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  1. Hi from Uk and This year I am going to holiday Orlando I go on the ride my own and Dueling Dragon and Hulk ride have single rider line? and how long to wait in line and can ask staff to get front row ride? Which best to go single ride or go normal line? I not sure about it? I really like go on front row ride!!!
  2. This year going to Orlando hoilday Island of Adventure, Dueling Dragons and Incredible Hulk ride when while in queue there have two choose queue line one for go front row seat and one for go to any row seat? will same other ride seaworld kraken? I been orlando about 11 year ago it long time!!! and never been Island of Adventure will be first time. ???
  3. Hi everyone I'm adam and I live UK close to drayton manor theme park and i great fan roller coaster and i really like this website!!! my favourite theme park: Thorpe park, Alton Towers, Drayton manor and Blackpool favourite ride: stealth and Rush (thorpe park), mealstrom and G force (drayton manor), Nemesis (alton towers)!! I would love to go to USA (there bigger roller coaster ) Top thrill dragster OMG it huge and want go on it lol also I am illustration (art) I had youtube website: http://uk.youtube.com/user/lost164
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