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  1. Stacking - ahh gotcha - makes sense, thanks for that. I found Hurricane Harbour to be annoying - some great rides but SO inefficient. They would send people down the slides without using all the tubes (like two or three people at a time instead of four) and generally just take ages to do anything.
  2. what do you mean by 'stacking'? i went there yesterday - i know what you mean about the feeling re the superman loop, but i thought that was awesome - what i would expect to feel when doing a loop the loop! probably my favourite ride there... one ride you didnt mention was the rapids one (think it was called raging rapids?) - sure it isnt a coaster but was fun... you get SO wet - the most wet I have ever been on a ride of that type! Thankfully I had my swimmers on and it was a hot day... re fastlane (i think its called the flash pass now) - its a little overrated i think. I had it yesterday and yes, while it was good, especially if you only have a day in the area (as opposed to a season!), its not very reliable and more often than not, forces you to still queue up a bit before going on the ride (for instance Dark Knight, Batman, V2 - but particularly Batman). Sometimes it would tell you the wait is greater than an hour and when you get there its not even 10mins! oh yeah; you didn't miss anything not going on the Dark Knight ride...
  3. Well I made it to SF Great America yesterday - 3 hours there, a bit more coming back. A loooong day! Good fun though, very dissapointed in the much advertised 'Dark Knight' ride but enjoyed the Superman and the Velocity rides (amongst others). Got there by the metra train (to Waukeeke or some station like that) and then asked where the bus was. A nice lady then offered to drive me to the park as she lived close by! Same thing happened to get back to the station so I was pretty lucky to get these lifts... I didn't much like the idea of hanging around the town late at night by myself! sixflagsguy5 - I sent you a PM, be cool if we could arrange a visit to KI maybe. Cincy - Yeah I found a bus schedule but it was a little hard to understand... it looked like they had express services FROM the park to downtown cincy in the morning and the reverse in the arvo/night - weird huh?
  4. Well true, by 'near' I meant anyplace around the Midwest that I can get to within a day. I am in Chicago at the moment, but won't be hanging around here. Have to be detroit in a week and a bit so was hoping to fill that gap with some sightseeing and (more importantly) parks. So yeah, I can get to the major cities and towns okay, just not sure where to from there! But it doesnt look great...
  5. *sigh* - thanks guys/gals... I thought as much! I used the trip planner and found a 3ish hour and 3-4 different busses/trains to get from Chicago to SFGA... crazy! I'm really surprised there isn't a shuttle bus going there each day... thinking I might try for it though... would need to get up and leave around 6am though to get there by 9am. mcjaco - thanks for the welcome, always wanted to join up to a site like this but its pretty pointless in australia... I would just drive myself crazy for hearing about all the cool rides and parks but not being able to get to any of them! (until now...) lol Scaparri - Michigans Adventure is a while away's isn't it... and I also wanted to see a couple of other things nearby as well! Not much hope there I think. Damm... looks like I might have to bite the bullet and learn to drive on the wrong side of the road... watch out people!
  6. Hey! I wanted to visit a couple of parks over the next week in the midwest but as I am a backpacker (Aussie!) I am finding it very hard to figure out how to get to them I don't have a car and it isn't cheap for one person and public transport seems to be a huge hassle (if I can even find any to get to a park!). Not sure if this is the right place to ask - but is anyone interested in visiting a park with me in the next week or so? Or have any ideas how one can get there via non car means? Any help would be great - I had my heart set on a short coaster trip before I headed to Canada! The parks I wanted to goto are: - Six Flags Great Adventure - Kings Island - Michigans Adventure These just seemed to be close to where I am now (Chicago) but am flexible. Looking forward to any ideas/replies...
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