Rotting Heights RCT2

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Rotting Heights RCT2

Postby historyfreak92 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:15 pm

Good Afternoon TPR! I have something small, & big to show you which is a scenario from RCT1 Corkscrew Follies that you may not remember!

The name of this odd scenario is Rotting Heights a park that was once abandoned but i sort of changed the parks story! I kind of made it into a horror themed park!

Situated in a small town in Fort Fairfield Maine in a forest since 1967 as a small carnival until it went into a scary theme park in 1970! This park has many inspirations!

When you first walk in beaware of this B&M Wing Rider named Gargoyle from 2015! Not much to say about this i just built it for fun!

A Custom Gertslaurer Infinity from above as the Wyvern's Fire Breathing Flight from 2018 like almost Monster from Adventureland Iowa!

A prebuilt abandoned wooden coaster that was turned into a GCI in 1999 as the Ghost Rider! Almost like Roar! An Arrow Wild Mouse named Rat Hotel in 1999, & a Intamin AG Mega Lite as the Firestorm in 2012!

A Arrow Custom Looper as the skeleton in 1984!

A Mind Bender SFOG Schwarzkopf named Sword In The Stone I just like that name, built in 1978! Also a hidden Shuttle Loop Weight Drop named Zombie in 1987!

A Vekoma SLC with an Helix named Dracula in 1996!

Also a hidden Zierer Tivoli named Merlin's Magical Flight in 1994, & this is it for the whole entire park! I had fun building it!

Rotting Heights.SV6
Here's the file for looking inside enjoy!
(1.12 MiB) Not downloaded yet

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