TR: Chinese New Year In Shanghai (Part 2)

Day Two In Shanghai
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TR: Chinese New Year In Shanghai (Part 2)

Postby The Angry Darren Mullins » Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:19 am

It is after midnight here. I was trying to sleep when I work up to what I first thought were explosions. They weren't explosions. The noise was from fireworks lighting up Shanghai for the new year. The Chinese like to set off fireworks to ward off evil spirits. Since I can't sleep, I decided to post some photos from day # 2 of my Shanghai trip. I managed to visit five parks on this day. This is the most parks I have ever visited in one day. I could have visited seven parks as I went by Century Park and People's Park, but since I had done those the day before, I didn't bother with them. It is possible to visit six or seven parks a day here in Shanghai due to the wonderful metro system that drops you off at the parks or very close to the parks. The parks I visited today were Jinjiang Action Park, Chang Feng Park, Luxun Park, Gongqing Forest Park and Heping Park.

Jinjiang Action Park is home to four coasters(soon to be five) and was my first park for the day. My first ride was on the Moto Coaster, which I liked better than the one I rode at Chimelong Paradise. My next ride was on the Roller Coaster-a shuttle loop like the ones I rode at Mitsui Greenland in Japan and Seoul Dreamland in Korea. The Karst Cave indoor powered coaster was fun and there was a spinning mouse like several I have already been on. One neat ride here was a version of Disney's It's A Small World Ride. I rode this, but I my favorite version of this ride is Global Village at Everland.

My next park was Chang Feng Park. They have a basic collection of rides and a lot of scenery. I rode the coaster(named Mine Car), took some pictures and left.

Luxun Park was next and I saw it before I got off the metro. There is a powered coaster called Gliding Dragon and some other rides. As with Chang Feng, I rode the Gliding Dragon, took some photos and then left.

My next park was Gongqing Forest Park. This is a massive park with two separate amusement areas and three coasters. There is also a Bobkart ride here. I rode the three coasters and the Bobkart Ride, some photos and left. The Bobkart ride was my third Bobkart (the other two I have ridden are at Shenzhen's Window Of The World and at Nagashima Spaland). The three coasters are the Inertia Roller Coaster (an Asian knock-off of Lakemont's defunct Mad Mouse), Loop and Spiral Coaster and Golden Dragon Roller Coaster (a wacky worm with a dragon themed train).

My last park of the day was Heping Park. There is a very basic collection of rides here, a small zoo and a lot of scenery. The Outer Space Flying Car is a kiddie coaster and is like the one I rode at Haibin Park in Zhuhai. The only difference is the track is different-the layout is the same. There were a few other rides here and I took some photos of some of the rides and left. As I was walking to the metro station from Heping Park, some people must have set off 1000 firecrackers on the sidewalk. I got a few photos of this.

On my way to eat some Korean fried chicken, I passed People's Park and Century Park and could have easily went into them and said I visited seven parks in a day, but I didn't bother as I went to them the day before. At least I visited five parks in a single day, which is a new personal record for myself.
Jinjiang Entrance.JPG
I started the day at Jinjiang Action Park
Jinjiang Tower.JPG
It looks like they were trying to copy a couple of American parks with this tower inside the entrance.
Jinjiang Train.JPG
This train was in Jinjiang Park
Jinjiang Moto Coaster.JPG
Moto Coaster-my first ride of the day.
Jinjiang Roller Coaster Sign.JPG
This looks like it could be a good ride.
Jinjiang Roller Coaster 1.JPG
Here is a shot of the Roller Coaster at Jinjiang Action Park
Jinjiang Roller Coaster 2.JPG
Through the loop
Jinjiang Karst Cave.JPG
This was at the entrance to the Karst Cave Coaster
Jinjiang Spinning Coaster.JPG
I have ridden so many of these
Jinjiang New Ride.JPG
A new ride is being built at Jinjiang. I have this strange feeling of deja vu...
Chang Feng Park.JPG
Here is Chang Feng Park
Chang Feng Park 2.JPG
Pathway in Chang Feng Park
Chang Feng Park 3.JPG
More scenery in Chang Feng Park
Chang Feng Coaster 1.JPG
Here is the Mine Car at Chang Feng Park
Chang Feng Carousel.JPG
Chang Feng Wave Swinger.JPG
Chang Feng Wave Swinger
Chang Feng Rides.JPG
More rides at Chang Feng Park
Luxun Park.JPG
Here is the lake at Luxun Park
Luxun Park 2.JPG
Another photo from Luxun Park
Luxun Coaster 1.JPG
Here is the powered coaster
Luxun Coaster 2.JPG
Here is the coaster in action
Luxun Coaster 3.JPG
This is the entrance to the powered coaster.
Luxun Flat Ride.JPG
This ride was in Luxun Park
Luxun Wave Swinger.JPG
Here is Luxun Park's wave swinger
Luxun Rides.JPG
Here are a couple other rides in Luxun Park
Gongqing Carousel.JPG
My next park was Gongqing Forest Park
Gongqing Bumber Cars.JPG
Here are Gongqing's Bumper Cars
Gongqing Train.JPG
This is the train at Gongqing Forest Park
Gongqing Bobkart.JPG
Here is the Bobkart at Gongqing Forest Park
Gongqing Loop and Screw.JPG
The Loop and Spiral Coaster at Gongqing was an okay ride.
Gongqing Mouse 1.JPG
This is the Inertia Roller Coaster at Gongqing Forest Park.
Gongqing Golden Dragon.JPG
Gongqing's Golden Dragon became my 100th coaster in China
Gongqing Golden Dragon 2.JPG
Here is another shot of the Golden Dragon.
Heping Park 1.JPG
Heping Park was my fifth park of the day
Heping Park 2.JPG
Some scenery in Heping Park
Heping Park Carousel.JPG
Here is Heping Park's Carousel
Heping Park Pirate Ship.JPG
Heping Park's pirate ship
Heping Park Coaster.JPG
Here is a photo of Heping Park's Outer Space Flying Car
Heping Fireworks.JPG
Fireworks outside of Heping Park
Heping Fireworks 2.JPG
Another photo of the fireworks
Heping Fireworks 3.JPG
I am glad I do not have to clean up this mess

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