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  1. GOOOOOOOOD MORNING West Coast Bash. Let's get this party started. Hey where is everybody?? Oh man, I got to California a day early. Gotta make the best of this situation. Well hello Disneyland you happy place.
  2. Anyone else arriving early/staying after? We're arriving late the 8th and will be doing Disney Sept 9th, 12th, and am of the 13th, well because we can. Booked the World of Color Dessert party Friday Sept 9th. YUM YUM YUM 29 days and counting down. See you there, Elaine
  3. Knott's Berry Farm hotel $74/night via groupon getaways for the weekend.
  4. Hotel and flight were already booked in antici............pation of this weekend. Now WCB tickets are bought. thanks to Robb and Elissa for making this possible.
  5. Can't wait for West Coast Bash and to finally get to ride Ghost Rider, cause what girl doesn't like riding a nice woodie.
  6. I would recommend it to anyone coming in from out of town who doesn't get to the park that often. Keep in mind I think we have ERT on all the "Platinum" coasters, so you could probably get away with getting a Gold one for the day. I expect the park to be fairly busy, and if you're not a local who doesn't go that often, I personally feel it's worth the investment. I'm considering getting the Gold Flash Pass but if I end up with a group that's mostly non-pass holders that could be a bummer. Percentage of people getting a Flash Pass for Saturday ... anyone willing to make a guess? Flash Pass or beer, Flash Pass or beer, Flash Pass or beer ... ? Can't we have both Flash Pass AND beer?
  7. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Can we just skip Labor Day and go directly to WCB days??
  8. 4 hrs of TC ERT...WOW! This just keeps getting better and better. Any tips from previous west coast bashers/TRP tour alumni on what you bring into the parks. I"m usually a lanyard/cellphone only park touring girl. If anyone is going to be around and still has any energy to spare on Monday, I'm planning on either Disneyland or Universal.
  9. holy donkeys. WCB tickets bought, flights booked, car rented, and hotel reserved. Now hurry up September. And for those looking to save money a certain website that rhymes with coupon has the Knotts Berry Farm hotel for $69/night including WCB weekend. Robb/Elissa if I'm not supposed to mention that website -apologies and feel free to delete and chastise me appropriately. See ya in September.....
  10. YAY, I get to go to WCB. This trip is my official kick-off into empty-nesterdom. Sending my last baby to college in August and celebrating by becoming a coaster credit whore. Oh, wait, um...well that doesn't sound as good as it did when I was thinking it. Oh well, my kids don't read this forum.
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