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  1. ^ Oh, you mean this coaster's going to have caaaahs? The pic in the bottom left quadrant does resemble the hand drawn sketch that was on the first animation (truthRevealed.html)
  2. I'm still wondering about the latest blog entry. The mention of the 25 again (the cost of the cab ride), and going to write a few e-mails. Even though it's donan sending the e-mails and supposedly Martin doing the blog. Who was he guessing would have dropped him a line? What do you think the significance of the photo from the hotel room window is? Anything?
  3. I was just surprised to see my piece here already. For a second I thought donan was sending out duplicates.
  4. Dang, kdt, you went and stole the thunder from my very first ever post. That was my piece. But it got posted before I could create my profile. LOL. Oh well, here it is-- does it look familiar? http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/4710/hpr4c1nw7.jpg
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