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  1. I definitely wish that this was Leviathan's layout! Being a Canadian, I'd like to say that Canada's Wonderland is at all up there in my list of parks to visit, but it's just not. 1 very good hyper, one "good" giga coaster and then a record setting number of extremely mediocre rides bar maaaaybe Vortex and Skyrider.


    Good for Carowinds though The ride looks awesome.

  2. Just read about the certain goal and Mac version. I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna donate money to have them reach the goal, or get almost to it, then not release a Mac version. You either produce for your target audience or you don't. Why am I suppose to donate when you may or may not include me in your product? I'm sorry to sound bitter here, but I am really excited about the game but really disappointed in the response to creating a Mac version. Maybe I need to hit up Chris about a RCT 4 or another expansion to 3.


    If they hit 130,000 they're going to create a Mac version. I'm a Mac user as well but they need monetary support in order to re-write the game for the Mac. You can revoke your donation before the end date if it doesn't get anywhere close.

  3. ok thanks! This game looks amazing though. I really love how it's sort of a mix between the detail in NL and elements of RCT. I've been looking for something that combines them and this looks like what I've been looking for!



    As it says on the Kickstarter, if they reach 130,000 they will be able to release a Mac version of the game. Otherwise the release will be PC only. So if you want to see a Mac version, make sure you pledge.


  4. Ready to have your mind blown!?



    This is me when I joined this forum.



    This is a phase that I like to pretend never happened.



    Anddd this is me right now (I literally just took this photo.)


    Yeef. Seeing it black and white like that even freaks me out. It's hard to comprehend that I ever looked like that in the past, but, yeah!

  5. I play the computer...

    To update my post in 2006, anyone here use Reason?

    Link to a small sample of what I do now: http://sampleman7.com/s7003.mp3


    Nice hoover!


    Edit: On second thought that's not really a hoover, you're just using glide on a super saw of some sorts, but either way it sounds cool!


    I've been producing music for a few years now, and I actually just posted an update about my new house song Underneath Any fans of electronic dance music should check it out )




    (Or if you just wanna listen: http://soundcloud.com/seandroid/underneath )

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