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  1. Where do you have the info about the Olympia Looping from? There are rumors for years now but their is nothing official that this will be the last year of travelling in germany.
  2. Thanks for the front site and the nice postings, it was a pleasure .
  3. I think Psychodelic or its copy (dont know the name atm) will be there this year too (they made a 2. one after the first was kinda successfull). There are still many free spots for rides that will arrive next week. @ParkTrips You can buy Beer outside on some shops, but you only get the "Maß" (1 Liter glasses) in the tents.
  4. So, after work i visited the Oktoberfest to go a bit around and get you some pictures. There are 8 more days till opening and some TPR Members will experience it the first time of their life so i thought this will be interesting for you guys . So lets start: There are 2 big streets at the Oktoberfest, one for the rides and one for the tents. We start at the one with the rides... As you can see the Star Flyer goes here (52 meters) One of the many Ghosttrains The "Schichtl" (there is no real translation for that, its kinda the guy that killed people that got the death sentence a few hundred years ago). Its a show and at the end they choose a guest that will get his head cut off by an guillotine. Sounds fun right? If you want a fellow TPR Member to get choosen make sure hes sitting in one of the front rows Some room for another ride, münchner rutschn (a big slide) and the Augustiner beer tent in the background. Top Spin (there are 2 on the Oktoberfest owned by different families) and the Hofbräu tent in the background. Alpenrausch, a new Walkthrough this year and a small "tent" called "Wildstubn" (wildhut) View down the ride street with the already done Olympia Looping at the end. Its the first time for the Olympia Looping to get this spot. As long i can think this was the spot for the ferris wheel (25 years). But i think it looks better on this street then on the one with the tents. Double Mouse (the second part is still on a fair 60 km away till sunday). Frisbee That was a new ride i dindt know yet and was already running. But they didnt want me on it Some older ride, im sure you know that type. Its like a inverted Music Express you can still find in many theme parks. Another new Walk Through The best new attraction this year: Rocket. Its a Star Flyer kind of Ride... ... with these rockets that roll upside down. Its one of these rides that will still scare me to hell. Even without the rocket "incident" in russia. Münchner Rutschn (big slide) and some room for another ride that will arrive in the next days. The Power Tower, a freefall that was build by Maurer Söhne. Its the biggest travelling free fall of the world (so they say). Yep, its a Schwarzkopf! The Alpina Bahn is a bit rougher then the Olympia Looping but i still love this coaster. It started reappearing after many years on the Oktoberfest again after the Euro Star was sold to Gorky Park. So which ride will be on the left side of the Alpina Bahn? Anyone? We only have 8 more days to go . Techno Power... yay! Coming closer to the Olympia Looping. Travelling now already over 20 years around Germany. But it gets more and more expensive to transport a big coaster like that and many fear that it will be sold some day like the Euro Star and so stop travelling around. Power Tower again and the Bräurosl tent in the background Teufelsrad, its a wheel where the guest are invited to go on and its the target to stay on it as long as possible. Ive seen some TPR pictures where you did that already, i just dont know on what location. Its a big fun and you really should try it out. Cause its always well visited so you got a really fun time just watching. And the people dont even need to be drunk to do funny things (but its even funnier if they are). The 2. Top Spin and more closer to Olympia Looping The first parts for the big indoor Coaster "Höllenblitz" (hellflash) arrived. Its rare that they start to build this so late because its close to the size of the Alpina Bahn and makes it the 3. big coaster at the oktoberfest. Some more parts from Höllenblitz, 8 days is not much to finish this. But i think they even did it in less time a few times already at other locations. The coaster goes here plates, dont push them! In the background you can see the trains Thats what the coaster looks like when its done. Some car stunt show (i never visited in 25 years... well im just not into that) Front of the Show Hello beauty! The 80th years where the "big" coaster years on the oktoberfest. Two families competed for the coaster with the most Loops. That was the time when the "Dreier Looping" (now Montaña Infinitum ) or Thriller (now Tsunami) travelled in germany. Kinda looks like all the old travelling Schwarzkopfs will be sold to Mexico sooner or later . The last new big coaster on the oktoberfest was the Euro Star at the year 1995. It just stopped then cause it was too expensive to build a new big travelling coaster. The track is done. But still time for some paint and the queue. Imho one of Werner Stengels best jobs, so much loops and track meters on a small room. I could ride this all day but it would make me poor . Its like 7 € per Ride. Looking back the way i walked, behind me the Olympia Looping. Time for the side street to the tents. Another ghost train. This part of the oktoberfest is always free for the coaches of the ride families and Touristic busses. There is no parking for cars on or close to the oktoberfest. So come by public transport . The ferris Wheel. Best view on the oktoberfest, try this at night! All rides got a great "light theming" and that looks just unbelievable at night from above. Wildwasser, one of the biggest traveling Log Flumes owned by the Löwenthal family who also owns the "Skyline Park" close to munich. That explains why many rides in the Skyline Park are travelling versions. The family still travels with a few rides in germany and others haven been placed in the park. You have to try this ride, even if it should be cold at that day. There are multiple indoor parts and 3 drops! From the side And behind Nerd shot of the indoor backwards tablet. Yes, its high... New for this year, its 200 years oktoberfest so there is a extra paid area at the bus and coaches area. It will show how the Oktoberfest was in the early years. There is another "Old School" tent, horse races and more. Too bad i will miss this Oktoberfest the first time in like 25 years because im on a usa west coast trip . So tell me how it was . And the other side of the "old" Oktoberfest One of the Oktoberfest canteens, its only for the workers here. But its no real secret anymore that just everyone can come there and eat great bavarian food how you get it on the oktoberfest with bavarian beer at cheap prices. We arriving at the street with the tents, thats important because thats where the beer comes from. They got many containers like this in every tent. There is only one tent left that still uses wooden barrels! And they empty them fast because its "only" 200 liter. A bavarian maze The first tents start to appear. And there are many more to come... The Löwenbräu tent, as you see these arent really "tents". They are complete houses of steel and wood. You see many japanese people photograph this lion... Little peek inside... there is still something missing. Many more of these tables and benches will be delivered. And in 8 days many people will stand, jump and dance on them . 1 more week and this part will be flooded with people and it takes a half hour to go from the beginning to the end of this street. Weinzelt is the only tent where you get whine and champagne (ok you get champagne at the Hippodrom too), you will find the most famous people in these two tents. But you wont really reach them . The Weinzelt is also opened a little bit longer at the night then the other tents. The Tobbogan, an old classic slide. Its famous of the oktoberfest, but not for the slide . There is conveyor belt (i hope this is right its a google translation) that is really fast that gets the people up. The Problem is there are only static handrails. If you try to hold on you WILL FALL. Go there at night and stay as long as you want. You can look there for an hour and still lough how drunk people roll and fall from this . Oh and guys, i want to see a TPR video from that where you doing it after some beers please . So, thats it. I hope it was informative for you guys and you got a good first look what you will get next week . I wish you a really nice time and im sure you will have one of the biggest partys of your life there .
  5. What? No Kuka-Robots? Dont tell me you missed the best Ride in the Park .
  6. The coaster only ran on a press day with a slower speed. It never officially opened till now.
  7. New press articles say that the park lied when they said no one was injured. A few workers close to the coaster had problems with the ears after the loud explosion and needed medical attention. One worker already got an ear operation in a clinic. So thats an accident you really don't want to be close to.
  8. Haha, you got a onride Picture from me (front row, right seat). Thanks for the pictures and the great report. Anubis is a really nice coaster .
  9. Sold to the "Skyline Park" in Germany so its not really gone.
  10. Waiting times are 60-90 Minutes at the moment. If youre fast after park opening it will be much less for the first ride.
  11. Maurer Söhne wasnt involved in this ride. Its coincidence that the back looks a bit like the Maurer-Logo M .
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