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  1. Ok, so yeah. It's been forever since I posted here on TPR. A loooooooooooong while.


    But I'm back, right?


    So I went to Disneyland on Saturday, for my third time there. That's not very much seeing as I'm like 45 min. away from it, but that's beside the point.


    Honestly, it was probably one of the best, if not THE best theme park trip I've ever been on.


    I had so much fun!


    So, I don't have any pictures, but our first ride was Splash Mountain.


    We had a group of 7, and we were slit up into groups of 4 and 3, because they couldn't fit 7 to a log.


    Nobody really got wet on our log. The rest of the group...they got soaked.


    One of my friends wanted to attack me for a min. because I was the one that got everyone on the ride. But I snapped him out of it. He's just lucky we did it at the beginning so he didn't have to take the entire day to dry off.




    Matt is pumped for Disneyland with his first ride of the day. THE TRAM.


    Why do they make these things so out of proportion at Disneyland...


    Ah yes, who could forget Club 33! We ding dong ditched the place twice.





    *teehee* LOOK HOW SMALL IT IS!


    Yeah, I did not do well on this. I like almost threw up after it. Do NOT do well with dizzy rides.


    OMG, Don't hurt us!





    Those are some pretty snazzy things right there.


    Every awesome person in our group, including me.


    Yeah, here's your Space Mountain. I know you all wanted this kind of picture. Right? RIGHT?!


    Oh, here's another OMG I'm getting sweaty here...


    Yetiball's big brother.


    OMG, don't get me started on this ride...


    I rode it alone and it was one of the creepiest things I've EVER done.


    I just liked this picture.


    Same thing here.


    Why is this ride even here? Seriously, it's creepy!








    You could say that I'm "on the ball!" BUHDUM TSSSSSS...


    Ohhhh prettyfull!


    I love fireworks.


    Worst part of the day...right after the fireworks.


    Some more of my best friends! At the very end of the day. I was ready to go home at about that time.


    Overall, I had a great time. I cant wait to go back next year.



  2. Here's my guess, and there are rumors about this anyway of what will happen. (Got it from macrumors.com)


    -Touch screen video iPod with cover flow, osx, and a 480x320 display


    -iPod Nano "Phatty" featuring optional bigger storage, and videos. It'll be fatter than the current Nanos.

    Mock Up:

    Credit goes to Engadget for the photo


    -iPod Shuffle Product (RED)


    -Possibly wifi and internet browser for the full sized iPod.


    -Wireless iTunes store for iPhone


    -iPhone ringtones


    -The Beatles on iTunes


    Sounds like it'll be a huge day for Apple tomorrow!

  3. Original Article: http://www.luckywhitegirl.com/2005/11/medium_rare_ele.html


    Sometimes life is like the movies: just when you think the world is going end, a deus ex machina steps in and magically everything is okay.


    Today I come rushing home because it's the end of the semester and I have finals coming up and I need to write two papers tonight so that I can go camping this holiday weekend with peace of mind so I get home and GIL says, hey honey, you're just in time! I'm cooking french fries!


    Oh that's good, I say, because I haven't eaten yet and I have all this work to do. Let me just put my bike away. I walk into the kitchen and notice my computer's not on the kitchen table. Which. Means. It's.... oh, SH*T!!!!


    I open the over door. No fries. Just one miserable looking laptop. (STOP: EXPLANATION OF WHY I KEEP MY LAPTOP IN THE OVEN: I keep it there because I live in a high crime area in a house with windows that don't even lock. I figure the oven's actually a very safe place. Who would think to look there for valuables? and if the house burns down the computer'd be okay. The system worked just fine when I was living alone.)


    My screams cause GIL to drop his book and come running.


    I accomplish all of the following in under 3.8 minutes:


    * rant

    * rave

    * think of all the data I lost in addition to the machine itself

    * wonder how I'll get my papers done

    * cry

    * hate myself for thinking the oven would be a good storage place

    * hate GIL for not remembering that I keep it in there (I told him TWICE! you'd THINK he'd remember something like that!)

    * fall to the floor beating my fists on my legs

    * pace the room

    * plan how to get a new laptop before the end of the semester even though both of us are so broke we can't even buy enough groceries to get us through the month

    * resolve not to permanently ruin GIL's relationship with my parents by telling them that he cooked the laptop they gave me for Christmas

    * yell at myself

    * yell at GIL

    * cancel our weekend plans


    It's 2:30 in the afternoon. I just got home from class have tons of work to do before we leave for the Thanksgiving holiday and I nearly lost my computer. It was cooked. In the oven. At roughly 300 degrees. For about five minutes.


    Here's what it looks like:



    But the story's not over. I'm happy to report that I am not typing this from my boyfriend's computer.


    I'm working from the melted laptop you see above. When we set it on the table to inspect the damage and noticed that the little green light was flashing. We pressed the button. Welcome, it says. Then it starts Windows. We breath a sigh of relief until it goes to a black screen and displays the following message:


    "Your computer powered off because it overheated. This may be caused by...

    1. . Please wait while we readjust your settings". Then the desktop appeared and it was back. It even found the wireless signal and connected.


    Can you believe it? IT'S FINE!!! The thing is completly fine! Apparently, for as awful as it looks, the only melted thing is the casing. I'm told we could just buy a new case for it.


    I have never felt such raw, pure emotions as I felt then. When you literally feel all the cliches associated with a particular feeling. A flood of relief swept over me. I felt weak at the knees. I think I am still shaking.


    Wow, what a lucky girl. I know my laptop wouldn't survive something like that! (It's aluminum, and it'll get too hot.)




    Link to original article:



    SAN DIEGO -- A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a person who officials said spray-painted a cat's eyes shut.


    According to the Animal Protection and Rescue League, an employee at the San Diego City Attorney's office was leaving for work Wednesday morning when she discovered the spray-painted cat.


    The lawyer, Kim Urie, said she was in the alley between Valle and Martin avenues near Memorial Community Park around 7:30 a.m. when she spotted the cat against a wall.


    "I was out with my dogs," Urie said. "I saw something wrong with the eyes. They were painted shut."


    A can of spray paint was next to the animal, Urie said. She took the cat and the spray paint to work with her and called the county Department of Animal Services.


    Animal Services director Dawn Danielson said officers with her agency picked up the cat around 1 p.m. from the City Attorney's Office.


    "This sickening act of animal cruelty must be addressed on two levels. First, we must bring the person who committed this crime to justice," Kath Rogers of the APRL said in a press release. "Second, we must address the cause of the problem, which is that thousands of unwanted animals roam the streets every year when we do not spay and neuter our cats and dogs."


    The APRL is offering a $500 reward in the case. You can contact them at 619-236-4250 or visit www.APRL.org.


    Additionally, the San Diego Animal Advocates announced Thursday a reward offer of $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction for whoever was responsible for the abuse.


    "The kitten is resting comfortably and ate ravenously, which is a good sign," said Danielson.


    Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact the Department of Animal Services tip line at 619-767-2740.


    That is just horrible, and sad...


    It's important to find who did this...I mean, as the video said "Serial killers often start out abusing animals, ,and then they move on to people"



  5. I'm sorry about your loss... I don't really know what else to say...


    However, even dead, your mother probably wants nothing more than for you to be happy. Just remember the good times with your mother at theme parks, and everywhere else.



  6. So my brother is browsing Youtube for coaster videos, and he comes across this:





    I'm thinking-WTF!?


    But then, I noticed at the end (I don't know if it applies for all of them) that a couple were actually stationed in Iraq, and that Six Flags provided them with a wedding, since they did not have the money to have one.


    I think it's very strange to be married on Tatsu.



  7. My best idea is to put it in, and if you have the option, format the card. Sometimes cards won't work as well if they aren't formatted on the camera that you're using it on. That' my best guess of what to do.



  8. I love fireworks. I love them all, except cherry bombs.


    However, in my city, they're illegal, so we can't set them off. That's why we usually go to our friends house in a different city, where they're legal. We set off all kinds of them. Usually we set them off in the street. After blocking it off, of course.


    This year, however, we're going to go to our boat, and watch the fireworks go off. I really want to ho back where we can set them off in the street, but whatever.



  9. Most problems can be easily addressed by asking about it on the free forum.


    Let me ask you a question.


    What do you do for a living? Have you worked computer phone support with people or provided desktop support for users in a company? Have you done side work where you did "house calls" for computer problems? To be honest I don't think you have, else you wouldn't be telling me about "they can ask in a forum."


    The problem is, until you get the experience like I have, you won't know even though you think you have the answers. I get people coming to my desk that supposedly know so much about computers and say "I don't know how to put this in words so I can enter it in the helpdesk application." Now apply that to someone that doesn't even have someone to ask that sort of thing, and you want them to put a post in a forum instead of getting some type of phone support?


    OK. That's where are differences are. Different perspectives based on experience. So I'll leave it at that.


    Moving back to the original topic, because there's no point going 'round and 'round on something that's derailing the thread.


    Hopefully I can start saving up for a new Mac Book Pro in September after the coaster trip in August. But you know in the Mac vs Windows argument, it all comes down to what you want to use it for. People would ask me about a computer and the first thing I would ask them is "What do you plan on using it for?" They would usually have to stop and think for a minute. Right now I have a few macs and a dell laptop at home. I use my macs more because that is my personal computer to me. If I have to log in to the network at work or do some coding at home, that's when I pull windows out. Most of my gaming is done on windows, but I hardly have time for that now.


    When others are getting machines they want to make sure they can go to the store and buy any hardware, such as a webcam or printer and be able to plug it in and it works. The want to be able to go to the store and buy a program off the shelf and install it without having to call for help. And of course they want their ipod or other music player to be able to be plug and go too. So once we hash out the details, they have a better idea of what os they want to use.


    I didn't know I was going to cause a Linux/OSX debate when I posed that!


    Seriously, this isn't Linux vs. OSX. You should stay on the topic.



  10. Well, I've only done one kind of "prank call."


    So last night, I decided to call Ryan and Chocolate Thunder's web show. Ryan was dressed up as Spiderman with sunglasses, so I decided to call in by doing a Spiderman related call, since people had called in as MJ. (At one point, Ryan broke up with MJ, but still) So I decided to call in as Dr. Octopus. Now, Ryan wasn't in the room at the time, so CT picked up.


    "Hello, you're live" (or something like that)

    "This is Dr. Ocotopus, I have captured Mary Jane. Tell him to get me if he can."

    "Are you for rizzle?"

    "Yes" (or something like a yes)



    After he hung up, he told the whole audience about it! ROFL!!



    -Mike "Hope there's one on tonite!" J

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