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  1. I also think it greatly depends on how defensively or not you ride a coaster.


    If you get on an Arrow looper after riding a B&M hyper and ride it the same way, the Arrow looper will hurt. If you ride it defensively it will not hurt as much.


    I also think enthusiasts care a lot more and are more sensitive to roughness than the GP. We understand how good rides can be, and like to rip them if they aren't perfect.


    Basically I think we all enjoy in some way riding rough coasters, or we wouldn't ride them. If I go to a park with a togo stand-up, I'm still going to ride it and have a good time, even if I expect it to be bad.

  2. ^Okay I'll give you that one, but I feel like I'm in the dark with the rest of the Six Flags parks. Usually I find out through some coaster blog or even members on TPR.


    I'll never get the obsession enthusiasts have with ride construction. I'm interested in the original announcements, I want to know when construction stats, I want to know when construction ends and I want to know when the ride opens.


    I completely agree. I have never understood why people like looking at dirt and half-constructed coasters.


    Maybe it is because I cannot build anything other than Ikea Furniture.

  3. I sort of agree SROS at SFA could have a better layout. It doesn't mean it isn't a great ride. Remember, SROS at Darien Lake was the NUMBER ONE steel coaster in the first Mitch Hawker steel poll. The first year SFA's was in the poll it was number 8. Sure times change a bit, and if it were to come out today I might want something more. I just don't know how so many people can dislike a ride with ejector airtime on like five hills.


    I haven't ridden it in a few years, but I would expect it STILL performs a lot better than a lot of the B&M hypers and Wingriders, etc that have came out in recent years.

  4. I find it entertaining that EGF and Bizarro have been mentioned a few times in this thread....and they were still ranked 1 and 2 in Mitch's poll last year!


    Anyway, my list:


    Mean Streak - way too slow and boring for its size thanks to the trims.


    Thunderhawk at Dorney - Trims KILL those last few bunny hops.


    SuperDooperLooper - I've never thought the ride was exceptional, but I can just see so much more airtime, speed, and intensity if it wasn't for all those brakes.


    Speaking of Schwarzkopfs, I'm surprised I didn't see Revolution in this thread. I've never been on it, but the layout looks absolutely awesome, but the combination of brakes and OTSRs have apparently made it a shell of its former self.

  5. I do think they are a gimmick, but I have to admit I really like some. I think I've ridden five:


    Chang - great

    Georgia Scorcher - great

    Shockwave - terrible

    Sky RIder - terrible

    Vortex - Worse than the Togos.


    I find it kind of funny how they just stopped making them when they finally got around to making them right. Riddler's Revenge looks like a great ride. I hear it is smoother than Chang/Green Lantern but just as big. It's certainly on my "to do list" but way down the list compared to the Intamin Pre-fabs, mega coasters, RMC Coasters, old school B&Ms, etc.


    Also, remember the dreaded "GP" which are 99% of park guests still like them if you ask me. I don't know how many times I get off Shockwave at KD and the train is so full of excitement and joy and all I want to do is get off that awful contraption!


    Remember, Six Flags has relocated two 15 plus year old stand ups in recent memory. I think that says something that they are still marketable to an extent.

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