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  1. So after getting a ride each on Beast and Mystic, I decided to call it a day.  Yeah, it sucks to sacrifice more night rides, but even with FL dealing with the crowds isn't worth it.  I accomplished everything I wanted to on this trip.

    For those curious about operational status, every adult ride except the water riders, Windseeker, and Drop Tower were operating (the latter two closed due to high winds).  Invertigo was broken for about an hour at opening, opened during the day, and broke down again as I was leaving (with a train full of riders stuck on the initial spike).  Food service was VERY busy, with many places closed (Tom + Chee, the Auntie Anne's in Rivertown, and some others).

    As I was leaving at around 6:30, there were still hundreds if not thousands of people pouring in the main gate and cars backed all the way to Kings Mills Road.  If you're at the park, or headed there tonight, may the odds forever be in your favor.

    Full report coming soon.

  2. For those who wanted an update on crowds, this is 2:30.  I can also tell you that Invertigo's is back to the fried chicken place so take the times with a grain of salt. Most food lines are also backed out of their buildings and many food places are closed (including Tom & Chee unfortunately). It is busy, but a lot of families with kids...Flying Ace is posting 60 minutes and Woodstock Express 30.


    Edit: and at 5:00 below. Most of these are probably generously low. Several lines are spreading out from the designated queues onto the midways.


    And this is Mystic's FL line.


    Honestly debating calling it a day and heading out.


  3. @Zandwow. Yeah my plan for tonight was to take care of the Haunt stuff, which I did successfully, and grab some night rides on Beast and whatever else I felt like (which turned out to be Bat and Banshee). My goal for tomorrow day is to hit all the rides I want, then at night grab whatever more night rides that I can. I just left the park to go back to my hotel (10:00 PM), since I've been up since 6:30 AM and am tired from the 9 hour drive. 

  4. 3 hours ago, coasterbill said:

    I've dumped on this park a TON this year but I feel like I'm living in an alternate reality where the park is open from 11 to Midnight on a Friday in mid-October and the only rides in the entire park that are closed are either down for mechanical reasons and seasonal rides minus Gemeni and Pipe Scream which may be mechanical and will probably open later. Aside from that, only the second unnecessary car ride is closed.

    I mean... Windseeker AND Sky Ride are open on Friday, October 15th. That's wild. Good job, Cedar Point.

    You think that's crazy?  After a summer of 7PM weekday and 9 PM weekend closings, KD is open until midnight on Friday/Saturday nights, and until 10PM on Sundays, AND is doing all of the Haunt stuff on Sundays with everything running and 20-30 actors per haunt maze.  Even KI doesn't do Haunt on Sundays and has less than half of the shows on Friday/Saturday.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, qwimjim said:

    There's one exception that I know of, Laronde still states that 2022 season's passes are valid at all six flags locations, though it seems they removed the free parking. 

    If you haven't picked up on it yet, no one really cares what La Ronde does.  We get it, their passes are good everywhere.  No one cares, just like no one cares that CF made Canada's Wonderland passes good through the end of 2022.

  6. 2 hours ago, qwimjim said:

    is this different from before? every year i was told i could only pick up my passes at my home park, and every year i would visit a different six flags park that opened a couple months before mine. i just emailed my home park, told them where i was going and what dates, and they would send me a letter that i just had to print and show at the other park to get a day ticket. 

    Yes, it's different than before.  Did you miss the last several pages of discussion on this thread?

    That sounds like the procedure for Palace Entertainment Platinum Passes.  Every Six Flags I've been to on a Season Pass just scanned the card that was issued in Jersey and they let me in.

  7. 2 hours ago, qwimjim said:

    On the laronde site, when you choose to buy 2022 season passes, this is what you see, clearly indicating access to all parks. when you go to purchase, it's written "valid at all six flags parks". As far as laronde is concerned the only difference seems to be parking is no longer included for free?

    Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 3.49.33 PM.jpg

    Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 3.50.50 PM.jpg

    And the SFGAdv page says the exact opposite, that Season Passes are only good at the park they're purchased at and Memberships are valid everywhere.  No, I'm not going to bother taking screenshots to prove something that has been discussed ad infinitum.  So what's your point?  That everyone should buy their pass through La Ronde and then drive/fly up to Canada to redeem it first?

  8. Mini-TR, Thursday October 7th.

    So, after visiting my parents in Howell NJ, I decided to stop by SFGAdv on the way home to get my first rides on Jersey Devil and also make use of that $13 class-action lawsuit voucher that I got.  This was a "Fright Fest Power Hours" night, so limited ride availability, no shows, no scare-actors in the scare zones, but every maze was open (if you want to call it that).  Also note that Flash Pass is not available during Power Hour nights, even if you have it on your pass/membership.

    I did only get on three rides, by choice.  Lines were non-existent.

    Houdini's Great Escape - How hilarious that this ride doesn't run during 90% of the season, but it does run during a limited-ride-availability Power Hours event?  Only Six Flags.  Anyway, awesome as always (I was one of four people on it), though I still wish they had kept the projector in the pre-show room instead of changing it to a flat-screen monitor.  Seriously, I got a cheap projector at Dave & Busters for 14,000 tickets...how hard can it be for a theme-keeping touch like this?

    Jersey Devil - 14 minutes locker-to-locker for two laps.  Rode the front and back row, basically walk-ons both times.  I can confirm that the restraints pinch your thighs in an uncomfortable way (the curvature of the lap bar doesn't mirror the curvature of the seats, so the end of the lap bar ends up pushing in on the top of your thighs).  My bigger concern, and likely one only for people of my exact torso dimensions, is that the seat back ended right where the ridge on the back of my head is, causing some painful bumps there.  What did I think of the ride itself?  Meh.  It's a good ride, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't blow me out of the water in the front or the back, though I will say the front is slightly better.  The continuous-loading station is a nice touch, and definitely keeps the line moving (not that there was much line while I was there).

    Kingda Ka - 5 minute, two-train wait for the back row, which only took that long since they were only running one train (three were in sight).  I should've waited the seven or eight trains for the front...this thing is such a rattle-y mess.  Still intense, though, but seriously how is TTD in such better running shape than this?

    Normally opposed to spending any money at this park, I put my $13 voucher along with $8 out of my own pocket and purchased the "Fright Pass" to grant me access to the haunted walk-throughs.  Cedar Fair's Haunt, this is not, but at least there weren't any lines...many of these mazes I went through entirely by myself.

    The Manor - Literally 3 actors in the entire maze.  Horrible artistry.

    Fears - Largely dark, some insect-style decorations, 4 actors in the entire maze.  Not impressive.

    Big Top Terror: Forgotten Carnival 3D - 4-5 actors, you wear disposable 3D glasses to great effect...lots of nice visual tricks and holographic displays.  GREAT artistry in one of the forest scenes.

    Reflections of the Dead - Great concept, an actual mirror maze with dead ends and ways to get lost!  Only 3 or 4 actors, but it doesn't really need them.  The super-thin plastic gloves they give you to prevent fingerprints on the mirrors was a smart move.

    Aftermath - Actually had like 10 actors in it, wow!  Lots of cool laser-screen effects with the fog.

    Wicked Woods - Decently long outdoor walk through, 10-11 actors.  Pretty well done, similar in concept to King's Dominions Grimm Woods, but nowhere near as well executed.

    Xpedition Dino: Survival - Very long long through the standard walk-through dinosaur exhibit in the woods back behind the Northern Star Arena.  About 13 actors in it, and some nice details like clothes hanging out of the dinosaur's mouths.  Great use of something that's already there.

    Bloodshed - Kinda a redneck/slaughterhouse theme.  About 10 actors, decently long, some good visual effects....not terrible.

    The Lab - Decent enough.  Maybe 7 or 8 actors.  Outdoors for a "science lab" theme which doesn't make much sense, but you do you, Six Flags.

    You'll notice that's a lot of mazes...9 in total.  Compare to the CF parks where there's only 5 or 6 mazes this year, it kinda explains why they had so many actors in each and SFGAdv had so few - SF went for a "quantity over quality" approach.  I don't know if this is any different on the proper non-"Power Hour" nights, but it is what it was.

    And that's about it for what is likely my last visit to this park for a while.  With the Season Pass change to only allow it to be used at your "home," park, I will definitely not be getting one next year.  If El Toro somehow magically reopens before the end of the pass validity, I'll be back to get some laps on that, but otherwise....this park is still meh to me.  I'll be back when the next major ride comes in or closes.

    Thanks for reading.

  9. 13 minutes ago, tinaalsgirl said:

    I'm starting to think that marksplashtacular guy could be a very clever spammer. That post of his above is almost word for word from Smokymountains.com. I did a Google search; I've noticed that a lot of recent spammers will have copy/paste messages that they'll post and they'll be relevant to the thread, so they kinda fly under the radar. We've been having a LOT of spammers post here on TPR (I try to report all the ones I see) like that.

    Of course it's spam.  Good job falling for it, @u4icmusic LOL.

  10. 1 hour ago, JG-77 said:

    -I tried Roar in the back row for the first time in years. The last time I came off with a headache, but at least for me, this time I was spared, and actually enjoyed the extra whip in the drops, as well as the extra legroom compared to the front row. I did lean forward a little bit in an attempt to reduce the vibrations, so perhaps that helped.

    -Firebird is way overhated IMO, that first half inthe back row is actually a lot of fun, especially the loop and drops, and the corkscrew didn't feel as bad as in prior years.

    Please tell us what drugs you are on that either of these coasters are tolerable, let alone "fun."  The rest of us would like the same experience.

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  11. 56 minutes ago, boldikus said:


    Lambasted? By "a bunch of veteran members"? Come on dude.  @coasterbill pointed out that it wasn't unusual for the park to do this and that they posted it on their website that this is a thing. Exactly one other member pointed out that Knotts also does this. I would hardly call that lambasting.

    If you're gonna talk shit on here you might wanna have the receipts to back it up.

    My apologies then. It was two years ago...I didn't actually go back and look it up.

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  12. 1 hour ago, coneyislandchris said:

    She enjoyed the wooden coasters (but we weren't sadists enough to recommend she get on Wildcat), Laff Trakk, Trailblazer, and to a lesser extent SooperDooperLooper. She also recently rode Invadr and Verbolten at BGW and enjoyed both of them. With those ones under her belt, does anyone have any other suggestions for coasters across the Northeast she might potentially enjoy, preferably ones without a huge height or multiple inversions?

    Obviously, everything at Knoebels except for Impulse. Thunderhawk at Dorney. Sky Princess or whatever they're calling the woodie at Dutch Wonderland these days, probably their Vekoma family invert too. Great White, Rollie's, and Runaway Tram at Morey's. Wild One at SF America. Runaway Train at SGAdv. That's about all that pop into mind off the top of my head

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