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  1. Where do you have the info about the Olympia Looping from? There are rumors for years now but their is nothing official that this will be the last year of travelling in germany.
  2. Thanks for the front site and the nice postings, it was a pleasure .
  3. I think Psychodelic or its copy (dont know the name atm) will be there this year too (they made a 2. one after the first was kinda successfull). There are still many free spots for rides that will arrive next week. @ParkTrips You can buy Beer outside on some shops, but you only get the "Maß" (1 Liter glasses) in the tents.
  4. So, after work i visited the Oktoberfest to go a bit around and get you some pictures. There are 8 more days till opening and some TPR Members will experience it the first time of their life so i thought this will be interesting for you guys . So lets start: There are 2 big streets at the Oktoberfest, one for the rides and one for the tents. We start at the one with the rides... As you can see the Star Flyer goes here (52 meters) One of the many Ghosttrains The "Schichtl" (there is no real translation for that, its kinda the guy that killed people that got the death s
  5. What? No Kuka-Robots? Dont tell me you missed the best Ride in the Park .
  6. The coaster only ran on a press day with a slower speed. It never officially opened till now.
  7. New press articles say that the park lied when they said no one was injured. A few workers close to the coaster had problems with the ears after the loud explosion and needed medical attention. One worker already got an ear operation in a clinic. So thats an accident you really don't want to be close to.
  8. Haha, you got a onride Picture from me (front row, right seat). Thanks for the pictures and the great report. Anubis is a really nice coaster .
  9. Sold to the "Skyline Park" in Germany so its not really gone.
  10. Waiting times are 60-90 Minutes at the moment. If youre fast after park opening it will be much less for the first ride.
  11. Maurer Söhne wasnt involved in this ride. Its coincidence that the back looks a bit like the Maurer-Logo M .
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