[PLC] Gateway Gardens Theme Park

5/5/2017: Coasters have arrived!
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[PLC] Gateway Gardens Theme Park

Postby ECZenith » Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:36 pm

Welcome to the construction progress thread for the new Gateway Gardens theme park! Gateway Gardens will be an evolution of all I have learned from my previous four "practice parks". This time around, I wanted to build a realistic, over-sized budget theme park based in my current home town, which is already a busy tourist spot in the summer and home to the Water Wizz waterslide park. (As seen in the movie "Grown Ups")

One thing you may not know about me, is I am an amateur haunted house/maze path designer/builder/actor and I have opened three awesome haunted trails in my old home in Rhode Island. (The Psycho Path, The Haunted Mine Shaft, and Y2K: Countdown to Destruction) While scouting for a new Massachusetts location for a new sensory maze, I explored several locations, both of which will not work out due to liability reasons... the first being an old cranberry processing plant (over 100 years old) owned by my girlfriend's father-in-law. When I decided my next venture would have to be outdoors, I started checking out a spot right here in town called Charge Pond, located in East Wareham, MA. Many dirt trails wind through the woods leading to a central pond. I started day-dreaming of being a billionaire ordering Intamins and B&Ms for this quiet spot and thought: my next Planet Coaster creation will be "built" here.

With Wareham being "The Gateway to The Cape", Gateway Gardens is a fitting name. This park will be New England's Disneyland style resort, with seven themed lands which are as follows, going clockwise from the entry gate: Western, Pirates, Volcano, Sci-Fi, Racing, Fantasy, and Horror. I started with the Gateway Wheel, a giant hubless ferris wheel isoloated to the quiet island in the center of the pond. Guests queue up in an underwater tunnel, listening to soothing music before taking in the majestic view of the surrounding forest.The next step was adding the monorail, steam train and main gate, which all have functioning signal lights, and some details like a maintenance shed. If you look at the photos below, you will see that my railroad shed is based on Disneyland's, as I used to be a conductor on the railroad and would put my assigned train away for the night in a building just like this. The difference with my building is that the monorail's transfer tracks are in the back, so there can be more of a view of the steam trains.

Thank you for checking out the park, there is much more to come on the horizon!
The Gateway to Adventure!
King Coaster practicing his moves for the 2018 opening
Here you can see the basic octagonal hub structure of the park, there will be more elaborate pathing later
The Gateway Wheel at night, guests enter through the small building to the right near the King Coaster statue
Skyline Express transfer table
The back of the monorail bays
The team train bays and switchyard
One of the park's four beautiful steam trains
A night view of the rail facility
Overview of rail facility

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Re: [PLC] Gateway Gardens Theme Park

Postby ECZenith » Thu May 04, 2017 10:05 pm

Gateway Gardens Update #2: Riptide 3.0 is finished and I have begun to put up the park's signature Intamin monster: Zenith! All of the themed lands have their own gateway and color scheme as you can see in the screenshots. These lands are, going c;pckwise from the main entrance: Gold Rush Gulch, Shipwreck Reef, Pyria Falls, Electri City, Speed Zone, Fantasy Kingdom, and Forbidden Forest.
The Gateway Wheel glows a different color depending on which coaster passes through it.
Electri City Gateway
Forbidden Forest Gateway
Fantasy Kingdom Gateway
Gold Rush Gulch Gateway
An overview of the WIP hub.
Pyria Falls Gateway
Riptide giant flat spin
Splashdown 1/3
The sun sets on a productive day in the park.
Riptide 3.0 pays homage to its pirate roots with a hangover fit for a rum-swilling pirate!
Shipwreck Reef Gateway
Speed Zone Gateway (WIP)
Zenith is the star of the show in Electri City!
E... C... Zenith?
ECZenith! ;)

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Re: [PLC] Gateway Gardens Theme Park

Postby TheJewelOfJool » Fri May 05, 2017 10:25 am

Zenith looks amazing. I just hope it doesn't have the same restraints as Skyrush has.

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Re: [PLC] Gateway Gardens Theme Park

Postby ECZenith » Fri May 05, 2017 5:15 pm

Thanks for the kindness! Zenith was finished this rainy afternoon and it has the newer style over the shoulder lap bars like Flying Aces. I have also installed EverScream, the park's terrain wooden coaster, it glows gold at the front of the park, there will hopefully be some screenshots later!

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