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  1. I've rode many Disk 'O rides before...They're pretty fun so I make it a point to ride one at every park I go to. And the only one I've ever been told to put my hands down and hold the handle bars is at Dollywood. Of course, I obeyed and did as the park requested, because always follow park rules. But I was just wondering if anyone has ever been told that at another park on a Disk 'O before or is it just a Dollywood thing? I've just never heard it before and the ride operator there at Dollywood was kind of passionate about it too...Constantly screaming at everyone while the ride is in motion, "Put your hands down!" And even after the ride, the line operator would scold little kids and grown ups for their constant raising of the hands. It was just weird to see. Now, Dollywood has the right to do whatever, it's their park and their rules. I just felt that there was no joy in the operator's tone. I also kind of got that vibe at other rides too. Ride operators over microphones saying park rules over and over again...With no sense of joy in their job. There was no, "How did you enjoy your ride" or "Who's ready to ride" or any kind of message with great joy for them or the guests. I understand that parks have to put up with all kind of bad behavior from guests and I'm sure Dollywood has had to deal with a lot of it also with the amount of guests they entertain on a daily basis...But I'm kind of worried that Dollywood is getting a little beat down by it and letting it show. I was at Silver Dollar City the month before, who is operated by the same company, and the ride operators there were joyous and happy and interactive in way that made you feel welcome. While at Dollywood, it felt like they were kind of unhappy and beat down, no joy whatsoever. Not going to say it was that way for every ride, but the majority of them felt that way. And I hate to say this about Dollywood, because I love the place! It's a park I go to every year and will continue to go there...But I am a little worried about them though.



    I asked an employee about the hands rule on the Disk 'O, and they said it was due to how the restraints operate on this particular (older) model. Once restraints are "locked" they will no longer open, but they can continue to ratchet forward while the ride is in motion. The hands-down rule is to help guests brace themselves against the back to prevent any unnecessary tightening of the restraint during the ride cycle. I highly doubt it would cause any injury, but I'm sure it could easily frighten a small child (or an adult ).


    Also, the operator I talked to was very happy and kind, so hopefully your experience was just a fluke!

  2. Is it really for loose articles FROM the train or maybe protection from items thrown AT the train?


    I think riders are more likely to be injured by those on the ground than vice versa.


    I am sure that was taken into consideration as well. I can say with relative certainty that the major concern was articles from the train. This may not be easily visible from the pictures, but the nets are constructed with a pocket that is intended to catch loose articles.

  3. Great report!


    Great report! The area looks beautiful.


    I notice the Vekoma train has a strange cage / netting type structure on - I wonder why the clearances have made this necessary.



    Directly across from the first drop/overbanked turn is the new water play area, so there is an opportunity for loose articles to be projected into that area. Rather than place a net beneath that portion of the ride structure (which would alter the look of the area) Dollywood decided to place the netting on the ride itself.

  4. One thing I didn't notice from the original announcement is that Wild Adventures will now provide free Pre-K Season Passes to kids ages 3-5. Once parents apply for the pass it will give children free access for the rest of the 2018 season as well as the 2019 season. This is in addition to an announcement a month or so ago where Wild Adventures partnered with the local university to offer free passes to students that lived on campus, and reduced-price passes to those that commute. They will even rename Double-Shot/Firecracker (made famous in Zombieland) to Blazer Blastoff after the school's mascot.


    I've got to say it's really nice to see HFE invest back in this community. When I was younger Wild Adventures was THE place to go during a long weekend, holiday, or any day in the summer, but lately, I've encountered far fewer people that view it in such light. I see HFE is taking steps to bring it back to the forefront of the community's mind, and I think the new investment and passes will bode well for them.

  5. new2019_advarea_shorthero.thumb.png.c9d88007309504fce662254ae6b159a7.png

    Alligator Alley - New for 2019!


    VALDOSTA — The Kids Zone at Wild Adventures Theme Park will soon be revamped to include new attractions as part of a $2.85 million investment.


    At a press conference Thursday, park officials announced the groundbreaking of Alligator Alley and the Gator Crossing Rope Bridge set to open March 2019.


    The three-acre addition will feature six kiddie rides that will be near the park’s main entrance, said Molly Deese, park vice president and general manager.


    The netted-rope bridge will suspend over Alligator Alley, which will include dozens of alligators, according to park officials.


    Construction starts Oct. 1.


    “At Alligator Alley, kids will get up close with our area’s most intriguing native species; they’ll even have an opportunity to feed the gators, which is an experience no kid will ever forget,” she said.


    New rides include Okefenokee Express, Flying Gators, Turtle Twist, Swampwater Snake, Hoppin’ Gator and Okefenokee Friends.


    “The new kids’ area will lead into the Alapaha Trail, which offers an authentic swamp experience as guests stroll through an actual Georgia swamp, encountering animal exhibits featuring native and exotic species,” according to park officials.


    Park officials also announced the introduction of a new admissions program that will allow 3- to 5-year-olds to enter the park for free utilizing a Pre-K Free Kids’ Season Pass starting Monday, Sept. 17.


    The pass may be used for the rest of the 2018 season and the entirety of the 2019 season, according to park officials.


    “The process for getting a pre-k kids’ pass just couldn’t be easier; it’s done in three easy steps,” said Patrick Pearson, director of sales and marketing.


    Parents or guardians must first register their child online at wildadventures.com and submit proof of age with a birth certificate or a passport. The third step is simply to visit the theme park to play.


    The 2019 gold passes go on sale Monday, Sept. 17.






    Looks like the new attraction for 2019 will be a 3-acre alligator-themed kids area. Six new rides will surround an interactive gator pond, where you can feed, walk over, and interact with baby and adult alligators. The park will also introduce two new educational experiences - a 'gator nursery' to showcase the park's baby alligators, as well as a show called "Gator!" coined as an 'edutainment' show. The centerpiece of the new area will house the alligator habitat, where parkgoers can feed, watch, and even walk over the animals on the Gator Crossing Rope Bridge.


    I consider this a brilliant move on behalf of Wild Adventures. While it looks like most of the rides will be rethemed versions of existing offerings, this entire experience seems unique and enjoyable for all ages. Nice!


    *Edited to include Valdosta Daily Times press release*

  6. Photo TR - Saturday, July 30th, 2016


    Ever since I was a kid on TPR I wanted to do a photo TR of my now old home park, Wild Adventures. Sadly, life got in the way, and I grew older and moved further away, but I always remembered how much this site and park both meant to me as a a young coaster enthusiast. Fast forward about 11 years, and by golly the stars aligned! This weekend I happened to be visiting family, and a friend shared a news article about Wild Adventures offering free tickets to educators through Monday. Since I never intended on visiting the park, I did not have my camera with me, but I hopped in my car anyway, and made my way down to Wild Adventures!


    It has been about 6 years since I visited Wild Adventures, so I was very excited to see what changed throughout the park, but, more importantly, relive some great memories through what had not. I'll make this writing portion short and sweet, by saying that HFE has done a wonderful job recreating this location in to a family-friendly theme park. Through their re-themes of certain areas, and addition of many trees, this park has really become a great place to spend a day. I feel they are really hitting their target market lately by offering more low-thrill rides, and adding their Dinosaur exhibit. I do feel like the park would benefit by adding another high-thrill type attraction, especially since part of the reason it has been so long since I've been back is that I feel I've exhausted most of the park's offerings. However, spending more time just walking around and enjoying the sights and sounds has really allowed me to respect Wild Adventures in a new light. I would happily suggest that those coming through the area stop by and check it out for yourself. It is no thrill capital, but it does have some quality rides that will leave you with a big smile on your face.


    Now for pictures!


    The first coaster you see coming in to the park - Ant Farm Express.


    When I was a kid, you could not get me off this ride. I guess it was something about riding in a shoe? I don't know, I was pretty weird... (I was a coaster enthusiast after all!)


    The second coaster in the children's portion - Go Bananas! I, however, thought the old name, Bug-Out, was pretty cool.


    Go Bananas! Was actually a walk-on when I arrived. I have never been the sole rider on a coaster before, so this was a pretty neat experience!


    I vaguely remember Elissa loving the old name for this ride. I really can't remember what it was called!


    In Wild Adventures you can spit and it land on a Vekoma.


    Swamp Thing, and its sign. Even though the paint scheme is very Nickelodeon Universe, I love it!


    Coke Freestyle shop and Top Spin.


    This ride sits on the former S&S Screamin' Swing sight. I never understood why they had two, but I loved them!


    *Insert distasteful Disney joke here*


    One HFE's original additions. The Rattler is one of the many rides in a pretty great line-up of flat rides.


    The new-for-2016 Dinosaur exhibit. I skipped this, because there were large numbers of children running through.


    A quick look at part of Splash Island from the amphitheater. In some respects, Splash Island is far more popular than Wild Adventures


    Hey look! The amphitheater where Andy Grammer (artist who sings 'Honey I'm Good' and 'It's Fine By Me') will perform later in the evening. Funny story about that later in the TR....


    The entrance to Splash Island, since it's free with park admission, there was a steady stream of bathing suit clad people heading that way.


    What comes up.


    Must come down.


    For you lift hill enthusiasts.


    Twisted Typhoon is a strikingly good Vekoma SLC. I have a theory that its relative smoothness is related to the softer South Georgia ground it was built upon, but it's probably just because they built it correctly.


    Walking up part of the exit will give you some great shots.


    Hangma..... I mean Twisted Typhoon.


    Viking's Voyage, the transplant from Celebration City.


    HFE really has done a better job with the shade. The pines reminded me of portions of SFOG.


    This Cheetah does not Chase. This Cheetah does not Hunt. This Cheetah just Cheetahs.


    A little better look at Viking's Voyage. This is one of those rides that is fun, because it is so bizarre.


    The lake offers some great vantage points across the park. I am glad they took down the trees that were in the middle.


    Ok, so the funny story about Andy Grammer. As I was queuing for the Cheetah, I noticed a large group coming up the exit ramp. As the security broke through the crowd of patrons exiting the ride, I caught a glimpse of Andy (I only recognized him since I saw his poster earlier). As is customary with honored guests, he was allowed on to the front of the train ahead of everyone else. As everyone finished boarding the train, I heard a call for a single rider. Not knowing where it came from, I raised my hand, and someone motioned me to a seat right behind Andy, next to Doug, his keyboardist. The guys were great, and were awesome to talk to. When we got off, Andy gladly agreed to a photo, because I knew my students would be very jealous that I was able to ride a roller coaster with someone they hear on the radio. It was a pretty neat experience!


    This train takes you around the safari portion of Wild Adventures.


    Not only does it offer great views of animals, it also offers fantastic views of The Cheetah and Twisted Typhoon.


    Ironically, the other side of the lake offers better views of Swamp Thing.


    In case you wanted to see how the park was laid out.


    I love the paint-scheme for Boomerang!


    Coaster through the coaster.


    The river rapids for the park. It has a great beginning, but fairly slow ending.



    An all-time favorite. I love the theme.


    Looped back around the park to get another picture of Go Bananas!


    The Ferris Wheel sports the park's motto - "Together, we are fun at heart!"


    One of the many animal related shows at Wild Adventures.


    I think that this is one of the most hidden gems at the park.


    The Alapaha Trail features animals from around South Georgia and also the world.


    It takes you to the park's quieter side, and lets you meander through animal exhibits, as well as an actual swamp.


    Portions of the trail are turned in to a haunt zone during Halloween.


    You are able to move at your own pace, and the entire walk is naturally shaded.


    It is even home to my spirit animal.


    Really, it is truly beautiful.


    If you ever want a quiet place to beat the heat, this is the place to go.


    Now you see how Swamp Thing gets its name.


    The big thrill when they added the ride years ago was that you actually rode over alligators. If I remember, it took them a while to actually finish the habitat, but it offers a neat experience!


    The latest ride in the WA line-up. Sadly it was down. The area around it has some Orff-style instruments for guests to play on. As a music teacher, this really made me smile!


    As seen on Zombieland. Also down.


    Another classic flat ride. It was truly a great few hours at Wild Adventures!

  7. From what I am seeing, Harley Quinn replaced the remote controlled monster trucks and is located in Mindbender's turn into the brakes while Joker is located at the top of the hill across from Crime Wave, correct?


    Harley Quinn did not replace the remote controlled monster trucks, but it is located in Mindbender's turn into the brake run. It fits snuggly between the turn, Batman's merch store, and Batman's existing exit. The monster trucks are still there, and SFOG had the working too.


    You are correct about the Joker - once you come in to Gotham, you'll see it on your right directly across from Crime Wave.

  8. The ride was originally announced as being 240, but I believe they only could get permission from the FAA for 220-230. As I understand it the limit is 200 feet from the tallest point (Where Goliath, at exactly 200 feet tall, is located), but they were able to go a little taller by placing the ride in Lickskillet.


    That makes much more sense. The ride-op was still saying the ride was 240, but I was under the impression, like you said, that it wasn't quite that tall. Thank you!

  9. The Joker Chaos Coaster Media Day and Photo TR


    It’s epic. It’s chaotic. It’s devious. And, it’s waiting for you and 23 other riders! It’s the all-new THE JOKER Chaos Coaster. Experience the insanity of facing off against one another and rocking back and forth through seven stories of looping mayhem. It may seem like the madness is slowing down, but you are about to be thrown for a loop, upside down, 72 feet in the air. And, it’s not over yet. Get ready to be sent in the opposite direction for even more looping havoc.


    If twists and turns are more to your liking, get ready for a thrill by spinning through an adventure bigger than ever before on the all-new Harley Quinn Spinsanity. Hop on this classic ride with your entire family with a new twist, as you challenge other riders to see who succeeds to spin around the most then stand up without feeling dizzy.


    The new THE JOKER Chaos Coaster and Harley Quinn Spinsanity are located in the Gotham City area of the park along with the likes of BATMAN: The Ride, Mind Bender and more!



    Today I was invited to join the Media Day Events for the The Joker Chaos Coaster and Harley Quinn's Spinsanity. While these two rides were not the most anticipated additions to a theme park this year, I was impressed with just how special Six Flags Over Georgia made the event. From the friendly staff to the awesome Joker and Harley Quinn bobble-heads, you could tell SFOG was proud of their new additions. In all, the day was highly enjoyable, and memorable for all who attended.


    First let me review The Joker Chaos Coaster. I'll start off by saying, "Wow!" I remember the announcement for this ride, and questioning the park's sanity on such an odd addition, but boy was I wrong. I was concerned that the ride would be very carnival-esque, with a lot of shaking and general safety concerns, but it definitely had that permanent feel. It also came with a sweet lighting package that is going to truly sparkle during the evening and night hours. The ride itself was very smooth, well-paced, and just plain fun. Its height added to the excitement, while also complimenting the Gotham City 'skyline.' The Joker logo placed in the middle of the loop made for some great visuals too. This ride, along with Harley Quinn's Spinsanity, really fills out this part of the park, and I feel they are welcome additions to line-up at Six Flags Over Georgia.


    Check-in was at the rear entrance of the park near the stadium in Gotham City.


    On our walk up we were treated with a short glimpse of Dare Devil Dive.


    The lunch/refreshments tent that would serve us goodies later in the day.


    Once we reached Gotham we were told the ride was open for media. Naturally we hoped right on!


    Personally, I'm a fan of the Joker logo in the middle. It makes for some cool visuals.


    Due to the height of the ride, it offers a lot of opportunities to play with the sun in pictures.



    Happy riders


    As stated earlier in the forum, Batman Backwards was extended further in to the season per customers' requests.



    After a few rides, Dan Kaetzel, president of SFOG, came to speak for the ribbon cutting.


    The actual cutting of the ribbon.


    I honestly did not find Batman Backwards to be that enjoyable. My friend and I sat in the 'front' of the train, and the entire ride seemed too rough. My head hit the headrest almost as much as on a SLC. I'm not sure if other riders have had the same experience, but I think I'll wait until it faces forward to ride it again.


    It was a little disorienting coming in to the loading station and seeing the train face the other direction.


    From Batman we moved on to Mindbender. I love how historic, and just plain fun this ride is!


    With the addition of The Joker Chaos Coaster, there are finally three loops in Gotham.


    Don't be fooled by the report - THIS was the real reason for the celebration. Oreo churros need to be more of a staple at Six Flags parks. They were neat!


    After taking some photos of the new rides, we ventured back to the tent to partake in some great food provided by the park. I believe the DJ was leading the 'Wobble' in this particular picture.


    After the celebration, we moved on to check out the rest of the park. Crime Wave was not impressed by the new additions.


    Leaving this side of the park, we passed by The Joker again, and saw that it was a big hit with the public!


    Dare Devil Dive was the only coaster to post significant wait times today - for that reason we decided to skip it since we both had the credit.


    "Funny, I don't remember ever riding a ride that made me feel like a loaf." - Brianna


    See what I mean?


    And they're off! The first 'official' ride of The Joker Chaos Coaster.


    We moved on to the back of the park, and passed through what I believe should be the next focus area for the park. With the demise of Deja Vu and Thomas Town, this area really lacks a draw. I think an even better kiddy area (which, by the way, was closed) and a small coaster would really do wonders for this side of the park.


    Like I said, this side of the park just seems sad.


    Next up - Sky Screamer. It was both mine and Brianna's first time on one of these, and we really enjoyed it! Despite being so high in the air, it was relaxing! (Also, someone please re-explain to me SFOG's ceiling issues, seeing as this is marketed as being 240 feet tall. I was under the assumption the limit was 200 feet.)



    Took the train for a spin, so we could continue to relax.


    I love GASM's station.


    *Insert semi-artsy GASM photo here*


    Hurrican Harbor was open to the public today, and, like the rest of the park, did not seem crowded. Due to time, we decided not to look around.


    Superman was running great today! The line was long for the crowd, but not nearly as bad as Dare Devil Dive. The Pretzel Loop is still probably one of my favorite coaster elements.


    By this time, we were both pretty tired, and decided to take the rest of the day kind of slow. Neither of us had ever taken the time to ride the carousel, and much to my surprise it was one of the most enjoyable moments of the day. If you're in the park, please take the time to slow down and enjoy this beautiful ride. You won't regret it.


    And by take it slow, I mean ride the smaller rides. Somehow, and I'm really not sure how, I had missed getting the Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster credit over the past years. I was not about to let it slide this time.


    Agoraphobia. Arachnophobia. Acrophobia.




    Passed our new friend, who was continuing to be a hit with the crowd.


    I forget how wonderfully charming Six Flags Over Georgia can be. The park, to me, is operating at its best in years.


    I nominate the Georgia Cyclone for the next RMC transformation.


    While the park is operating at its best, this ride is unfortunately not. I know it was recently retracked in sections, but the ride seems almost too rough. I think this would be a great challenge for RMC, and a new lease on life for a ride that I wouldn't want to see go completely. The tight footprint lends itself to the strengths of RMC, and I'm sure they could include some incredible elements in its original structure.


    As we made one final pass back to Gotham, I noticed this new addition to the arcade area by Goliath. I know these games are gaining in popularity in other parks, so I was happy to see this at SFOG!


    One last look at Gotham City before we left. So very happy with the new additions.


    Don't think I forgot about Harley Quinn's Spinsanity!


    I love the detail on this ride. Where Six Flags could have dropped the ball, they seemed to really take some extra time on this ride.


    So happy to see this classic flat ride at Six Flags Over Georgia!


    Thank you to Six Flags Over Georgia for a great media day, and an awesome day at the park!


    Still has that new ride smell.

  10. You know, I definitely wasn't expecting this type of ride (or should I say any new ride for 2015), but I'm quite pleased. It's a perfect fit for their current line up family/flat rides, and I'm sure it will go over well with the general public.


    I'm very satisfied with what Herschend Family Entertainment has done with Wild Adventures. The capital improvements have really changed the look and feel of the entire experience at the park. New paint, restaurants and landscaping have really gone a long way. It's been nice to see a company take their time, and really work to change it from the inside out. That being said, I am hoping the time is coming for serious growth investments. Wild Adventures is nowhere near the caliber of Dollywood or Silver Dollar City, but it has a substantial market it can pull from. Adding a major new (original) attraction could place this park on the map for many people on their way to and from Orlando, or could even set it apart as a destination of its own. Regardless, HFE has been known to put forth a quality product time and time again, so the future is still bright as ever for Wild Adventures!

  11. It has always interested me how TPR draws people from all walks of life. People from different states, countries, and continents, with different languages, backgrounds, and beliefs all find a common ground in enjoying the amusement industry. None of us live the same life, yet we are all united by our part-time obsession.


    That being said, I have always wondered what types of jobs my fellow enthusiasts have. Even though I'm sure we would all like to, very few of us can make a living off of loving theme parks, water parks and roller coasters. Sure, you visit parks as often as you can, but you have to pay for those tickets some how. So, what jobs do you guys have?


    As for myself, I am currently a student (senior year!), and I am working two desk jobs within my university. When I graduate in the spring I hope to find a job as a high school choral teacher (my other passion).



    (I did a little digging, but I could not find a thread similar to this. If there is one, I am sorry!)

  12. Oh, I thought you guys wanted a Super Loop?


    In all honesty, I think it looks fantastic, and I appreciate Six Flags taking a step out of their comfort zone for this one. While the name may become a little confusing for some park goers, I like that SFFT finally has their own Batman: The Ride.


    Kudos to the people who have been calling this for a while. Maybe the Aquatrax will come next year.

  13. I do hope that if it is Joker themed - it goes in Gotham City where it belongs and not over near the Mine Train.


    Agreed. I suppose I'm an SFOG purist, but that section of the park is so beautiful to me.I feel like any addition near the Mine Train would detract from an area of the park that helps set it apart from other ones in the chain. Though, you will not hear me complain about Acrophobia...


    As for me, bring on the flats. A well-rounded park is better than a lopsided park.

  14. I probably wouldn't recommend doing them in the same day (but I see you're probably not). The 4 hour driving distance would really take a chunk out of your ride time, and Hangman closes at nightfall (unless the new management changed that).


    According to Screamscape, Wild Adventures is scheduled to open March 14th. Splash Island opens on the 28th along with their new water slide, so if you had that extra full day I would suggest hitting up the water park. You can do it in a hour. These dates are subject to change, though.


    Hope you enjoy it in Georgia!

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