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  1. Even more pictures on epfans.info http://www.epfans.info/?id=2412&
  2. great thanks for the support. When we have finished composing the ad I will present it here to you in advance to the print version. - so stay tuned
  3. totally black ones Perhaps you got some of the station showing some trains. Thanks for the participation.
  4. Hello everybody, let my quick introduce to you. My name is Maximilian Roeser and I am working for MACK Rides in Waldkirch, Germay. There I am responsible for all marketing stuff. For a magazine advertisement we are searching for pictures of our products built in the years 2007/2008. Because a lot of you are good photographers and many of our products are not just right here in Germay, I want to ask you for your support. If you can think of your picture being part of a commercial please send in your picture in a small resoultion to my email adress: maximilian.roeser@mack-rides.
  5. Yesterday the first YOUNGStar Coaster of Mack Rides has opened in Europapark. It's height limit is 1 meter or 4 years of age. The coaster is 23meters high and 65 km/h fast. At www.epinside.de you can find some pictures of the opening ceremony Have fun
  6. New photos of the new Coaster in 2006 for the Europapark www.epinside.de
  7. I got you a picture of the Football-Coaster. And here is an animation of the Lift-System used in Eurosat and Euromir @ Europapark. Look here
  8. On May, 23rd the Europapark will open a YoungStar Coaster build by Mack Rides. Pictures can be found @ www.epinside.de The Track is very dynamic but still smooth to drive - if you rembeber the Coaster is open for kids by 1 meter or about 4 years of age.
  9. Today the attraction was opened by famous football players and coaches from Germany. A massive News update with all the new Attractions and the Arena of Football can be watched at www.epinside.de Have fun. Greetings
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