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  1. 1. I most often watch movies on blu-ray.


    2. I use Netflix most of the time. YouTube app (iPad app syncs up very nicely to the Playstation app), Crackle, CinemaNow.


    3. I'd say about 2-4 blu-rays per year.


    4. I use iPad and Playstation as my main devices (whatever apps are provided for both).


    5. Since the iPad app syncs so well with the app for Playstation 3 I have been watchin Youtube much more frequently since it can be displayed on my TV.

  2. How many DVDs or Blu-Rays do you purchase each year? On average I'd say about 4-5. Definitely prefer physical media since I hate managing memory space.


    How many digital downloads do you purchase each year? For video I rarely purchase digital. The digital version of movies I have are usually included with the blu-ray (w/DVD, w/digital download) bundle. I prefer physical media as oppposed to managing available memory space on my devices. However I might choose digital for a portable device like iPad since I load it up with movies for "on-the-go"


    How do you purchase digital downloads? (iTunes, Stream, etc) Definitely would go through iTunes. Storing in iCloud is definitely a plus in terms of the managing memory issue. I have also purchased TV episodes through the Playstation Network and downloaded to PS3, very convenient since the download is ready to be watched on the TV as opposed to a computer screen.


    Do you download directly from iTunes to your device, or iTunes to your computer, and then transfer to your device? I download directly to my device.


    Is a 1.5gb - 2 gb file "too big" for you to download to your device? Downloading a file this big would just take some planning in regards to how long it would take since I don't have the fastest internet connection speed. Memory wise sometimes there is the need to manage space but iTunes definitely has it's advantages with storing purchases in the cloud.

  3. Woah, first oppourtunity to sit down at the computer after getting back from Florida last night.


    It was great seeing some recent new friends again from the past summer and making a few more brand new ones too.


    Having been to Busch Gardens just a few years earlier I was surprised to be reminded just how awesome Kumba and Montu are. Both were running exceptionally smooth and fast, especially Kumba since I remember it being a bit rough my last visit. Such great early B&M's. It was also great to see Montu behind the scenes and do the walkback, while the coaster was running!!!


    Cheetah Hunt is really a great coaster. Each ride you can't help but to like it more and more. It's not the most insane of coasters but it has plenty of great elements that are fun to shoot through. It has a good balance of hills above ground and trenches below ground. Definitely a new favourite and I loooove the train stylings.


    It was also my first time really partaking in a "haunt" event. All the houses were incredibly cool.


    I have to say Busch Gardens Bash was a great big dollup of awesome sauce on what turned out to be a great jaunt down to Florida for the weekend. Definite kudo's to Robb and Elissa for getting things together. Thank you!


    I also agree, Hockeyman55 great pictures!

  4. Finally beat the damn Minotaur in God of War (I took an extended break) and got to the Cliffs of Madness. I'm at the fight scene where you get ambushed in cave by two large ogres and tons of smaller guys. Crappy thing is I have no health and no magic, and the only chest in the cave is across from the entrance and the monsters always pull me away from it when I try to open.


    That was a difficult screen for me too, if I assume the one you are talking about correctly. Go for those damn archers in the background first, being careful to fight what ever directly comes your way. I myself am stuck at what appears to be a final battle... but who knows...

  5. A post in answer to my wet coaster dreams!! Thank you!


    It would be cool if someone published a book in honour of B&M. A collection of expert photography of every B&M coaster packaged with actual blue print-style schematics (north, south, east and west views and top-down schematics). Would be a very cool portfolio of B&M's accomplishments.

  6. I enjoyed this trip report for some reason... I think it was the moistness.


    Actually the worst conditions make for pretty memorable days. We were at Wonderland toward the end of the season last year. Super cold and super windy. I remember eating Pizza Pizza outside shivering, and it tasted sooo good. Also white water rafting in incredibly cold rains. The highlight has to be finally getting inside someplace warm or finally getting some hot chocolate to warm up. Looks like you did just that with your Timmy's stop!

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