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  1. Incredible concept...but the contract with fincantieri is confirmed ? Sorry I have not understand all the video , my english isn't very good. Another futurist ship concept (this one is confirmed for MSC in 2022 but no details at this time) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYiWf9VV-OI
  2. Amazing show yesterday for the start of "The Bridge" sail race between St-Nazaire and New-York. "The Bridge" is a race in honor of American soldiers who came in St-Nazaire in 1917 June. The A380 fly over Queen Mary 2 during the start and we can see Symphony of the Seas under construction :
  3. RCCL confirm the delivery on thursday (the boat will leave St Nazaire for Southampton on Sunday). When I look the pinterest page of Lloyd, il seem to be work to finish. My neighbour who work on the shipyard say to me that there was again workers on the first cruise of Norwegian Epic to finish the work. I think that it is going to happen with Harmony.
  4. The fish of Ultimate Abyss slide has been installed this morning on Harmony of the Seas (just 3 days before ship delivering) :
  5. First sea trial for Harmony (photo from royal carribean PR) : EDIT : more pics and video here : http://www.ouest-france.fr/leditiondusoir/data/702/reader/reader.html?t=1457717103684#!preferred/1/package/702/pub/703/page/5
  6. Thanks Lloyd, Are you the same Lloyd who ave open a board about Harmony of the Seas on Pinterest ? I follow this board all the time
  7. Harmony of the Seas's Ultimate Abyss virtual onride : https://videopress.com/v/CxBkR4XJ
  8. I have take this pics today, showing Harmony of the Seas with the beginning of slides building, engine testing and life boats ready to be installed onboard : sorry for the dirty cam
  9. Living near St-Nazaire, I often have fishing time just in front of Harmony of the Seas but there's no slides on the site at the moment (water or dry). I will take photos when they put the slides onboard. RCI announced this week that the boat will be finish earlier than expected and they add 2 little cruises in channel sea for may 2016 (Southampton - Rotterdam - Le Havre). A nice shot of the giant snake on the beach in front of the shipyards (Harmony is just at the back) :
  10. two time-lapse of Harmony of the seas building : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_-0Jix8jF8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky7afWi6yEE
  11. RCCL and STX organize a "dry dock party" today around Harmony of the Seas for the families of the shipyard's workers. Amazing pics here : Last night before they flood the dock. Tomorrow she will float First trip is for Friday with the transfer in Dock C.
  12. with pleasure I have no access to the shipyard so my pics are remote. You have good recent pics here : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-portique-des-Chantiers-Navals-dans-le-paysage-local-de-Saint-Nazaire/162427157281548?sk=photos_stream&ref=page_internal I visit the shipyard two weeks ago (photo forbidden) and being at the bottom of the dry dock just near the boat is very, very impressive !
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