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  1. Hi again ! This is one of the pictures I could find from Spyland, it seems to be at least 3 rollercoasters....but anyway it just an idea of how the themepark would look like.
  2. According to newspress Reuters : "ORLANDO, EEUU (Reuters) - Los promotores de un parque temático llamado Spyland, que no han conseguido construirlo en Dubai ni en Francia, han anunciado que planean hacerlo en España a finales del año que viene tras conseguir una financiación de 120 millones de euros. "Esto es incluso mejor. Nos encontramos inmersos en un gran proyecto. Tendremos más visitantes", dijo el jueves Didier Rancher, coordinador general de Spyland, que lleva trabajando en el proyecto más de una década. El parque, cuyas atracciones girarán entorno a la temática del espiona
  3. Hello everyone, I have been searching in the forum if this subject has been posted before but I have not found it. I just read in the newspaper about this huge mega complex a.k.a "The New Spanish Las Vegas" to be built in the coming years...starting with a new theme park called "Spyland". Its going to be built in a dessert near Zaragoza city. And They suppose to add 4 more themepark and near 70 hotels, aquatic parks, bullring, museums, golf course etc... The theme park was presented this week at IAAPA Orlando. The entire project is called "Gran Scala" More info : http://www.spyland
  4. Hello Corkscrewed ! I´m from Spain, and I´ve been in Port Aventura twice. To get there from Barcelona you have to go from Barcelona Sants station, rembember that there are 3 trains stations in Barcelona. You can either take the train to Port aventura station or Salou station, Salou is the town that is next to Port Aventura Park and is quite easy to get to the park from there plus there are more trains that stop in the town. You can find more practical info at www.portaventura.com, it doesn´t say at what time they close the park in low season, you will have to check once you get there,
  5. Hi everybody ! I just want to recommend you a visit to Port Aventura during Halloween, well is a long Halloween because starts in September 15th and it ends around November.... The park looks completly different with all the decorations they put everywhere, pumpkins, spiders, skeletors, ghosts, fill every single spot of this great park. Also they have special shows going on everywhere, "The Devil says yes" in Mexico is just great; also the one in the Saloon sort of Tarantino´s vampire movie... They have special rides for Halloween like the Psycho Circus, that is sort of a maze inside
  6. Hello everyone I´m new in this forum and here it is my littel contribuition. My favourite one is also Hurakan Condor, I´ve tried the Riddle´s revenge at Warner Bros Park Madrid and the one in Terra Mitica Park and I think this is the best, specially the way you are seated and when it tilts at the top of the tower making you face all the way down.....there are two different ways to be seated but the riding-horse-seat is the best... This is the horse-riding seat....he, he....Watch your nuts....!!!
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