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  1. 1- El Toro @ GAdv

    2- Favorite Steel (SFNE Bizarro)

    3- Boulder Dash

    4- Lightning Racer Thunder

    5- Lightning Racer Lightning

    6- Phoenix

    7- Thunderbolt @ SFNE

    8- Blue Streak

    9- Cyclone @ SFNE

    10- Twister @ Knoebels

    11- Comet @ Hershey

    12- Wildcat @ Hershey

    13- Mighty Canadian Mine Buster

    14- Gwazi Tiger

    15- Gwazi Lion

    16- Wildcat @ Lake Compounce

    17- Rolling Thunder

    18- Wilde Beast



    19- Mean Streak

  2. Wooden Out & Back- El Toro, Boulder Dash


    Wooden Twister- Phoenix


    Wooden Racing/Dueling- Lightning Racer


    Mine Train- Runaway Mine Train- GAdv


    Wild Mouse- TDK coaster- GAdv


    Bobsled- Disaster Transport


    Stand Up- Mantis


    Floorless- Medusa/Bizarro- GAdv


    Mega-Looper- Kumba


    Flying- Superman: UF- GAdv


    Suspended- Vortex- Canada's Wonderland


    Inverted/SLC- Montu


    Non Looper Mega Coaster- I believe Gemini at CP counts.


    Hypercoaster- S:Ros/Bizarro, Behemoth


    Giga Coaster- Millennium Force (only one and it sucks)


    Strata Coaster- Top Thrill Dragster>>Kingda Ka


    Boomerang- Zoomerang @ Lake Compounce


    LIM- The Chiller, formerly at GAdv


    Arrow Multi Looper- GASM @ GAdv

  3. We had a similar one for Grade 11, though I could never figure it out...



    No logo on the front of the train, either. Kinda looks like a snake (Viper?) or at least it has scales.


    That's gotta be Sidewinder from Elitch Gardens. Or some other Arrow shuttle, because of that walkway at the bottom of the loop.

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