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  1. ^ So if they did speed the lift motor up, why is it that Six Flags coasters still do the whole slow down to a crawl thing at the top?


    I can't stand up for every single Six Flags roller-coaster in the chain and neither can you. Different parks, different maintenance teams, different parts used to run different coaters. Simple as that. However, I went to the extreme effort of using the search on TPR and found this for you:




    I asked this same question to a gentleman that had worked with constructing a a couple B&Ms in the US, and this is what he had to say. There were two main factors in the origin of the B&M pre-drop:


    1. Evacuations. Supposing a train crested the hill and balanced prior to going over because the chain stopped, getting people out of those first few cars really is quite inconvenient. If you have a flat area with a catwalk under it, getting those first two rows unloaded becomes much easier, than with the modern straight drops.


    2. Perhaps the biggest reason was having to do with chain wear and tear. You'll notice B&Ms all have "feeder" wheels at the base of their lift. This is designed to match the speed of the train with the speed of the lift chain, so that when they engage, it is one fluid motion. The result is less stress on the chain. The pre-drop was implemented at the top of the ride to once again reduce tension and wear on the chain when the train began to disengage. After the first chain dog on the train has disengaged, there still may be one or two more still lodged in place, and the pre-drop made it so that for the most part, all of the chain dogs release from the chain at the same speed. These two features significantly reduce the amount of strain placed on the chain, and as such increases reliability.


    (By contrast, I might point out, that most all other coaster companies do not have these design features on their lift hills. Whereas on most coasters, a cracked chain is not unheard of, B&Ms have a stellar reputation- their chains hardly ever break.)


    Ok, anyway so why did they get rid of the Pre-Drop?


    From what I understand, there is a simple, "duh", solution that solves both of the problems stated above, that was simply looked over in the design of the first B&Ms: Speed up the chain as the train starts to crest over the hill! A proximity sensor detects when the first car has reached just slightly passed the apex of the lift, and signals the lift motor to speed up. The end result is that the dogs release from the chain because the lift hill speeds up to match the speed of the train cresting and falling down the first drop. A keen eye will see on Nitro and Hydra that the chain speeds up as the train starts rolling off the top of the ride.


    And because the chain motor is speeding up, it gives that extra little "nudge" to the back cars just in case the power were to suddenly kick out, so that there is enough momentum to push the train all the way over the lift hill, thus preventing any chance of the train balancing before the first drop.


    Simply speeding up the lift chain at the right time relieves the necessity of a catwalk for evacuations, and unneeded stress on the chain. So I hope this solves your mystery!

  2. I genuinely thought Stengel changed the design because it was cheaper and more efficient maintenance-wise to just increase the speed of the lift chain as the train left the crest of the lift hill?


    Perhaps I am wrong, but I would be 95% percent sure that from the quote I read from B&M at one point suggested that it was simply wiser from a design stand point that as the weight decreased on the lift chain they simply sped up the motor to balance the tension?

  3. I doubt the retractable floor will be installed for the simple fact that those sections of track in the station that would be under this floor would have to be replaced with track pieces that kept the seats upright, and maybe a track section or two before and after that would need to be replaced to position them upright before entering the station and tilt them back after leaving it.


    I'd say if they were replacing trains worth several hundred thousand a piece, fabrication of new track doesn't seem like much in the scheme of things.

  4. For starters, lets all realize that we are all COASTER ENTHUSIASTS. Why do many feel the need to bash coasers for their ride quality. Whether they be rough, or smooth, all of them receive critic. Let's assume that it is a ROLLER COASTER, they all ride differently, and such we love them. Everything I see or read, is either..."its too rough" or, "its too smooth", or, "its too forcefull", or, Its not "forcefull enough". lets just agree to love these rides regardeless. you're not on a "MAG-LEV" train, and such these rides succomb to physics and gravity. Even though a ride may be rough, or too smooth, can't we recognize them all for what they are, and not what our personal desires dictate?? Don't these contributing factors add to the over-all ride expirience?


    Dan "lets not be so critical of the things[roller coasters] we love" Stricklnad


    Man, I swear I'll get banned for posting to what's ultimately spam, but hey, let's check this little bit of funk out, shall we?


    I think firstly, we've all got an opinion on a coaster. Hell, i'm pretty sure freedom of speech is still applicable to the realms of rides, right? Although, I dunno, I suppose you'd complain because if we all thought a ride was tame, and you thought it was extremely intense.


    A smell a sense of hypocracy afoot.


    Mate, roller-coasters are a deeply "personal opinion" sort of thing in the first place. Different styles, elements and roughness level preferences are all unique for most members at this site, and so realistically if I was to hear from 95 percent of people from TPR saying that "Ride Crapalicious was the best coaster ever because it did everything I yearn for.... just like in the ads" I'd seriously suspect something suss. Not only that, but rides change as they age, and that ride experience changes again, so even more-so you'll get an even higher degree of varied opinions over time.


    So there you go, hope I helped, if not, try elsehwere, I doubt you'll find a happier, more interesting and thought provoking member-base elsewhere though.

  5. ^Why did you sit in there then!




    Choose another stall if it has feces smeared on the wall.




    Words to live by.


    "If there's feces on the wall,

    Choose another stall."




    Inspirational stuff. I'm in awe.


    Seriously, i'm surprised people haven't taken photos, as creepy as some of you are.

  6. Yes, there is a button you push.


    And to think that at Six Flags that's still a confusing process.


    Seriously though, knowing Intamin there'd be a "despatch" button and an "e-stop" button for ride-ops to use. From there there'd be another set of over-ride controls to manually return the ride to the station if a ride-op decides to e-stop the ride. Other than that, the computers control pretty much everything else.

  7. ^ Exscuse me for having regard for a human life even if what he did was evil he was still a man. Ultimately it was up to him on how he led his life.


    Fair enough. So you're ultimately saying that you feel sorry him, then yet you lack to mention how sorry you are for the thousands of innocent men, women and children he sent to be killed?


    Very interesting.

  8. You guys need to take a page out of the Aussie's book, Davey's absolutely right, our only "decent" wooden coaster faced the bulldozers and an incredibly large steel wrecking cable while our little Meisho "looping wooden wannabe" coaster faced a fairly interesting death with a bunch of scissor, uhm... truck things. You tell me, hydraulic arm with a set of 8' foot hydraulic clasps at the end, we'll call it a scissor truck or something... Point is, your people can call our people, who knows, even the people who paved Wonderland Sydney could give Magic Mountains some paving tips for the near future.

  9. I'm going to say "no" to the fact that most train retrofittings are not possible in the case where you're moving the heartline axis around. When you move that point higher or lower several feet in the case of going from stand-up to sit down and vice-versa, all your heartlined entries and exits for all your elements go out the window. Rolls are one thing, but what about even simple things like helixes? You could be over-banking/not banked enough and thus create alot of lateral forces which in turn create what's probably the first "Vekoma-equivalent" B&M in terms of roughness.


    Plus your support systems handing the extra weight and possible height addition to the train... You're going to be lucky if those two passed with flying colours.


    So basically - sit-down to floorless and vice-versa? Yeah. Anything else? No. And going from hyper to floorless? Unless you're putting lap bars on the train "somehow" instead of OTSR's, you're probably shooting yourself in the foot in the first place in terms of ride experience.

  10. Here's probably the most useful footage I have the under carriage while the Tower of Terror is in motion. And while I do have some footage of the control room directly under the station looking up, I can't really imagine how hard my ass would be kicked by Dreamworld, so you'll have to imagine with these photos.


    Best photo I could find in my five minutes off of the backside of one of these things. It's like coaster porn or something.


    An empty cycle - just to answer the question about the guide wheels and stuff.

  11. And I suppose they keep that bit ol' pod in the station by means of Fungshui and native Intamin tribal dances?


    Seriously, iZak is right though, having been fortunate enough to stand directly under one of these pods Intamin have kept things fairly well minimalised in terms of design. Apart from what's affirmentioned, it's basically a lattice of molded steel that keeps everything together. (Mmm.. interesting).


    I know i've got some photos of the under-carriage of the Tower of Terror, i'll dig them up soon.

  12. I really agree on the whole Hero or Zero thing with Shapiro. I remember hearing his preechings on how he would turn the brand of otherwise subpar quality parks (in particular atleast Magic Mountain) into something noteworthy atleast in the eyes of the public, and yet all we've seen is a bunch of sales and more and more of the same thing.


    A famous quote made by Ray Kroc states "Take care of the customer and the business will take care of itself" and it seems this should be atleast speaking volumes to Shapiro, especially in an industry where guest satisfaction is paramount along with having attractions that aren't on a several year hiatus. (Superman: The Escape anyone?)

  13. ^I'm not arguing. I just think it's funny that this thread went as far is it did about a roller coaster getting painted from yellow to red.


    BTW... Medusa is getting a new paint job and theming this year.


    Oh, no, im not saying you. Its others on here that i saw. Its like they seriously got mad about what someone else said! lol It is funny how far this thread got. I just wanted to put in my 2cents because SFDK is my home park and i got a play pass, so i will be there quite a few times!


    But believe, im not getting on anyone! Bottom line, I really dont see what the big deal is. Its just a paint job! Just let those, who want to, voice their opinion! Im sure there are other threads that seem rediculous to some that got farther than this one, but was about the topic the entire way through!!!


    Haaa... well i'll be!!! I just put it over to page 9!!! lol Well i guess another day, another page!!!


    To be fair, I was so sarcastic about it because frankly it looks better then before IMO. And then it's even funnier that people can shoot down this new "colouring" before it's even done. "What if they stop painting and support column c! It'll look like a disaster!"

  14. I'd say if the Dopplemayr video was to be what I was going to base my opinion on the ride off, I'd instantly say it was a winner. Psychological thriller that can pull extreme heights over large spanses of area without much visual obstruction. If they do end up pulling this off, I can definitely see this only getting bigger in other locations. It's clean, minimalistic and a crowd drawer.


    I'd also argue that unlike other coasters, because there isn't any true support system or track to really relate what speed the train is going at, it's definitely hard to really guage how intense or fast this coaster is really going. It's definitely going to look slow though if you're looking at objects in the horizon and you're wondering why you're not going anywhere.


    Although, the second video was definitely disappointing. Too much trimming, not enough out of control soaring and way too much of "dawrdling over Walibi."

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