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  1. Haven't spent any donuts. I've just been playing every two hours or less. I'm on vacation.


    And I've had enough elixir to keep updating the castles as needed until I got to 10 at each one. Im waiting to see if the tasks ask me to upgrade further.


    As far as upgrading the characters it just seems like a joke, as that's what the dialogue insinuated. Upgrades for sale of upgrades. As long as you have the gold you can upgrade, it doesn't take any away. Doesn't seem to unlock any character features either.


    I've liked the update as it's always had a lot to do, but it is quite silly that not all of the prizes have been actual gifts. The hot air balloon requires donuts to buy. 55 donuts is a discount for something that gives 2% more money and xp, but I'm not sure that I'll buy it.

  2. I figured out the Cheaters dice thing, I think. I have a task to use a Cheaters dice to attack another town, did that just fine. Another task to use a Cheaters dice to help defend my town against an attack. I think I've done that twice but the task isn't acknowledged or marked completed. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not. :/

  3. Played the game for well over a year and a half without spending money...until tonight. Gill's deal got me, so I bought 300 donuts and got the studios, canon and dr nick. I also bought Brandine... I'm happy with my purchase. This game has entertained me more in the last two years than anything else.


    Edit: I just realized that Jeff and I both joined on the same date and our locations both reference the same place. I need to go home and rethink my life.

  4. ^I just stopped building them... I have 3 or so in inventory. My boardwalk is finished so why keep building? Are you still working on your boardwalk? I wonder if they'll add more buildings for the boardwalk.


    Also, is Bart's Tooth Chipper task the last one for Krustyland?

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