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  1. Here in the vast abyss of the bloodsucking server lies the World Greatest Thread on a Coaster Bored.


    What a wonderful thing, just wonderful. I mean, we love Coaster Boreds.


    Anyway, the World's Greatest Coaster Bored has given me some ideas for a Great Thread.


    You say I am been evasive, even spamming, but the World's Greatest Adminstrator allows this,the World's Greatest Thread.

    For where else does the World's Greatest Thread lie? Certainly not on Coasterbuzz, where Jeff Puttz lies in the shadow of the mountain of doom.


    And of course not on CoasterForce, where Danny Boy doesn't like this stuff.


    And ARNR will curse me to death.


    So come and help me build the World's Greatest Thread on a Coaster Bored with the help of the donkey's ass and great tasty Budweiser which came out of the World's Greatest Administrator's house.


    so YEAH !!!!1111!!!!1111

  2. What a surprise .


    I wonder now that Cedar Fair has a monopoly in Ohio, I wonder if they will go the old Rockefeller way, which is raise prices crazily.


    I wonder how Cedar Fair will be able to manage their parks. I mean, Geauga Lake, it's not doing all that great?


    Why would Cedar Fair acquire all these parks without "Cedar Fairizing" Geauga Lake?


    Dosen't this sound like history repeating?


    Remember 1998?

    (When Premier bought out Six Flags?)


    See where that led?


    Hmm, I'm not pessimistic(Cedar Point is my favorite park), I am just looking for the part people seem to forget.


    Mangement will be great, unlike Six Flags, but still isn't it a bit much for Cedar Fair?

  3. Well, we autistic people focus on one thing at the cost of everything else. Which I always thought how the world works anyway. Bill Gates has been with Microsoft for 31 years, Warren Buffett took 40 years to be the richest investor, and Intamin and B&M did not get successful until a while. The problem, however is that we are so focused on something we forget the rest of the world exist and that's when problems arise.

  4. People on this thread have been complaining about the fact that SF is trying to turn the parks into destination parks. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. The park's over the last 45 years have built a reputation for thrill. We can talk about making more family friendly, which might work to a certain point, but really not far. As for resorts, well SF has this thrillday reputation and it's really not going to change soon.

    I am saying that if you want something, you have to built a reputation for it.

  5. Let's see what I would like to see park by park

    SFNE, How about focusing on lines and and actual park management?

    SFGAdv, Improve line capacity, clean up park

    SFA, Create a more family friendly enviroment

    SFOG, Build two kiddie coasters and a nice kiddie area

    SFNO, If you keep it, well make sure the standard of the park stays the same(at minimum)

    SFGrAM, ENOUGH COASTERS!,make the park more friendly to kids

    SFSTL, more flats would be nice

    SFOT, Massive cleanup campaign needed

    SFFT, We need a waterpark here and cleanup

    SFEG, Not much here


    SFMW, Not much here

    GE, not much here


    FC, a solid kiddie area will work.

  6. I remember a very wierd dream I had two nights ago, which had to be wierd because I NEVER remember my dreams . I was in SFMM, of all places, and the skyline was wacked out. I saw a boomerang, which I know SFMM doesn't have. The train and the track were both blue and it was going through the actual boomerang. Next, I saw Scream, going through what looked like the barrel roll. So, I walked across the parking lot, and all of a sudden came to California Scream'!!!. It was playing California Dreaming and the hill with the mickey mouse loop was far away. So I crossed the tracks , and ended up in Disneyland!! (No I didn't see the castle). We had free tickets worth $50 to get in. I still can't believe the attendent said "How much the tickets were worth?" And I can't believe I said $23!!! So we paid the $23 and we got burried by 3 dozen advirtisements. Just as I got into Disneyland I saw a hot girl from my school, oh how I wish, and I woke up because the dream was getting way too bizarre.

  7. Well we do have traffic jams, there are worse.The Baltimore-Washington Conurbation is a pain, and Boston is a nightmare, especially with their antique 17th streets. And, I heard a Brit talk about the M25, well our New Jersey Turnpike, on Fridays is a pain. It can be blocked up for 30 miles, with people rushing home. Oh, and as for Dark Stitch there is a way to get to BGW and PKD without going through Washington. If you live in New Jersey you go on 295, 55, 9, the Delaware Bay Ferry, US-13 through DE and MD and across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, then Take I-64 W. Or you can go on US-301 which is not as great but better, and then take I-95 s. (Yes, I look at maps, a lot ).

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