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  1. Yes, I'm really hoping the park management is seeing these posts and getting RIGHT ON that issue with the incorrect onions on those hot dogs!!! Apparently you've missed the point completely. The point was the horrible service, which has been going on all season long, even on slow days. It isn't just a lack of staff. It's that they really aren't trained properly. We are the people who are in this park regularly and experience it, and then share what's been happening. As much as you think you know, you don't because you aren't here. So now you want to start name calling (theme park idiots)? Really? What is this, junior high?
  2. While this person's first post might be a complaint, it does have merit. Misinformation given to guests is an ongoing problem at this park. I've had it happen to me on many, many instances throughout my almost 30 years visiting the park, including this year. Food service has been a huge problem this season for some reason. I've had problems on almost every one of my 20+ visits this year. This person's post continues to re-affirm what so many park guests have been experiencing. Hopefully, park management is seeing these posts and is taking action. Having been to the park hundreds of times over the past 30 years, and visiting many other parks, I've seen how things should be done. Unfortunately, it's not just a crowded holiday weekend that these things are happening. It's been on a daily basis. This is my home park, and I go because I love theme parks and roller coasters. I go with little expectations, and I am thrilled when I have a good experience. I am willing to take the bad with the good because I can't always travel to other parks. Because of this, I let guest relations know when I see a problem. I also let them know when I see something the park is doing well. I also complete my park surveys every time I get them. I know there is a lot of park bashing going on here. Yes, we locals want that big coaster and feel neglected every time we see one of the "golden" parks in the chain get and get, year after year. We all know that's not going to happen if we don't have the attendance. But we are not going to have the attendance if the park doesn't fix all the things that are ruining guest experience. I hope that if management does see these posts, they recognized the difference between a bunch of unhappy coaster enthusiasts, and truly look at the actual reports of problems experienced, and the numerous reoccurring issues.
  3. I was at the park Saturday night. Food service is simply unacceptable. I brought some friends who have recently moved to St. Louis from Australia. They heard about the flash sale and bought season and dining passes. With only 6 to 8 people in front of us at Primos Pizzeria it took over an hour to get food. Three people working there and nothing really happening. I was tempted to go behind the counter and help them out. But that would have probably just gotten me into trouble. I felt sorry for them because I really don't think they knew how to handle the situation and there was no one in management there to guide them. Anyway, When we finally got our food and got to the register, the soda machine stopped working so no one could get any drinks. I quickly tried to run to a snack stand, of which very few were open, but saw painfully long lines at every one. Needless to say, I had my meal with nothing to drink, even though I have the dining pass myself with free drinks. The thought crossed my mind to by a bottle of soda and have guest relations reimburse me for it, but after working so hard just to get a meal, I had no fight left in me. What really bothered me is that all the games areas were fully staffed, and no one was playing any games. I saw tons of people in custodial positions just standing holding their brooms and talking. They could have moved people from those areas to help out in the restaurants. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put a piece of pizza on a plate or fill a drink bottle. What's going to happen when the Fright Fest crowds show up in a few weeks? Or at Holiday in the park? If they are short staffed, then someone is not doing their job recruiting. If they are short staffed, then supervisors and managers should have their butts out there helping out. This was my friends' first visit to Six Flags. They even expressed some feeling of regretting to buy the passes. I was completely embarrassed by my home park. I spent the evening trying to make excuses. Just really sad. If the park doesn't do a major overhaul of its training and operations, then the park is doomed. I can see corporate cutting their losses and just walking away like they did with other parks,
  4. I just feel like the lighting on Sky Screamer, like Colossus, is very dull and boring compare to what we could have. Something like this would be nice.
  5. I totally agree and have been putting this on my park surveys for years. The St. Louis park is so drab compared to other parks. Carnivals have better ride lighting. With all the amazing LED lighting packages available, it's so disappointing that the park doesn't take advantage of any of them. Seeing the chasing lights on the Screamin' Eagle was an incredible site, especially when seen from the highway. The lighting they got for Sky Screamer was just dumb. Now they don't even turn that on. Fireball looks great. However, since the very beginning there were problems with lights at the bottom of the loop randomly flashing and not following the patterns. Now that has started on other parts of the loop and on both sides. Of course the park does nothing about it. The LED lights they put on Colossus a few years ago are so dull. And the lighting program on that has glitches as well. For some reason, SFStl seems to have difficulty maintaining certain things at the park, lighting being one. Every time I've ridden Justice League this summer, effects have not worked. I have never seen the fog screen work this summer. Last night, the fire effect was also off. This was an issue with every dark ride that has ever been in that spot. If you're not going to maintain it. Don't bother putting it in!
  6. I think that map is just for the themed displays. The website says most rides, other than water rides, will be operating. I can see the Boss not running because of temperature, but everything else should be ok unless it gets really cold.
  7. Maybe it's a stupid idea, but I wonder if the park invited enthusiasts to volunteer to come out in the off season and work on small projects like painting and things like that. I'd definitely help out. As far as the carousel goes, no, I don't have the skills to completely refurbish that, but hand me some stripper and sandpaper and I could definitely do some of the work. Maybe that could help offset some of the costs. I'm sure there are plenty of enthusiasts that would love to help keep our park in top shape.
  8. AGREED! I remember seeing some great concerts. Those concerts also really brought people to the park.
  9. When I was having dinner at the park for Coaster Con, I overheard a few other enthusiasts who are higher up in the organization talking about conversations they had with Pete Carmichael, the park's new president. They said that when he first came to the park and was taken on a tour, a good part of the time was spent looking at the park's carousel. Apparently, Pete was appalled with the condition of this classic ride and it's obvious neglect. While I would love seeing a new coaster, I also hate seeing the classic rides leaving or falling into disrepair (Hannibarrels, MoMo the Monster, Tom's Twister, etc.). I get that keeping some of these rides is difficult because of parts. However, I also know that Six Flags's maintenance department is well-known for being able to machine new parts and keeping these rides running. Maybe some money will be spent rehabbing this 1915 PTC gem.
  10. I might be down for that. I'm a teacher and on summer break, although I,have quite a few things planned for the summer. However, I might be able to go. Let me know when you're thinking.
  11. You got rooked on the season pass discount. I whipped out my pass at Calico Sal's and got my discount. They did do away with the platinum season passes because of lack of interest. That's what I was told. I had no problem paying the extra 20 or so bucks because I knew I always got that back with the special discounts, free t-shirt, and 25% off food and merchandise. Anyway, make sure you push the issue next time and get your discount.
  12. I think I saw you there. I agree about the Boss. It didn't feel quite as rough, but it does still cause some pain. The double down is as smooth as it's ever been, but that second drop up into the midcourse brakes is still a mess. They really should have let GCII do some work on it as I heard was offered. I little banking would go a long way! I guess the money wasn't in the budget. Overall, it was a pretty good trip for me as well. There was the typical ride breakdowns and slow food service. But that's to be expected on opening weekend. Great report and pictures. Maybe I'll see you there soon!
  13. I LOVE White Castle, but I agree that it does play with your insides. So what did the inside of the vehicles smell like after that stop?
  14. The Boss has ALWAYS been rough. I remember being at media day when they used a PTC train from the Screamin' Eagle on the Boss. It was rough, but a fun ride. I did end up with several huge bruises that day. Part of the problem is when you drop a coaster off a 100+ foot hill and make it turn with little banking, yeah, your gonna get slammed. They have worked quite a bit on this ride over the years, and I think it has gotten better. However, I think it is one of the most wishy-washy coasters out there. The performance of the ride greatly varies from ride to ride, train to train, and seat to seat. I've had back to back rides on this thing and one ride can be awesome, and the next is ridiculously horrible. I know they are doing some work on it this off-season. If GCII would give them a few tips on banking, and SF would spring for some PTCs, I think that ride could be a top 5.
  15. Actually, they did have the G-trains. The G-trains could not make it up into the midcourse. They still can't when they are the least bit cold. That's why they have to put the weights in them every day during testing, or when a cold train is put into service. The Eagle's train was put in service the night before media day for testing. I got to ride with one of the mechanics who told me about the disappointment with the G-trains. Boy, that ride was rough, though. The PTC train was MUCH more comfortable than the G-trains. I just wonder how much better the ride would be now with PTCs since they've down so much trackwork.
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