, however, I have also tried my best to make it as realistic as I could. The problem is Im a designer first and foremost, the engineering and especially physics side of things takes a bit of back seat, hence maybe its a tad unrealistic. The actual mechanism of moving the seats in and out is supposed to be quite random, hence keeping the riders on the edge a bit. It is also primarily controlled by ones inertia, so each rider gets a slightly different experience round bends etc... but ultimately
  2. Hi folks, I posted on here a few months back (before xmas) enquiring about your views on current roller coaster. I asked for help and to fill out my 13 point questionnaire. Alot of you sent back replies and for that I am very grateful. But I would like you to know I have now finished my degree at Coventry University and I have posted my finished animation on Youtube. The link is... 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShQBI36g1ck' Please click the HD button to see it in all its glory. I look forward to your comments. Regards, Rick
  3. Hi forum, I am a student in my 4th and final year at Coventry University studying Transport and Product Design. For my final major project I have decided to design, model and animate an entire roller coaster. I hope to talk with Alton Towers and with their permission have it theoretically replace the corkscrew. My design revolves around designing the next BIG thing in Roller coasters. I have devised a quick questionnaire to gain knowledge, with your help, of what the users really want. If you could please fill this in and repost your answers, I would be extremely grateful. (Don’t a
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