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  1. Here is a twist that might impact the Six Flags in the future.  Long story short, Universal Comcast is looking to acquire Warner Brothers studios, probably discussions begin in 2024. Basically the new owner of Warner came in, fired a bunch of people, cancelled projects, getting Warner leaner for an attractive sale.  So that means Six Flags will be licensing out the WB properties from NBC Universal!  Lot of interesting possibilities will come up once Six Flags in the future will be negotiating with Universal instead of Warner.  

  2. Thanks for the article and concept art.  Shade would be welcome change for that area. I have a feeling Gadget for sure will getting a new theme, plenty of other characters more in line with the Mickey mouse shorts that would fit better.   Rodger I think is definitely on chopping block and will be redone with new theme.  My dream would be larger ride vehicles for capacity sake.  That q line is so well done, hope they don't lose that.  Maybe retheme it as Chip and Dale, tie in with new Disney + project.   I

  3. Thanks for the info! Good to see SF being creative in opening the park a bit for the car show. 

    As far as "spring 2021", well, that depends on our politicians.  Nevada is in theory lifting all state wide restrictions in May, leaving it up to the county . I could see CA gov making the same call, to deflect criticism off of him.  

    Now onto fun stuff,  with the RMC under construction in the GL / Tidal Wave spot,  what are the odds of the theme?  Would they dare to recycle the Green Lantern name, or go with a hero / villain who happens to have a sequel movie coming out?  That being said, I do hope they continue to improve the overall look of the DC Universe area.  While the results have been mixed in some areas as they refurb the park itself when doing new ride installs, I do appreciate the effort.

  4. Great trip report! I was there on Friday, Sept. 25. I think as a an alternative event to Scary farm, it was a very well put together event. Many, many tables so you can spread out. It only feels mildly crowded around the Bird Cage theater and Fiesta village. I enjoyed the magic / comedy act while sitting a the picnic tables. And if you love sugar, wow! So many good options. The cheesecake trifle is fantastic, pumpkin cannoli, and so on. If you need a cheat day, Knott's has you covered. They play music everywhere, have some light fog, and looks amazing at night.

  5. Thanks for the report and the review! Hope to get up there soon!


    A few observations. 1.) There are definitely going to need a barrier by the car, to prevent sticky fingers. The theme of the building is well done 2.) The Underground is still pretty ironically named, pretty open area with little shade. I think some shaded seating is needed before summer hits. The asphalt treatment is well done, but man, black asphalt in high temps. Need cool zones. 3.) The exit landscaping is very well done, really like the use of colors and textures. Hope it inspires further installations of that level in the park. It really is the details that make the difference. 4.) When the go karts open and race under WCR, will be a very nice bit of energy to the area.

  6. Well the announcements for MM is no doubt disappointing so far. As always, HH is forgotten about and they need more attractions. For MM, I dont expect a coaster yearly, would have been happy with a tilt o whirl. Honestly, to refer to the new area as the Underground is truly odd, as it is the least shaded section of the entire park. Wildly skeptical about the claims of the events expanding. Hope the work on Apocalypse paid off at least.

  7. The rumor is that the lands will be Nintendo, Classic Monsters, Fantastic Beasts and How to Train Your Dragon (who knows why), with at least two more expansion pads. I think the idea of having a huge hub which each land being its own contained area that dead ends (you don't connect between the lands) is somewhat interesting and *maybe* makes things more immersive. I also read somewhere that the coaster will not be "dueling."


    This is what I find the most interesting idea. With the massive hub concept, each section has it's own land with own admission gate. It opens up the possibility to a tiered ticketing system. For example, the odds of me wanting to visit a traditional kids section like a Sesame Street / Super Silly Fun land are zero. So my ticket/pass would cover basic admission, plus access to Monsters, Beasts and Nintendo. Or for example, a guest shows up and the one ride in a land is say broken or in refurbishment - why pay to access a land with nothing worthwhile in it? Gives the guests flexibility in price of a theme park trip. It would be kind of like a variation on the A - E-ticket system of past days, but instead of per ride, it is per land.

  8. I was able to check it this past Sunday, and in addition to the complaints above it now feels very constrained and claustrophobic. Gone is the vista of "Jurassic Park" of the lagoon, makes it seem smaller scale ironically for "Jurassic World" The scene with the I-rex cage is devoid of all action, we just float around and look at basically nothing. The only good improvement is the indoor section before the final drop, I did like design work in there.


    The Dino Play area was improved, not by huge degrees, as was the Raptor encounter. The Nu bar and Cafe are a nice addition. But for the remodel of the actual ride, I think the aquarium section took away too much from the original story telling of the ride.

  9. Thanks for the photos, videos and detailed review!


    Seeing the 600 minute wait time listed, well that certainly shows the passion for coasters at Universal. Lot of pent up demand. In my opinion, they did drop the ball on not keeping Fire & Ice. On the Forbidden Journey ride, Hagrid actually asks the riders about a Dragon. Would have been perfect opportunity to have the Hagrid coaster interact with Fire & Ice. If they really spent the kind of money, and Everest is an much more visually impressive structure for 1/3 the cost, I think they need better project management.


    On the positive side, the trees are nice and the vehicles are well designed. Will be a good family style coaster for years to come.

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